Best follow up email after sales pitch

Unlike our follow up after meeting example, this is a more informal version... hence the name. It consists of a friendly-oriented copy and a personalized image that's used to transfer people from their inbox to a valuable piece of content/landing page you're utilizing in your funnel.


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Cold email template

Explain best-use scenario in 2-3 sentences
Explain best-use scenario in 2-3 sentences
Explain best-use scenario in 2-3 sentences

Why did it work?

1. The informal way

People like to buy things from people they like. And sometimes, when the situation allows it, it's okay to be informal and approach your prospect as you would approach a friend. It will work because it comes naturally to both of you.

2. Image as the call-to-action

By using a personalized image with dynamic text that's relevant to your prospect and by linking it, can do wonders for your campaign. And if you make that image fun, the results are even better for this type of approach.

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