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lemlist helps you avoid deliverability issues by sending emails via lemwarm to a premium network of 10,000 users, increasing your email domain's credibility.

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Less than a 50% open rates? Your emails go to spam without you knowing.

Company A
Company B
Deal size
Open rate
40% (80 leads)
80% (160 leads)
Meetings booked
10% (8 leads)
10% (16 leads)
Deals closed
40% (3 leads)
40% (6 leads)
Deliverability score
45 (out of 100)
99 (out of 100)

Make it to your prospect’s inboxes with lemwarm, the warm-up and deliverability booster that works on autopilot.

Warm up your email address

lemwarm's warm-up helps you stay out of spam by sending emails in a human way to a highly qualified network of 10,000 users, increasing your email domain's credibility.

your deliverability

After the warm-up phase, lemwarm will monitor your deliverability score, sending volume, and protect you from anything that could trigger spam filters.

Monitor your spam risk at all times

Get notification alerts for your deliverability score, spot any spam risks, and check the behind-the-scenes work lemwarm does for you while you're busy reaching out to your leads.

For free! For all lemlist users

For every paid lemlist seat, you get access to a free lemwarm seat on the Essential plan. If you upgrade to the Smart plan, you’ll keep a $29 discount per seat per month.

. A game-changer for my team and me  .

Victor Alexandrian
COO at Scalability
Cyril Cohen Solal
Huge features guy, Good job!
Neal Maier
I’ve used the lead system and definitely find value in it.
Antonio Romero
I like it a lot and already got 3 booked meetings from the list. I canceled my other lead scraping software and now using this as much as I can.
Alex Williams
I really like it. I currently buy data from a provider so this will save me a load of time and money.
Henry Vaaderpass
I can’t say I’m an expert of lead databases but it did get me a good amount of new contacts for the campaign I launched
Sanjay Sinha
We had massive success using lemlist. When you work with a good company, and they help you become.
Dexter Phillip
It is pretty amazing. It's so good I've already booked my first call.
Julien Perrière
The Leads feature works great, fantastic job on this one, I'm especially impressed with the speed at which 10s of thousands of results are loading (i.e. in an instant)
Rob Byssz
Usability is outstanding, fast, easy to use, relevant filters, so all boxes ticked there.
Sahitya Parvathaneni
This feature is a nice addition to what lemlist can do, enabling us to source leads and run campaigns all within the same platform.
Ali Vohra
One of the key differences with Apollo’s database is that with lemlist my start time is much lower. I don't need to sit with training videos for weeks to figure out how to use it.
Louis Cellier
We're only two co-founders and it's a game changer for our prospecting.
John Moura
I think it is a perfect match to what lemlist currently does, and I loved the possibility of simplifying the lead generation process.
Tom Vandervort
Hi! I love the ease of selection in the UI (filters).  That’s great and I think the best I’ve seen for this type of tool
Sawyer Altman
Impressive turnaround, much appreciated!
Cédric Soubrié
I tested it and used the search result right away for a campaign
Sidharth Kapoor
The lead database came up with appropriate results for the prospects I was looking for. So far so good! The new feature is really helpful and add's value to my prospecting.
Morris Grand
Thank you for this awesome feature. The DB is great. And the best part is that we can get the email addresses. We don't even need to run it through an email validator
Thibault Lengyel
This feature in lemlist is a replacement for the "search" feature of Sales Navigator (I don't pay LinkedIn Sales Navigator because it's too expensive for us)
Kate Kurnevych
Having all in one is a winning solution. I was using 2 competitors to parce leads with a manual approach on LinkedIn. You have optimized my work.
Joseph Barnard
Seems to work well! From what I can tell it's basically LinkedIn Sales Navigator but means I don't need to pay for Sales Nav so I'm happy!
Daniel Fankhauser
Great Product keep gooing :)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use an email warm-up tool?

Here's why you need to use an email warm-up tool:

Think of email warm-up as a shield for your emails. It makes sure your emails get delivered and reach the right people in their inboxes. When you use it, email service providers (ESPs) will trust you more and won’t mark your emails as spam.

Here are 5 ways an email warm-up tool helps you:

  1. More emails in the inbox → your emails will land where people actually see them.

  2. Higher open & reply rates →  more people will read and reply to your emails when they see them in their inbox.

  3. Fewer bounced emails → you'll avoid those annoying delivery failure messages.

  4. No blacklisting → your email domain will be safe and won't get a bad reputation with email providers.
  5. Beat spam filters → your sending volume will stay consistent, so your emails won't be treated as spam.
What does lemwarm do?

lemwarm is a warm-up and deliverability booster tool.

In simple words, lemwarm helps you send emails without them going to spam. It has one goal: to make sure your emails reach your audience.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Setup your email correctly

Before you start sending emails, lemwarm helps you set up your email correctly. This means adjusting some settings like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, MX Records, and Custom Tracking Domain.

Step 2: Check your deliverability score

Right at the start, lemwarm assigns you a score out of 100 to show how well your emails are being delivered. The higher the score, the better (ideally it should be > 90). Through lemwarm's process, your score will improve over time.

Step 3: Join a smart cluster

lemwarm creates a custom plan for you based on your industry, target audience, location, and email goals. It then groups you with other users like you in smaller clusters. Interacting with other senders just like you will make your email warm-up look completely natural and improve the deliverability of your real campaigns.

Step 4: Start your email warm-up

Once you turn lemwarm ON, the initial warm-up process starts. With 20,000+ domains from 150+ countries, lemwarm has the most diverse and advanced email warm-up pool on the market.  

Personalized warm-up emails will be sent to your cluster automatically. You'll also receive custom replies to these warm-up emails to make the process as natural as possible. 

The initial warm-up process takes about 3-4 weeks. During this time, you'll also see your deliverability score improve as Increasing your sending volume gradually will reduce your chances of landing in spam.

Step 5: Boost your deliverability

After the warm-up phase, lemwarm focuses on maintaining and boosting your deliverability.

It keeps track of your sending volume, monitors your deliverability score, checks for blacklists, and ensures your technical settings are correct. It also alerts you in case of any issues.

By following these steps and using lemwarm, you can avoid spam and land emails in your audience's inboxes.

Who can use lemwarm?

lemwarm can be used by anyone sending emails.

A low email deliverability will land your emails in spam and ruin your campaign results no matter what kind of emails you send. So if you are:

  • an entrepreneur reaching out to potential clients, investors, or leads to grow your business
  • a salesperson sending campaigns to prospects to book meetings and close deals
  • a marketer sending newsletters to stay top of the mind of an audience
  • a company using email for internal communications or transactional email

  • or anyone sending emails to reach their audience,

... lemwarm is for you!

When should I use lemwarm?

You should use lemwarm before, during and after sending emails.

Ideally, you should start using lemwarm 3-4 weeks before you plan to start sending campaigns. This gives you time to complete the initial warm-up process.

The warm-up stage gradually increases your sending volume, making it appear completely natural to email providers. This makes your emails bypass the spam filters and land where they belong - in your audience's inbox.

After the initial warm-up phase, ensure you keep lemwarm ON.  At this stage, lemwarm maintains and boosts your deliverability. It keeps track of your sending volume, monitors your deliverability score, checks for blacklists, and ensures your technical settings are correct. It also alerts you in case of any deliverability issues.

How do I check my deliverability score?

lemwarm assigns you a deliverability score out of 100. This score reflects whether your emails are landing in spam or your audience's inbox.

You can check your deliverability score at all times on your lemwarm dashboard 👇

What is good email deliverability?

Good email deliverability means that your emails are successfully reaching your audiences' inboxes and not being marked as spam.

Here are some metrics you can use to track your deliverability :

  • Deliverability score is > 90

  • Bounce rates < 5%
  • Open rates > 45%* (cold emails)

  • Spam complaint rates < 0.08%

Looking for more tips to boost your email deliverability? Get the complete deliverability guide here.

How long should I use lemwarm for?

The initial warm-up phase takes around 3-4 weeks. But stopping the warm-up process after this stage will make your sending pattern irregular, which can reduce your deliverability score and land emails in spam.

For long-term results, it's essential to keep your warm-up and deliverability booster tool ON before-during-after sending campaigns.

Is lemwarm safe?

Yes, lemwarm is 100% reliable and safe to use. It works on an IMAP-based system and follows all email provider rules.

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