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20 Best Email Verification Tools (2024 Update)

Sending emails to unverified addresses = not reaching your target audience. Here are the best verification tools to ensure you open new business opportunities.
May 21, 2024
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LinkedIn Voice Messages: How to create and send them in bulk

We'll guide you through sending a Voice Message on LinkedIn, both manually and on auto-pilot, and give you top examples to boost your reply rates!
Apr 4, 2024
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10 Best AI Sales Tools in 2024 To Multiply Your Productivity

Your definitive list of 10 AI-powered sales tools to help you automate repetitive tasks, personalize your outreach, and boost sales efficiency.
May 17, 2024
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ERP and CRM: What's the difference?

ERP helps companies manage their finances and resources, control costs, and meet production goals. CRM helps companies manage the sales cycle and customer experience. Here is everything you need to know about ERP and CRM, including differences and similarities, key features, and pros and cons.
cold emailing

How to Write a Follow-up Email (+9 Proven Templates That Convert)

It's not always possible for your first email to generate a response from your prospects. Learn how to send follow-up emails that get replies - with 9 proven templates.
cold emailing

20+ Ready-To-Use Sales Email Templates To Use in 2024

Not getting replies to your cold outreach? Here are the 20+ effective sales email templates to catch your prospects’ attention and book more meetings.
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Do images send your cold emails to spam? No - we checked!

Not sure whether you should include images in your cold emails? Learn how images and gifs in cold emails impact deliverability.

Guide to LinkedIn's boolean search

Learn more about LinkedIn Boolean search strategies for effective networking, recruitment, and sales lead generation with our comprehensive guide.

The 3 types of CRM explained (2024)

There are three types of CRM: collaborative, operational, and analytical. The difference between them lies in the goals they serve and the features designed to reach them. This article explains everything you need to know about CRMs.
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How to find & recruit top talents with cold outreach

Build a list of verified leads, write and personalize at scale, and send cold emails that hire top talents with lemlist.
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How to find & close leads with cold outreach

Get tips & strategies from 400M+ successful outreach campaigns and boost your business revenue x3.
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6-step process to book meetings through LinkedIn engagement

Get the framework we followed to book 35 meetings in 30 days, so you can replicate the steps and transform your LinkedIn engagement into cash.
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20+ cold email templates to book more meetings

Want to write cold emails that stand out? These 20+ successful cold email templates will help you catch your prospect’s attention and book more meetings.
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15 sales targeting tactics to boost conversions

Explore top sales signals of prospects’ interest so you can reach out to them at the right time and increase your conversion chances.
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How to write a follow-up email that gets replies

Still waiting for a reply to your cold emails? In this playbook, you’ll find 7 follow-up email tips & templates to generate replies from prospects who seem to ignore you.
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3 steps to define your B2B target audience

Defining your buyer persona is key to creating effective campaigns. Find out how to create it and craft your outreach strategy based on your prospect’s characteristics.
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How to write a cold email that gets replies

Whether you want to book meetings with prospects, generate event sign-ups, or find top talent - this playbook will help you write cold emails that actually work.
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