Email inbox rotation

Send ONE campaign from MULTIPLE sending accounts

With lemlist, you can engage with leads at scale by using
multiple lemlist accounts and associated LinkedIn profiles as senders.

Increase your daily sending volume with multiple senders per campaign

Combine different lemlist accounts as senders into 1 campaign and reach out to 2x, 3x, and 4x more leads without the risk of landing in spam.

Create role-playing scenarios
for higher conversions

Send emails, LinkedIn invites, or messages from other teammates' accounts, increasing your chances of reply rates and booking meetings.

Save time assigning leads for your sales team

Combine all lemlist sending accounts in one campaign for random lead assignments. No need to duplicate campaigns manually or split the leads.

Send campaigns with advanced conditions from multiple senders

Add multiple senders within a multi-channel campaign with advanced conditions to engage at scale, in a human way.
A game-changer for my team and me
Victor Alexandrian
COO @Scalability
Charles Perret
We A/B tested 1-sender vs. multi sender for cold outbound campaigns. It’s very useful since our prospects understand that we are a team (not just a single person) who researched their situation and who is committed to helping them
Victor Alexandrian
As an agency owner, reaching out to potential leads efficiently and effectively is paramount. The new Multi-Sender feature on lemlist has been a game-changer for my team and me.

Gone are the days of duplicating campaigns and manually distributing leads. With this feature, we've been able to multiply our daily email capacity, ensuring our messages remain personalized and targeted.

This not only saves us a significant amount of time but also ensures consistency in our outreach efforts. The Multi-Sender feature addresses a major pain point we've had, and I can confidently say that lemlist has once again proven why they are a cut above the rest.

Kudos to the team for this fantastic update!
What is Inbox rotation?
The Inbox rotation feature allows you to reach your target audience from multiple sending accounts, aka rotating the lemlist accounts from which your outreach campaign is sent. By splitting your email distribution over multiple mailboxes and unique domains, you can increase your daily sending volume and boost your chances for replies.

Note: 1 lemlist seat = 1 account = 1 sender! You can rotate as many sending accounts as the number of lemlist seats you signed up for.
Why do you need it?
Sending more than 200 emails daily can hurt your email deliverability and land your emails in spam where your leads can't read them. By combining multiple sending accounts in one campaign, you can avoid spam folder, engage with your leads at scale, and book more meetings!
How can I increase my outreach sending volume?
You can use lemlist to combine all sending accounts into one campaign and reach out to 2x, 3x, and 4x more leads without harming email deliverability. No need to duplicate campaigns manually or split the leads! lemlist will help you engage at scale by randomly assigning different leads to different lemlist accounts!
How do I contact the lemlist customer success team?
You can reach our support team anytime from your lemlist account using the chat bubble or via email at You can also connect with us through the chat bubble on the website.

Please note that if you are not logged into your account, we will have limited information to assist you.

Send 1 campaign from multiple
sending accounts & scale your outreach