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How Scalelab generates leads for their clients worldwide

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Arnaud Renoux
Co-Founder @Scalelab

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    Lead generation and outbound consulting services
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Backstory 📚

The Scalelab is a customer acquisition & lead generation agency that helps sales teams generate warm leads and level up their outbound performance. Their success strategy is focusing on building personal connections through hyper-personalized outreach campaigns via email, LinkedIn and other channels.

Challenge outreach strategic setup

While helping their clients grow, the Scalelab team spotted two types of clients, that each come with different challenges:

Client A

Sent outbound campaigns in the past, however without any results. They still want to explore the huge potential of this acquisition channel but need expert’s help and guidance.

Client B

Has well-developed inbound channels in place, such as SEO or Paid Ads, but they haven’t tried sending outreach campaigns yet. They either want to outsource that to an agency or get training on setting up top-performing processes for their team.

Our clients started to realize the huge impact cold email and LinkedIn outreach had on their revenue, regardless of whether we do outbound for them or train them on how they can do it themselves. After all we’ve tested so far, I am convinced that a proper outreach process can change a business.

Personal photo
Arnaud Renoux
Co-Founder @Scalelab

Scalelab started to use lemlist after looking for different alternatives to grow their business. Arnaud was already quite experienced in building connections with prospects through cold calling, where he realized how big of an impact a personalized approach can have.

I really wanted to scale the business, and I eventually discovered lemlist. From that moment on, I started to send outreach sequences to warm up leads and build a connection. Then, I would analyze engagement and cold call prospects in the reports.

For example, if somebody clicks on a specific link, lemlist will tell me who this person is, and I'll call them using their activity as an icebreaker. A super-powerful combination that ramped up my pipeline. That's the power of the multichannel approach, which we immediately applied at Scalelab.

Personal photo
Arnaud Renoux
Co-Founder @Scalelab

When writing their multi-channel campaigns, the agency focuses on key elements such as copywriting and personalization. Since one of their main goals is to connect on a human level with their prospects, they use « you » and never « we » in their copies. Another reason is that by genuinely focusing on their prospects, the agency better understands their needs and struggles.

Arnaud and his team play with personalized intro lines, custom images, and video prospecting to get connected with their prospects. Below, you’ll see one of their top-performing campaigns that got 97% open rate.

Another important outreach component is the email deliverability and making sure my emails don't land in spam. Thanks to lemlist my open rates are, in most cases, above 90%, and I'm very happy about that.

Personal photo
Arnaud Renoux
Co-Founder @Scalelab

Campaign overview

Let’s analyze Scalelab's approach to outbound and have a closer view of their successful 7-step multi-channel campaign framework.

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    4 emails
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    2 LinkedIn visits
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    1 LinkedIn message
Sales engagement plan
Features used
  • Icrebreakers
  • Custom images
  • Custom videos
  • Custom landing pages
  • LinkedIn steps
  • Cold Email steps
  • Email address warm-up & boost
  • Liquid syntax
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Step 1

Introduction Email

Subject line

Short and linked to the content of the email.


Info related to the company. In most cases, it could be a reference to their growth/sales department or info related to their job offers or fundraising.


Very clear and concise. Plus, the casual tone helps build a personal connection that will easily open a conversation opportunity.

Liquid syntax

Quick inside information: Arnaud is a fan of personalized call-to-actions. So with a bit of help from lemlist’s liquid syntax feature, they optimize their CTA’s around the right date. Meaning, on every day, the prospect gets a different CTA.

Coffee cup image

Additional personal touch so that people can see Arnaud is a real person. + grabbing their attention with their name written on one of the cups makes a good impression.

After the email, he sets up step 2 in lemlist to visit their LinkedIn profile to warm up the prospect. Then, the first follow-up is launched, two days after the first email.

Step photo

Step 3

Follow-up Email #01

Last step reference

A funny way to reference the previous email from two days ago.

Video prospecting

A personalized video thumbnail with the prospect's name catches attention and generates high amount of clicks.

Landing page

Every prospect sees a unique landing page once they click on the video. This page has the video + a Calendly agenda embedded to decrease friction and help book more meetings.

In step 4, Arnaud opts for another LinkedIn profile visit.

Step photo

Step 5

Follow-up Email #02

Subject line

Here Arnaud changed the subject line to start a new thread in the prospect's inbox and hope to get more attention.


A cultural reference, something popular in the news, or anything relevant for their target audience works great. On top of that, it brings the conversation to a personal and casual level.

In step 6, a LinkedIn connect request is sent. Arnaud doesn't include an intro message as he finds that it performs better this way for them.

Step photo

Step 6

Follow-up Email #03

Finally, the final email represents the last try for Scalelab.

This email brought additional replies and, in some cases, it even moved the conversation to WhatsApp. Not all prospects that don't reply are uninterested. Quite the contrary!

Arnaud and his team have received quite a few "sorry for not replying before" responses. Smart follow-ups are key.

Step photo

Campaign results 🤔

Campaign results

Watch the video! 🚀

This was our written breakdown of one of the Scalelab’s strategy to help their clients get more meetings.

Here’s a video version to get even more details and their process

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