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Tobias Biberbach

How to source and recruit talent with cold emails?

No company can ever succeed without having the right people to take it there. This makes recruiting one of the most important tasks that never stops.

Apart from LinkedIn, email is one of the most used channels to hire and attract talent. It's free, easy to scale and popular among recruiters. However, its popularity has made this channel quite competitive and overcrowded. Your objective is not only to find the right candidate, but to stand out in their inbox.

Recruiting email strategies

  1. Personalize your recruiting email

Before sending any email, you need to do your research and find out: 

  • candidate's past work experience
  • their skills and qualifications
  • current employment status

Knowing this will make the process of personalizing emails far easier.

  1. Make your candidate feel special

Every person on this world has something that makes them unique and a skill they believe that sets the apart. By having your candidate feel appreciated for it, you will increase the chances to receive a reply and set up the interview.

  1. Be clear about the next steps

Your CTA should be as clear as possible in order for the recruitment process to continue. Therefore, focus on having your candidates understand what actions are needed from their end to complete the process. Add all necessary links and pieces of information for them to successfully schedule an interview or a call.

  1. Send on the right time

If the candidate you are reaching out to is not actively searching for a job, it’s very important to send your recruitment email at the right time. Try to find the schedule that works best by testing different days and times.

  1. Optimize for mobile

The last but not the leas tip: your recruiting email to a candidate should look good on any device. And the mobile is no exception. Before sending, make sure that it looks good there as well.

How to write an effective recruiting cold email template?

The perfect recruiting email consists of several components. It starts with quality research and drafting the right candidates.

There's no point in approaching everybody fast just because you didn't find time to qualify your email list. This way, you're not only wasting time you could've spent elsewhere, but you're also not doing a favor to your brand. Proper targeting is 50% of your recruiting email campaign.

Let's imagine you're hiring a Social Media Manager. By searching for everyone on LinkedIn with that title and sending them a cold email is not going to cut it. But, if you spend time analyzing their work, profile and use adequate LinkedIn filters, you will narrow down your list with qualified candidates. Plus, it will be twice as easy to personalize recruiting emails and make them more human.

Next, you don't want to overwhelm them with all the information and unnecessary details at this point. You should aim to accomplish two things. First, see if they are interested to join your team. Second, intrigue them with the right call-to-action.

Call-to-action cannot be "check this link and apply through the form if you're interested". That way is too generic and it creates friction because you want candidates to do the heavy-lifting. Plus, saying you're interested in someone and then asking to apply - shameless promo and not cool at all.

Instead, you should focus on sending the most important info first and see if they are genuinely interested in the job. The best way to stand out is to personalize it so that your recruiting email feels like a tailor-made suit or a dress. It doesn't have to be anything big or too time-consuming, but it needs to "fit" the individual. It needs to be personalized! ;)

How to personalize recruiting emails?

There are a few ways in which you can personalize cold emails.

  • leverage custom text and liquid syntax
  • use personalized images that update dynamically
  • add dynamic landing pages to your outreach funnel

In practice, custom text works this way: you are adding unique sentences or parts of sentences on individual basis. You will have your sentences written in the .csv file and simply use tags to place them within the cold email.

On top of that, features like liquid and spin syntax allow you to leverage text personalization in more advanced ways. For example, if you want to automatically change call-to-actions for different candidate profiles, you will use liquid syntax and have different closing lines for each segment. On the other hand, spin syntax can help you randomly play with, for example, different greetings to make your cold emails tiny bit more different.

Personalized images will take your recruiting emails to the next level. LinkedIn and CV screenshots, custom video thumbnails, you can let your creativeness go above and beyond to write the perfect recruiting email.

Finally, dynamic landing pages are a perfect weapon to utilize when your objective is to book a call with someone to discuss a potential job opportunity or schedule an interview.

They enable you to create custom landing pages without the coding part, and then embed things like videos, chat, Calendly, Typeform and much more.

How to write an email for a job?

Sometimes, you don't have to apply to an existing job post to start working at a company. What's stopping you from taking a proactive approach and "create" your own opportunity.

Actually, that's how lemlist hired its first employee. Back in the day, a dude named Vuk saw three co-founders of lemlist (G, Vianney and Francois) were onto something having finished their beta launch.

He did his research, realized they were thinking alike when it comes to marketing and have similar visions on where the company should aim at. And that's critical. You want to be working at a place where there's mutual understanding and operational alignment.

Once everything was in its place, Vuk cold emailed Guillaume. They eventually met and agreed to do a project together. A few months later, Vuk joined officially as lemlist's Head of Growth and became company's first hire.

The privileges of this approach is that you're the one in the driving's seat and have the opportunity to pick a team you'd like to work in. Plus, there's low-to-none competition as there's no job post live.

And the rules of the game are the same. Target the right audience and the person within the company to contact, make your approach personalized and keep things straightforward. Once you get a reply, you'll talk details.

Recruiting subject lines to try out:

  • [Company] is looking for you [First Name]

Works great, especially if the company in question enjoys a good reputation and its brand is strong.

  • I think you are a great fit for [Company], [Name]

A solid alternative to the previous example.

  • [First name], your LinkedIn profile caught my interest

Quite personal as you're giving a nice little compliment and building excitement that motivates the candidate to open the email.

  • A job that will change your life [Name]

Use it smart, only if you truly are offering an opportunity that's tailored for someone and is really special.

  • [Name], I have an excellent job opportunity

A more applicable variation to the previous recruiting subject line.

Mistakes to avoid while writing
and sending recruitment emails

Choosing a boring subject line
A job opportunity can be a special turning point for someone. Don't ruin it with poor choice of subject line. Try to intrigue the candidates, but also to set the right expectation so that whenever somebody opens the email, they know what to expect. And you can know who's interested on the flip side.
Writing too long and generic email
Don't copy/paste generic recruiting email templates because they don't work. You'll waste time in vain. Also, don't overwhelm candidates with unnecessary information until they express interest in what you are offering.
Not being specific enough
The objective is not to share every piece of information about a certain job post. Quite the contrary, you want to present key information that can motivate the candidate to reply and confirm their interest.
Haven't explained what's the next step
After reading your message, a potential candidate should be able to quickly understand what he or she needs to do in order to apply and take one step forward. It's also wise to eliminate friction by removing unnecessary steps from the process.
Bad email grammar
It's just sloppy recruiting work that builds a bad reputation for both you and the company that you're representing. One typo can happen, but anything beyond that is not cool.
Sending just one email to a candidate
People sometimes forget to reply to your email. It's not that they are not interested, but they've forgot or were too busy at that moment in time. Sending relevant follow-up emails guarantees you more replies.
Not tracking of opens and click
It's very important for all recruiters to keep record of how their emails works and how candidates react. If you have candidates that you want to hire - you need to understand if they actually saw your email. And if they haven't opened any of your emails - maybe try other channels to reach them.

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