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How can you get the best results with cold email?

Keep in mind that you don't have a relationship with your recipients, so your email copy needs to stand out in their inbox.

Instead of staring at a blank page when setting up your cold email campaigns, try lemlist's free cold email generator.
How to generate cold emails
lemlist's AI has been trained by the best-converting campaigns from 400+ million emails. To generate your cold email, there are a few things you need to fill in:
•  Your future clients. Who are you prospecting to?
•  Your goal. What service are you providing?
•  How are you helping? Give them information about your business or product's features.
•  Why are you reaching out? Offer a discount, share information about a new feature, launch a new product, invite to a webinar, etc.
Then, click Generate email, and lemlist will write your new cold email copy in 30 seconds. Of course, you can edit it to fit your brand voice better and ensure consistent communication with your prospects.
What's the ideal length for cold emails?
lemlist's cold email generator helps you get more replies by writing emails of perfect length.

The optimal cold email length is about 120 words.

This word count got the highest average booking rates of millions of campaigns, at around 50%.
But you still have enough room to adjust the length: the sweet spot is 75-125 words. This range gets 5-15% higher reply rates than longer or shorter emails.
How you structure your email also impacts your response rates.

Your recipient is inevitably skimming their inbox. Sending long paragraphs makes it harder for them to read quickly, even if you've optimized the number of words.

And if they have to put work into reading your email, they won't reply.

A good way to measure readability is by number of lines. According to another study, the best click-through rates come from emails with about 20 lines, including line breaks.
When to write longer emails
Writing 120-word emails is a proven way to get more replies, but you don't have to stick with it throughout your campaign. As you follow up with your prospects, you should write longer emails.

Follow-up emails typically need more context, as your prospect may need to remember your first message.

You may need to add some extra information so your prospects understand your request.
Key takeaways
lemlist's free cold email generator helps you write perfect-length emails that will get your prospect's attention. As you follow up, keep your prospect informed through longer emails.

But you don't have to manage your cold email campaigns manually.

lemlist can generate highly personalized multichannel campaigns without the need to be an outreach expert or have any prospecting experience.

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