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Best Sales Apps for Salespeople in 2024

Nicolas Gromer

Increase your sales potential through top sales apps

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sales software and digital marketing have been put in the spotlight like never before.

As more businesses go digital-first, technology becomes crucial for driving sales and revenue growth.

  • Sales apps as the competitive advantage

Sales apps have become essential tools, helping businesses stay ahead.

They offer features to enhance productivity, manage time efficiently, and optimize lead management for sales teams. But it doesn't stop there.

The real-time data sharing and project management capabilities these apps provide make them integral for modern businesses.

  • Deep diving into sales apps

We'll explore the role these apps play in increasing revenue, boosting productivity, and executing strategic successes.

From detailing the top sales apps and their features to discussing their pricing models, this guide aims to be a comprehensive resource for leveraging these tools for maximum business growth.

Who is this guide for?

Whether you're a small business owner fine-tuning your processes, a sales rep focused on productivity, or a corporate executive driving revenue, this guide aims to help you understand and tap into the full potential of sales apps.

The Power of Sales Apps

Sales apps have evolved from being mere conveniences to becoming essential tools for driving success.

These apps improve aspects of sales activities, such as productivity, time management, and lead management, allowing sales reps to concentrate on their core function—making sales.

  • Automating for efficiency

With the help of sales apps, routine tasks are automated, and essential customer data is readily available.

Take, for example, building your cold email campaign and letting automation take care of the rest ⬇️

This automation frees sales representatives to focus more on closing deals and less on manual, time-consuming activities.

Sales reps can easily track leads, manage their sales pipelines, and accelerate the deal-closing process thanks to these tools.

  • Data-driven decision-making

Sales apps are not just task managers; they are intelligent platforms that offer real-time data sharing.

This feature equips sales teams to make well-informed decisions based on up-to-date customer insights, thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sales strategies.

  • Enhancing team collaboration

These apps also facilitate project management.

They enable sales teams to collaborate effectively by ensuring everyone is aligned and informed, making it easier to achieve collective goals.

  • Strategic benefits for business growth

Beyond their practical functionalities, sales apps offer strategic benefits that can significantly impact business growth.

They can generate detailed reports for identifying trends, evaluating sales performance, and guiding long-term strategic planning.

Some sophisticated apps even come with AI-driven predictive analytics, offering insights into future sales patterns and opportunities.

Some even offer features where you can use AI to build your ideal buyer persona. 😉

Best Sales Software


With lemlist you can find buyers, engage across multiple channels, and convert them into your next customers.

Use lemlist for targeted lead generation.

lemlist specializes in lead identification and engagement. With a database of over 450 million contacts, it allows you to enrich leads and customize your engagement methods.

lemlist strives to offer you the best services and is constantly updating and adding new features that will take your online sales to a whole new level.

But what about the pricing?

As simple as that, it's a must-have for any salesperson.


Salesforce is a leading sales app that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing customer relationships, tracking sales, and analyzing data.

Salesforce is known for its comprehensive CRM functionalities.

Salesforce covers a broad range of features, including lead management, sales forecasting, and customer data analytics.

Pricing provides flexibility for businesses of various sizes and budgets.


HubSpot is known for its powerful CRM, HubSpot also ofers a suite of tools that can assist businesses streamline their sales processes and close deals faster.

HubSpot offers all the software, integrations, and resources you need to connect your marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.

HubSpot's connected platform enables you to grow your business faster by focusing on your customers.

A free tier with basic functionalities is available for smaller businesses, while more advanced features are available in the paid plans.


ClickUp’s project management app can also double as a sales app, with features like task tracking, goal setting, and real-time collaboration.

ClickUp is useful for budget-friendly project management.

With a free tier and user/month pricing options, it's a cost-effective choice for smaller businesses.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social focuses on social media post scheduling, listening, and analytics.

If your business relies heavily on social media for sales, Sprout Social has tools to manage and engage your audience effectively.

Check out pricing and further features 👇


Acquire, designed to buy and sell startups, is focused on customer engagement and offers features like live chat, co-browsing, and AI chatbots.

These tools can improve customer service and subsequently boost satisfaction and loyalty.

For sellers, pricing is a set percentage that will only be charged once and if your sale goes through. And for buyers…


Use Typeform for data collection and engagement.

Typeform is an expert in customizable online forms for customer feedback, surveys, and lead generation. It offers multiple customization options, making it versatile for various business applications.

They offer different plans for you to choose from.


ReferralCandy for customer acquisition and retention.

ReferralCandy helps you establish and manage effective referral programs.

Features like automated rewards, customizable templates, and detailed analytics aim to enhance customer acquisition and retention.

You can choose from three different plans. ReferralCandy also offers a ROI calculator for your monthly sales.

Best Commission Sales Software

Commission sales software is a specialized tool designed to help businesses manage and calculate sales commissions for their sales reps or employees.

It streamlines the process of tracking sales, calculating commissions, and disbursing payments to salespeople based on their performance and sales achievements.

Here are some key features and functionalities typically associated with commission sales software:

  1. Sales Tracking
  2. Commission Calculation
  3. Real-time Updates
  4. Reporting and Analytics
  5. Integration
  6. Payment Processing
  7. Customization

Overall, commission sales software simplifies the often complex and time-consuming process of managing and calculating sales commissions, reducing errors and ensuring that sales representatives are accurately compensated for their efforts.

This can lead to improved morale and motivation among sales teams while helping businesses effectively manage their sales expenses.


Everstage is a sales commission software that helps you drive the right business outcomes through incentives.

Everstage helps you uplevel your incentive program and drive profitable growth.

Everstage is trusted by customers worldwide across industries like SaaS, Business Services, Financial Services, Insurance, Real Estate, Life Sciences, Staffing and more.

Pricing is personalized to each customer.


Tipalti automates mass commission payments to affiliates, freelancers, creators and influencers.

Automate the entire process - from onboarding to global remittance, early payments, payment status communications, payment reconciliation, and tax preparation reports.


Performio is a software platform designed for sales performance management and commission tracking.

It provides businesses with the tools and capabilities to automate the calculation and management of sales commissions and incentives for their sales teams.

Performio is particularly useful for organizations that rely on complex commission structures and want to ensure accurate and transparent compensation for their sales representatives.

Sales Strategy Fundamentals with Sales Apps

Once you've selected the right app, the next step is to explore how its features can enhance your sales strategies.

Sales apps are versatile and can assist with a multitude of tasks like creating buyer personas, generating email leads, setting SMART Goals, and more.

  • Creating Buyer Personas for targeted selling: Sales apps can assist you in crafting detailed buyer personas, offering valuable insights into customer needs, behaviors, and challenges.
  • Email Lead Generation for nurturing prospects: Sales apps like lemlist offer robust outreach capabilities.

These can be employed to launch lead-generation campaigns and nurture prospects with personalized messaging. (Also images and videos 😉)

The accompanying analytics can also help you gauge the efficacy of your campaigns, enabling data-driven optimizations.

  • Setting SMART Goals to drive focus and motivation: SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) are integral to a successful sales strategy.

Sales apps often feature tools to set these goals and monitor your progress, helping to maintain team focus and motivation.

  • Strategic Planning for seamless execution: Project management features within sales apps like ClickUp and Salesforce allow for organized planning and execution.

You can create tasks, set deadlines, and assign roles to ensure a smooth and efficient rollout of your sales strategy.

By leveraging the functionalities of sales apps, businesses can implement sales strategies that bolster lead generation, enrich customer relationships, and ultimately escalate revenue.

However, the success of these strategies is not solely dependent on the tools at your disposal, but also on how well you understand and utilize them.

Therefore, it's vital to invest time in understanding the features of your chosen sales app and strategizing how they can be most effectively harnessed for your specific business needs.

This process may seem daunting, so in our lemlist YouTube channel (and blogs) we offer many tutorials and tips such as this one ⬇️

Sales App Use in Strategic Execution and Close Deals

After setting your strategies and defining your goals, the next logical step is the execution phase.

Sales apps offer various features that are instrumental in translating plans into action and help you move closer to closing deals.

  • Optimizing real-world applications for better results: Sales apps address the practical aspects of sales activities by offering features like real-time data sharing, project management, and lead management. These functionalities streamline the sales process, making it easier to manage workflows and improve productivity, ultimately increasing the likelihood of successful deal closures.
  • Assisting businesses in closing deals more effectively: Software like Salesforce, lemlist, and HubSpot have specialized functionalities designed to help in deal-closing. This includes CRM tools, automated follow-up systems, and in-depth analytics. Such features enable sales reps to manage leads efficiently, keep a tab on interactions, and make decisions grounded in data.
  • Refining strategies based on analytics: Sales apps generate a wealth of data that can be leveraged for fine-tuning your sales strategies. Through analysis, you can identify what is working and what needs revision, allowing for adaptive strategies that respond to real-world outcomes.
  • Reviewing and adjusting pricing for competitiveness: Pricing is a critical factor in closing deals and retaining customers. Sales apps offer market trends and customer preference data, aiding businesses in refining their pricing strategies. An effective pricing strategy can enhance both profitability and customer satisfaction.

Market Study and Competition Analysis through Sales Apps

In business, staying ahead requires a keen understanding of your market and your competitors.

Sales apps can be a treasure trove of data and tools that can help you do just that.

  • Market Research with real-time data: Sales apps offer real-time insights into customer preferences, buying habits, and market trends. This data can help identify both opportunities and threats, guiding informed decisions in areas such as product development, pricing, and marketing strategies. Tools like Salesforce offer a plethora of analytics options for this purpose.
  • Competitor analysis for strategic advantage: Understanding your competitors is crucial for carving out your own space in the market. Sales apps can provide insights into the strategies and tactics employed by your competitors. This enables you to identify their strengths and weaknesses and subsequently devise strategies that give you a competitive edge. HubSpot is one such tool that can help track competitor activities and performance.
  • Recording and analyzing customer interactions for better customer relations: Keeping a record of customer interactions not only helps in immediate sales processes but also provides valuable data for long-term strategy. Insights into customer behaviors and preferences can be utilized to enhance customer service, devise more effective marketing campaigns, and improve customer loyalty and retention.
  • Incorporating market insights into your sales strategy: The data and insights gleaned from sales apps can be incorporated into your overall sales strategy. This helps in adapting to changing market conditions, ensuring that your business strategies remain up-to-date and effective.

Enhance Teamwork

Sales software can act as the central nervous system of a business, bringing together sales and marketing teams to work cohesively.

Here's how:

  • Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams for Better Outcomes: Sales apps with built-in CRM features can unify data access between sales and marketing, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration. Platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot excel at this.
  • Leveraging CRM for Informed Teamwork: The CRM features within sales apps offer invaluable data on customer interactions, sales trends, and performance metrics. Shared access to this data can lead to more informed decisions and stronger outcomes.
  • Collaboration Tools for Team Efficiency: Features like shared calendars, task management tools, and real-time communication channels can amplify team collaboration. These features help in aligning goals, delegating responsibilities, and ensuring seamless teamwork.

Additional strategies to increase your sales

While improving teamwork is key, sales apps also offer features aimed at other aspects of sales and revenue growth.

  • Phone Calls Still Matter: Sales apps that integrate with your phone system can track and record calls, allowing for a more organized and data-backed approach to telephonic sales. Both HubSpot and Salesforce offer features that analyze call data for insights.
  • Optimizing Contact Centers for Performance: Real-time reporting and analytics features can offer a snapshot of how well your contact center is performing, helping you identify areas for improvement and ensuring that team targets are met.
  • Balancing Inbound and Outbound Sales Efforts: Sales software can provide tools for efficiently managing both inbound and outbound sales channels. The software can offer insights into the entire sales process, revealing areas that need attention or improvement.

Key Takeaways

Sales apps like lemlist have become indispensable tools for achieving optimal sales performance and revenue growth.

However, these tools are most useful once they are integrated effectively into a well-coordinated sales strategy. Therefore, investing in proper training and onboarding is essential for harnessing the full potential of these platforms.

Sales apps stand out as versatile tools capable of significantly contributing to a business's success in various ways—from enhancing lead management and fostering inter-team collaboration to providing actionable market insights.

By thoughtfully integrating sales apps into your business model and aligning them with your strategic goals, you can not only drive significant growth but also maintain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Sales apps aren't merely tools; they are strategic assets capable of catalyzing a business's journey toward achieving its revenue aspirations.

Don’t believe us?

Start your 14-day free trial at lemlist and see for yourself!

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