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Find verified emails and land in your leads' inboxes.

Discover your leads' valid and verified emails within lemlist, and ensure your emails are delivered and get a reply.
lemlist’s Email Finder & Verifier replaces any lead generation tool
36+ other

Finding leads’ emails

is very time-consuming, especially if done manually.
requires third-party tools, which usually don't find all your addresses
is expensive

Sending email to a non-verified address might send you in spam.

We tested over 40+ email providers, and combined the best for you.

Finding emails
Finding emails
using other tools
Finding emails
directly in lemlist
Find valid and verified email addresses
10% valid emails
15 to 60% valid emails
80%+ valid emails
Find up-to-date information
Native integration with lemlist
Automate your full outreach process
Find & clean extra information

Discover lemlist’s Email Finder & Verified, and get your lead’s emails in one place

Find all leads' contact info, automatically validated,  without the need for third-party tools and with minimized spam risks.

Find leads in the lead database or LinkedIn

Access lemlist's AI-powered B2B database of 450 million+ contacts and find the right leads you target or use the lemlist Chrome extension to gather contacts from LinkedIn.

Get verified emails & contact info.

Find directly in lemlist your contacts' valid and verified email addresses and information, such as their company name, industry, and more.

Push emails to your lemlist campaign

Once you find your lead’s emails, you can push them directly to your lemlist campaigns in one click and start your outreach.

Reach out to verified email addresses,
and generate replies with lemlist

No spam risks. No third-party tools. No extra expenses.
All your leads' emails—valid, verified, and ready to use—in one place.
250,000 emails found in the last 30 days
Sławomir Wilczyński
Awesome feature!
Guillaume Bakouch
I find data enrichment fast and efficient!
Jasper Cooper
This is pretty awesome!
Lucas Ponthieu
The feature is very useful, it helped me to adjust my lead list. And the use is also really simple since it appears directly in the list to launch the campaign.
Tanya Besedina (Krutko)
Yes, we needed this feature soo bad!
Alan Silvestri
I could get in touch with the right people quickly, and that one smart custom tag made a big difference while my deliverability was at a very high level.
Ivan Kychatyi
First of all, thanks for the speed with your responses here and the whole team behind this 🔥
Carole Clain
Hey, just wanted to let you know that this new feature with advanced condition is awesome!
Nebojša Durmanović
lemlist is your cold email batmobile. Personalization, automation, deliverability... everything you need to get more replies is there.
Corentin Chentouf
A new hot update 💎
Rory Silva
l found emails that I couldn't find with 3 of my other tools.
Paul Munos
Personalization is key, and lemlist empowers us with many features to allow a more human and fun email campaign.
Do I need to search for contacts on LinkedIn?
You can import contacts from LinkedIn, but that’s not the only option.

You can also find your leads directly in lemlist’s database, or if you already have a list of contacts, you can import them into lemlist to enrich them.

All you need is a full name and a company website URL (or company name) to properly enrich contacts within lemlist.
Can I find my contact's emails for free?
Absolutely! You can give lemlist a try for free with a 14-day trial. During this period, you'll receive free tokens (250 tokens for the Standard plan and 500 tokens for the Pro plan). This enables you to experience the Email Finder and Verifier feature of lemlist at no cost.
Why is lemlist better than any lead generation tool?
After testing over 40 tools available in the market, we have curated the best ones and integrated them into lemlist's Email Finder and Verifier feature.
This means that if one provider fails to find a verified email, we leverage other providers to increase the chances of obtaining it. This allows lemlist to find between 30% and 50% more valid email addresses than other providers.
Can I only verify my contacts’ emails if I already have them?
Yes! If you already have a list of email addresses, you can only choose to verify them. In cases where your contact list is missing certain emails, you can find them with the Email Finder and Verifier feature.
Do I require any technical skills for this workflow?
No, you do not need any technical skills. Previously, you would have required a Sales Operations Manager to handle automated enrichment from various sources. However, with lemlist's Email Finder and Verifier feature, we handle everything for you, to save your time and money.

All you need to do is install the lemlist Chrome extension and send your contacts to your lemlist account for go through the Email Finder and Verifier feature.

Alternatively, you can easily upload a CSV file to lemlist and activate the Email Finder and Verifier feature. It will immediately begin finding verified emails for you.