9 best email verification tools (email validation software & services)

January 21, 2022

Stuck with bounced emails for your cold emails? Have you tried verifying your email list? Email verification tools can help you get the best deliverability possible to ensure that awesome email you wrote lands in your prospect's primary tab.

Lucky for you we analyzed the top nine so we could find you the best email verification tool out there!

Keep in mind every tool we mentioned in this article has great reviews and all had a bounce rate of under 1%, so focus on picking the tool that works best for your needs!

Email verification tool comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)

email verification tools

What is an email verification tool & what does it do?

Email verification tools are services that essentially take lists of emails and determine which addresses are deliverable and undeliverable.

For example, if you take a list of 20 email addresses and upload it into a verification tool you'll get a report back of how many out of those 20 were deliverable, undeliverable, and risky.

Avoiding the undeliverable and risky emails is going to ensure your domain has the best email deliverability possible...aka the secret sauce to be positive your emails land in the inbox.

Should you need it, you can find our in-depth guide on why you need to check if email is valid.

What are the best email verification tools? Here’s our top 9 list of services:

Here is our list of top nine email verification tools. This list is comprised of validation software and services to help clean your email lists and ensure you get the best deliverability!

P.S. To make this list we conducted an experiment that involved testing 800 emails we knew were correct and 200 that we knew would bounce, and on top of this we analyzed lots of reviews across several sources. Enjoy!

Dropcontact (best email verifier software overall)

email verification tool

Dropcontact is an all-in-one style software with a top email verifier tool that allows you to find, enrich, and verify email addresses and contact information. We consider if the best email verifier software because of its extensive abilities, and how helpful this is to your cold email strategy!

The biggest seller of this tool by far is its enrichment aspect. Out of 200 incorrect emails, Dropcontact was able to find the correct email addresses of 32 of them, on top of the other 624 emails it verified from a list of 800 correct emails.

email verification tool

Dropcontact is best for:

  • French B2B companies
  • Good for finding contact information
  • Enriching company info such as: the website, the company's LinkedIn, the sector of activity, the NAF code, the salary range, the Siren number and the intra-community VAT number of French companies

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Btw, Dropcontact has a native integration with lemlist, making it super easy to verify your list and send it directly in the app.

Clearout (best stand-alone email verification tool)

email verification tool

If you aren't needing an all-in-one option to find emails (i.e. you are finding them manually or have another tool you prefer) this is your best bet! Clearout has amazing customer reviews, and the lowest bounce rate according to an experiment we conducted.

Clearout also has one the lowest processing times, coming in at only 7 minutes. But best of all, Clearout found the most correct emails... 768/800 ...which means you can send more emails and end up booking more meetings!

email verification tool

Clearout is best for:

  • If you are looking for integrations (they have a ton of options for you)
  • If you think you'll need some help getting started (their customer service ratings are through the roof)

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ZeroBounce (great interface)

email verification tool

ZeroBounce stands out in this list because of its super user-friendly interface! If you're still new to email verification software and just want to give it a try, you might want to start with an easy-to-use one like this.

We also rated ZeroBounce so highly again because of the number of correct emails they found, over 700!

email verification tool

ZeroBounce is best for:

  • People looking for some extra features! They have things like gender verification and also a deliverability toolkit.

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Bouncer (most budget-friendly)

email verification tool

If you're looking to verify emails but have a small budget to do so, look no further! You can get started on Bouncer verifying 1000 emails for just over 2 dollars. What's more, it is also one of the fastest options on this list, with a processing time at 5 minutes.

The only reason this option isn't higher on the list is because the benefits come at a cost, the bounce rate is higher than the previous options. Keep in mind that we still found all of the options here to have bounce rates of under 1%.

email verification tool

Bouncer is best for:

  • Companies with smaller budgets

See current pricing

Bouncer also has an integration with lemlist, check out how easy it is to use in this video ⬇️

Suggested read: Bouncer email verification in-depth review

Emailable (top free bulk email verification tool)

email verification tool

Calling all early-adopters! If you're one of the many in the line for the latest new thing, you might want to give emailable a shot. They used to be Blazeverify and TheChecker, and combined to form what looks like an amazing verification tool.

Even better, the first 250 emails are free. That's more than double that of the other options.

We tested out their new product, and let's just say: 🤩 all around

It didn't take long for our file to be processed, and they found 746 correct emails out of 800. Pretty good if you ask me! Their bounce rate was slightly higher than some other options, but again...below 1%.

email verification tool

Emailable is best for:

  • Early adopters
  • Smaller budgets
  • Companies that want integrations

See current pricing

ZoomInfo (good database)

email verification tool

Of course we had to mention this one, it's all the rage lately. Users are loving ZoomInfo because of its extensive database and all of its functionality.

The only downside to this is that it's not for the faint of heart. Some users have said that the user interface can be difficult to work with.

We tested ZoomInfo out for ourselves and got some great results! The interface wasn't as user -friendly as the other options, but once you start going you'll get a hang of it.

And the best part is that, like Dropcontact, it enriches your list! So we were able to find 36 more emails that otherwise would have been marked as undeliverable!

Note - ZoomInfo verifies emails with NeverBounce, so if you're looking for great email verification + enrichment..this is the platform for you!

ZoomInfo is best for:

  • B2B companies looking to contact C-suite execs (their database contains info for 4.3M+ c-suite level individuals)

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NeverBounce (best easy-to-use integrations)

email verification tool

NeverBounce is a great validation tool that is constantly adapting to what their users need. Lately they've been performing even better, and are praised for their ease-of-use with integrations and on the interface.

Another feature users love about this software is their instant bounce analysis that determines if you need to clean your list or not.

In our test NeverBounce also performed well, finding 650 emails out of 800, and only a 5 minute processing time.

Check out the results for the incorrect emails:

email verification tool

NeverBounce is best for:

  • Nonprofits! NeverBounce offers a 20% discounts to nonprofit organizations

See current pricing

DeBounce (easy & affordable)

email verification tool

If you talk to users of DeBounce, you'll see one thing in common, they all rave about how easy it is to use and how affordable it is compared to competitors. And this is all true, you can verify 1,000 emails for just $5.

The only reason it ranks lower on our list is because it takes much longer to verify than the other options (2.5 hours), and it has a slightly higher bounce rate.

email verification tool

DeBounce is best for:

  • Bigger teams, DeBounce offers team accounts so your entire team can log on and use the pool of credits you have.

See current pricing

TrueMail (great email correction)

email verification tool

TrueMail is also known for its simplicity, and has a competitive price to the other options on this list.

One feature that the users love and say works better than other options is the suggested correction option. This helps you to identify problems with the incorrect emails and boosts your deliverability.

Another great point about this tool is that lemlisters have recommended it! The only downside is there aren't too many reviews, so you'll have to test it out for yourself.

email verification tool

TrueMail is best for:

  • People looking for pack-based options. If you know you have a certain number of emails to send in the short term, this is a great option because you can buy  a "pack" of email verification that fits your needs.  

See current pricing

What is the best email verification software for us?

The best email verification software according to us is Dropcontact because it includes email finding service PLUS validation, has great results, is easy to use, and integrates with your favorite tools (cough lemlist cough cough).

However, if you are only looking for an email validation tool we recommend Clearout. They passed our experiment with flying colors and have great user reviews.

We hope this article helped you to find your email verification partner, happy cold emailing!

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