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Why It Works

This campaign effectively targets leads by focusing on a specific problem they are facing - technical issues affecting email deliverability. The initial email immediately grabs attention by pointing out a real issue identified through MxToolBox, making the message highly relevant and urgent. The follow-up communications build on this by offering practical solutions and demonstrating proven success with other companies. This approach not only showcases the sender's expertise but also positions their solution as a must-have for improving business outcomes.

Learning from this Campaign

The campaign teaches the importance of addressing a lead's pain points directly and offering tangible solutions. By providing a clear explanation of the problem and how it impacts the business, followed by actionable advice and evidence of success, the sender establishes credibility and trust. This strategy also highlights the effectiveness of combining different communication channels (email, LinkedIn, phone calls) to reinforce the message and engage leads at multiple touchpoints.

When to Use It

This strategy is ideal for businesses offering technical solutions or consultancy services, especially in areas like email marketing, IT infrastructure, and digital communications. It's particularly effective when you have the capability to identify and solve specific problems that potential clients might not even be fully aware of.

Who Can Use It

This campaign is suitable for sales professionals, consultants, and technical solution providers who can identify and address specific technical issues for potential clients. It's also beneficial for those in the B2B sector looking to demonstrate their expertise and the tangible value they can bring to a client's business operations.

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Kévin Moënne-Loccoz
Head of Product, Design & Ops @lemlist
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