Waterfall lead enrichment: Get 55% more valid emails

July 18, 2023

The first step to becoming successful at outreach is finding leads’ valid emails & key details, such as position, company, industry, etc.

Lead enrichment can help you gather your leads’ valid emails and basic information, so you can reach their inboxes with a personalized approach that pushes engagement.

But which enrichment method is used by the best growth teams in the world? How to find convertible contacts without technical knowledge and spending hours on manual research?

After testing enrichment on 600+ leads, we discovered that the waterfall enrichment method gives

→ the most emails
→ with the highest quality
→ in the shortest amount of time

In this article, discover how waterfall enrichment works and how to use it in one click to get 40-55% more valid emails!

What is waterfall lead enrichment, and why should you use it?

Waterfall lead enrichment is a method for enriching leads that use multiple vendors as data sources instead of one.

For example, if Vendor A cannot find your leads’ email, you go to Vendor B. If still, nothing is found, you switch to Vendor C, etc.

This way of collecting leads data ensures you get the most accurate leads’ information and maximize enrichment coverage.

A visual showing 3 email finders leading to 3 different results: no email found, risky email found, and valid email found.

But, manually performing this method often requires:

→ subscribing & navigating through multiple tools
→ hiring technical profiles that cost you roughly $50k per year
→ spending hours on additional emails’ verification

Luckily, we know a hack that makes this technology available for everyone in just one click and ensures you find contacts that convert ⬇️

How to perform waterfall lead enrichment in one click

To ensure you find the right outreach contacts without spending too much time or having technical knowledge, we’ve built a waterfall enrichment directly in lemlist.

After testing out many enrichment tools, we combined top third-party solutions in Smart Enrichment. This is the equivalent of asking 6 different providers for leads’ information, instead of one, without leaving a single interface.

If the lemlist finds duplicated leads’ data it will ensure to keep the value from the vendor with the highest quality score and reputation. In case of duplicated emails, you will get only the valid ones, keeping your domain reputation protected.

Here’s how to use Smart Enrichment to get 40-55% more valid emails:

[ ]  log into your lemlist account, or start your free trial

You'll get free tokens so that you can use lemlist's Smart Enrichment on each plan, even during the free trial!

[ ]  search for your leads on LinkedIn

[ ]  enrich & import your leads directly to your campaign with 1 Chrome extension

… and get over 80%+ valid emails and leads' clean information, ready to boost your outreach results 🎉

P.S. Once you gather your leads’ accurate data, you can use lemlist’s AI sequence generator to create a custom multichannel campaign that gets replies, in < 1 min!

The key takeaways

Waterfall data enrichment is growth hackers best kept secret and the most accurate method of enriching your leads' data.

By scanning your leads' information with multiple high-quality third parties, lemlist’s waterfall enrichment helps you

✔️ find the most and the best available data for each lead
✔️ automatically debounce emails to protect your domain reputation
✔️ enjoy a seamless UX without the need to navigate through multiple tools

→ Test our Smart Enrichment for free and get 80%+ valid emails

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