10 alternatives to saying “Looking forward to hearing from you”

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November 3, 2023

An email sign-off should leave a memorable final impression and push your prospects to take action.

But, if you frequently use "Looking forward to hearing from you*"* to end your cold emails, don't be surprised if you get a low reply rate.

A phrase like "I look forward to hearing from you" might seem casual and familiar, but it's often:

  • overused and makes your email seem generic and sent in bulk
  • assumptive as it's showing you're surely expecting prospects' action
  • leaving you in the waiting position, not being able to move forward with the conversation

So, what's another way to say you're looking forward to hearing from your prospect?

In this article, discover 10 "Looking forward to hearing from you" alternatives to end your email in a positive tone and boost your reply rates.

10 best alternatives to "looking forward to hearing from you"

→ Ask for prospects' feedback to show that their opinion matters to you and get replies without pressure.

happy to hear your feedback

→ Use this email ending to get your answer asap while showing you appreciate prospects' time and effort.

would appreciate your response

→ Use this informal email ending to set a friendly atmosphere and express excitement to talk to your prospects.

always happy to hear from you

→ Use this alternative in follow-up emails to excite prospects about the value you'll share in upcoming emails.

talk soon

→ Use this phrase as a conversation starter to ensure there aren't any unanswered doubts or concerns.

let me know if you have questions

→ Use this phrase to casually ask prospects to update you about a project or conversation status changes

Keep me posted

Also, you can be more specific with your ask and make it easier for the prospect to take action using these 3 examples:

what are your thoughts
does this align with your goals
is this something that could help you

3 tips for choosing your "Looking forward to hearing from you" alternative

Remember, it's not about you, it's about your prospects. The more relevant your ending phrase is, the more prospects will reply to your email, leading to more conversions and sales.

Here are 3 tips you can use to choose an email ending phrase that gets replies:

#1 Ensure your sign-off fits the rest of your email (e.g., if you share a helpful resource. you can ask for feedback).

#2 Align the tone of voice with your prospects' (e.g., if you are going for a more friendly vibe, you can write "talk soon")

#3 Aim to start a conversation instead of booking a meeting. It will put less pressure on your prospects and boost your reply chances.

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