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lemlist vs Waalaxy: Which tool is better? [2024 Comparison]

lemlist team

Cold and direct outreach is still one of the most effective outbound marketing channels.

While lemlist is leading the charge in the industry, Waalaxy is still growing its presence and functionality.

Waalaxy is known for its Linkedin outreach focus, and lemlist for its multichannel acquisition capabilities, including email, linkedin, cold calls, and more.

We test each app, and we'll lay out the main differences between lemlist and Waalaxy — so you can choose the best tool for you.

⏰ TL;DR: lemlist vs. Waalaxy

  • Lemlist has comprehensive campaign management, broader automation, and email deliverability, making it ideal for scalable email and Linkedin outreach strategies.
  • Waalaxy stands out for its LinkedIn automation, with specific features for LinkedIn lead importing and outreach. It's simple to use, but less versatile, and price increases raise questions about value for money.
  • Choose Lemlist if you need an all-around sales automation tool with strong campaign management capabilities. Opt for Waalaxy if LinkedIn is your primary outreach channel and you require specialized features for the platform.

lemlist vs. Waalaxy at a glance

Offering cold email, LinkedIn, and calling outreach at half the price of Waalaxy, lemlist presents a compelling case. But why would someone choose Waalaxy? Well, Waalaxy offers advanced LinkedIn outreach capabilities paired with an intuitive design to automate LinkedIn and email outreach.

Bear in mind that Waalaxy's cheapest monthly plan is now around $120/month.

Compared to lemlist’s standard plan, which starts at $39.

how much does lemlist cost

Here’s a quick rundown of the most important elements to compare:

Feature Lemlist Waalaxy
Primary Focus Multichannel outreach (Email, LinkedIn, Cold Calls). Ideal for sales teams, small business owners, agencies, marketers, and any outreach-focused work. Only LinkedIn automation. Ideal for solo founders and small business owners looking to get most of their customers from LinkedIn.
Ease of Use User-friendly interface, comprehensive help resources, chrome extension Simple setup, Chrome-based
Campaign Management Comprehensive management, broader automation Focused mainly on LinkedIn
Scalability Designed for scalable campaigns for email, Linkedin, and cold calling Better for small, LinkedIn-focused campaigns
Integrations More diverse integrations are available Limited to LinkedIn and email
Customer Support 24/7 support via chat, email, video, phone Support is available 5 days a week via chat, email
Pricing Starts at $59/month Cheapest plan around $120/month
Advanced Features Lemwarm, AI tools, extensive lead database, smart enrichment, email verifier, deep reporting and analytics, inbox rotation. Basic LinkedIn and email automation
User Ratings 4.45 G2: 4.7/5, Capterra: 4.4/5
Ideal for Comprehensive outreach strategies LinkedIn-focused outreach
Free trial 14-day free trial 7-day free trial

So, if you're aiming to build a comprehensive multichannel acquisition strategy from scratch, lemlist delivers more value for less money. However, if your focus is solely on LinkedIn outreach, Waalaxy could be a wise initial investment.

lemlist vs. Waalaxy: Feature comparison

It’s clear that lemlist offers broader automation and campaign management abilities, templates and personalization features, prospecting and integration, and tools like lemwarm for warm-up and enhanced deliverability.

Compared to that, Waalaxy is still building its feature base, so there’s a big gap between the two offerings.

Feature Lemlist Waalaxy
Customize Email and Text Message Content
Customizable Landing Pages with CTAs
Custom Intro Lines, Pitches for SMS Marketing
Personalized Images with Company/Lead Names
Artificial Intelligence
Outreach AI for Optimizing Campaigns
AI Icebreaker Generator
AI Sequence Generator
Pre-made Templates
B2B Cold Email Templates and Sequences
Step-by-Step Workflow Templates
Tracking and Analytics
A/B Testing for Email Sequences
Custom Domain Tracking for Email Campaigns
Comprehensive Campaign Performance Monitoring
Exportable Individual and Multiple Campaign Results
Email Personalization
Customized Emails via Mail Merge
Adding Recipient Data from a CSV File
Personalized Images in Templates
Automated Email Sequences
Automating Follow-ups and Email Sequences
Custom Tracking Domains
Using Custom Domains for Email Campaigns
Handy Integrations
Integration with CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot Limited
Integration with Growth Hacking Tools
Marketing Tools via Zapier Integration Limited
LinkedIn Features
LinkedIn Automation
Cloud-based LinkedIn Automation
LinkedIn Prospecting (Sales Navigator, etc.) Limited
LinkedIn Messaging
Email Finder
Cold Email

1. Campaign management and automation

Both Offer Only Lemlist Offers
Easy to get started Campaign creation with goals and information
Campaign management capabilities Automated campaign creation with necessary steps
Automation features Custom rules addition in campaigns
Exclusion of leads from other campaigns and enrichment options
Setting conditions for campaigns (e.g., responses, meeting bookings, link clicks)
More settings and options in campaign management

Sign up for a lemlist free trial. You’ll land on this neat user interface:

How to launch and manage your first campaign with lemlist:

Step 1: Creating a New Campaign

  • Access the campaign section and click the "+" to create a new campaign.
  • Name the campaign and set a goal.
  • Fill in campaign goals and information, then use the “generate your campaign” button.
  • lemlist creates a campaign with the necessary steps.
  • Choose an email for sending emails.

You can also add custom rules there like

Step 2: Selecting Leads

  • Move to the leads list section and choose a lead source (LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, CSV).
  • Option to exclude leads from other campaigns and apply enrichment options (e.g., finding emails).

Step 3: Campaign Settings

  • Set conditions for the campaign (e.g., responses, meeting bookings, link clicks).

Step 4: Review and send emails. and send emails

All the features and settings can be overwhelming when you first get started, so take that into account.

The good news is that lemlist has a massive library of tutorials and documentation in the help center to lessen the learning curve.

How to launch and manage your first campaign with Waalaxy:

Step 1: Setting up Waalaxy

  • Install the Waalaxy Chrome extension and start a seven-day free trial.
  • Access the Waalaxy dashboard and click on “Start a campaign” at the top right.
  • Choose from premade outreach templates or create your own (e.g., invitation + 2 messages template).
  • Create or import a prospect list from LinkedIn using the Waalaxy extension.

Note the limit of importing up to 800 prospects per month.

Step 2: Scheduling and launching

  • Schedule message delivery with a two-day delay to avoid spamming.
  • Once complete, click on the “Launch my campaign” button.

You can add new lists or campaigns once this campaign is complete.

While this setup is straightforward, there are a few issues that we ran into while setting up Waalaxy:

  • Waalaxy is primarily a Chrome extension and may not work well with browsers other than Google Chrome.
  • For actions to be sent with Waalaxy, you need to keep the LinkedIn tab open, and the computer must stay on.
  • The free trial period for all features is only one week, compared to lemlist’s 14 days.
  • You need multiple browsing sessions to avoid LinkedIn restricting your actions.

Regarding automation, Waalaxy’s templates do a pretty good job of covering everybody's needs.

However, you can’t exceed seven follow-ups in one automation which, to some advanced users, could be limited.


Both tools are very easy to get started with.

You have more settings, options, and campaign management capabilities with lemlist. Also, you don’t have to leave your computer on or the LinkedIn tab open to run campaigns.

It’s very hands-off from the moment you launch your campaign and choose your template.

🏆 Winner of campaign management & automation: lemlist

2. LinkedIn Automation

Both Offer Only Waalaxy Offers
Chrome extension for LinkedIn outreach LinkedIn lead importing feature
Ability to send up to 800 monthly connection requests to LinkedIn users based on user-defined criteria Import leads from LinkedIn events and groups, in addition to LinkedIn search and Sales Navigator
Identified as the winner in LinkedIn automation due to its additional features, especially in lead importing

Waalaxy was built on the premise of Linkedin outreach. You can use the Chrome extension with a regular linkedin account or sales navigator.

It enables you to send 800 monthly connection requests to LinkedIn users based on specific criteria set by the user.

Where Waalaxy pulls ahead is with its LinkedIn lead importing.

You’re able to import leads from Linkedin events and groups, on top of LinkedIn search and Sales Navigator.

lemlist Chrome extension works pretty much the same:

Minus the importing deficiencies which gives the advantage to Waalaxy.

🏆 Winner of Linkedin automation: Waalaxy

3. Email outreach and deliverability

Both Offer Only Lemlist Offers
Email outreach options (specifically for Waalaxy users on the business plan tier) Lemwarm feature for warming up email accounts, enhancing email deliverability and reputation
Ability to send LinkedIn invitations, messages, and profile visits Smart enrichment tool for finding and verifying lead emails
Option to add visit + email finding to campaigns Use of custom variables like icebreakers for personalization
Designed for scalable outreach campaigns

Waalaxy provides email outreach options only for users on the business plan tier.

Along with sending Linkedin invitations, messages, and profile visits, you can start sending mass emails to your leads as well.

Similar to the linkedin outreach campaign, you can add a visit + email finding option to your campaign.

Once you select the profile visit and email verification campaign, you can launch the campaign now.

Waalaxy’s email-sending options are a bit limited, though. It’s great for small campaigns of 500 leads, but going with larger campaigns might be the best use for Waalaxy.

The biggest reason for that is that the tool doesn't have separate tools for finding, verifying, and sending big email lists. The lack of email warm-up and mass personalization features is also an issue.

On the other hand, lemlist offers lemwarm to warm up your email accounts. This leads to better email deliverability and reputation.

Use the smart enrichment tool to find and verify your leads’ emails:

And you can use custom variables like icebreakers and other custom variables.

The biggest difference maker is scalability.

lemlist is designed for scalable outreach campaigns while Waalaxy email features are more of an add-on to their core Linkedin outreach services.

🏆 Winner of Email outreach & deliverability: lemlist

4. Tracking and Reporting

Both Offer Only Lemlist Offers
Slick and intuitive interfaces Advanced tracking features are available without requiring an upgrade to a higher plan
Easy navigation In-depth analytics dashboard
Visual overview of activities and results Reports with four distinct tabs
Tracking metrics like connection requests sent, invitation acceptance rate, and answered messages Detailed insights into each step of a campaign
Performance evaluation of A/B testing
Option to select specific metrics for calculations
Identified as the superior tool for tracking and reporting compared to Waalaxy

Both tools have really slick and intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate.

The Waalaxy interface is easy on the eyes and provides you with a visual overview of your activities and results.

You can track metrics like:

  • The number of connection requests sent
  • Invitation acceptance rate, and answered messages.

For users on the business plan, Waalaxy provides the number of emails sent and their deliverability status.

It reports on the bounce rate and response rate of the email campaigns.

The lemlist analytics dashboard does track all of that and goes a level deeper.

The reports option on the left has four tabs:

You can see how well each step of your campaign is doing.

This is also where you can evaluate the performance of your A/B testing:

You can even choose the metrics you want your calculations to be based on:


Both tools have good tracking and reporting systems in place. lemlist has more advanced tracking features out of the box without having to upgrade your place to access it.

🏆 Winner of tracking and reporting: lemlist

lemlist vs. Waalaxy: Pricing and value for money

The pricing between both tools varies greatly.

lemlist pricing plans

Here’s what you’ll spend on lemlist:

Here’s the full pricing (billed annually) and functionalities

Email Outreach: $50/seat/mo

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Smart enrichment
  • AI campaign and icebreakers
  • Personalization at scale
  • Multiple senders
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Native CRM integrations (Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive)
  • Integrations + API access
  • lemwarm essential plan

Sales Engagement: $83/seat/mo

Everything in Email outreach, plus

  • advanced conditions
  • LinkedIn voice notes (coming soon)
  • automated LinkedIn steps
  • native cold calling integration
  • custom landing pages
  • video prospecting, and more

Enterprise: custom pricing

Designed for sales teams with 10 or more members

  • personalized onboarding
  • dedicated account manager
  • 1:1 coaching
  • custom token pricing
  • VIP support, and more.

Waalaxy pricing plans

Here’s how much Waalaxy costs:

Looking solely at the pricing, Waalaxy should be the all-around better choice.

For double the price of lemlist, you’ll get a lot of good features from Waalaxy, but nowhere near the same value for the money you’d be spending.

When Waalaxy first got on the scene, it positioned itself as one of the most affordable choices for outreach automation which made a very compelling choice.

Their old pricing model used to make much more sense for the value users would be getting:

Let’s compare the features of the old pricing versus what you’d be getting in the recent one:

Free Plan

❌Old Pricing 🆕 New Pricing
• €0/month
• 400 invites per month
• Live chat support 6/7 days
• €0/month
• 80 invitations per month
• Live chat support 5/7 days


The new free plan offers 80 invitations per week vs 400 for the old pricing. Live chat support is reduced by one day per week in the new free plan. This is not a big deal as free plans are volatile.

Also, the Waalaxy free trial is what we’ve used to test it out for this article, it offers 80 leads a week and lasts for 7 days.

Advanced Plan

❌Old Pricing 🆕 New Pricing
• €25/month
• 2800 invitations per month
• CRM Synchronization
• Auto-imports of LinkedIn profiles
• Live chat support 6/7 days
• €112/month
• 800 invitations per month
• CRM Synchronization
• Auto-imports of prospects
• Live chat support 5/7 days
• Cloud-based solutions


  1. Even though the features are identical, and the new advanced plan is more than 4x the price of the old one (from €25 to €112).
  2. The new advanced plan offers 2000 fewer invitations per month compared to the old one.
  3. Live chat support is reduced by one day per week in the new advanced plan.

Business Plan

❌Old Pricing 🆕 New Pricing
• €40/month
• 2800 invitations per month
• LinkedIn + Emails features
• CRM Synchronization
• Auto-imports of LinkedIn profiles
• Emails finder
• Live chat support 6/7 days
• €160/month
• 800 invitations per month
• Cloud-based solutions
• CRM Synchronization
• Auto-imports of prospects
• Email finder
• Live chat support 5/7 days


  1. The new business plan went from 2800 to only 800 invites a month, but for some reason, the price quadrupled (from €40 to €160!).
  2. The new plan includes cold emailing automation, which is not mentioned in the old plan.
  3. Live chat support is reduced by one day per week in the new business plan.

Note: The Pro plan has been discontinued in the new pricing structure.

Summary of Waalaxy’s pricing changes:

The new pricing has increased (tripled and quadrupled) prices for the Advanced and Business plans while decreasing the number of monthly invites by a tremendous margin.

Despite the dramatic price increase, no significant updates or improvements have been added. In fact, the chat support service has decreased by a day on all plans.

It’s worth noting that the yearly package from Waalaxy offers a huge discount compared to the monthly pricing.

The quarterly plan is still on the higher end of pricing, but you’ll be saving.

There are obvious unanswered questions regarding the pricing structure versus the value you’d be getting for the money spent.

Even though lemlist prices are not necessarily cheap, if we compare to the market landscape, they are very much within industry standards.

🏆 Winner of Pricing and value for money: lemlist

Customer Support

lemlist Waalaxy
Support availability 24/7 24/5
Training and documentation center
Chat, email, video
Phone X

Lemlist customer support is more reachable, and available all days of the week 24/7. The reps can provide answers to your questions quickly. The availability of live chat and phone support is crucial if you encounter issues that need immediate assistance. However, you can’t call lemlist directly. You must request for a callback, which isn’t bad since you don’t have to wait on hold.

Waalaxy aren’t available for the entire week as they  work five days a week. The support is still reachable on workdays from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Support time is also very short so that is another positive.

User reviews overview

lemlist Waalaxy
What users like ✔️ Praised for simplicity and power.
✔️ Intuitive with helpful guides and blogs.
✔️ Effective for commercial outreach and client acquisition.
✔️ Dashboard and domain warm-up offer personalization and safety.
✔️ Responsive and helpful support team.
✔️ User like importing prospects from LinkedIn searches, groups, and events.
✔️ Support team praised for knowledge and professionalism.
What users dislike ❌ Some find the interface cumbersome.
❌ Gmail account dependency seen as a hindrance.
❌ Content can be challenging for those without emailing background.
❌ Some dissatisfaction with lack of phone support and slow email responses.
❌ Mixed reviews on communication regarding updates and changes.
❌ Users feel that LinkedIn's restrictions have reduced the tool's effectiveness.
❌ The number of connection requests and emails that can be sent per month has been reduced.

lemlist user reviews

Positive feedback from lemlist users often highlights the platform's simplicity, power, and intuitive nature. The supportive resources, such as guides and blogs, are also frequently commended for their helpfulness. Users involved in commercial outreach particularly praise lemlist for its effectiveness in acquiring recurring revenue clients. The dashboard and domain warm-up feature are celebrated for their ability to offer personalization and safety.

Conversely, some users express difficulty with the interface, describing it as odd and cumbersome. Others note that working off of a Gmail account can be a hindrance, although this issue is mitigated by setting up aliases. Additionally, a few users find the content challenging to grasp without a background in emailing practices.

At the moment, user ratings from a review site are as follows:

  • 4.45 out of 5, based on 537 reviews.

Waalaxy user reviews

Based on user feedback from various review platforms, Waalaxy's support team is generally well-regarded for their responsiveness and helpful nature. Customers have noted the team's eagerness to resolve issues.

This sentiment is echoed by others who highlight the team's professionalism and in-depth knowledge of their product.

Nevertheless, there is a minority of users who have had less favorable experiences, pointing out the absence of phone support and occasional long response times. A user shared their frustration, mentioning,

Overall, the majority of feedback regarding Waalaxy support is positive, with users appreciating the quality of assistance they receive.

As here’s how Waalaxy is perceived on review sites:

  • 4.59 out of 5, based on 616 reviews.

lemlist vs. Waalaxy: Which one to pick?

If you're geared towards building a comprehensive outreach strategy and seek value for your investment, lemlist offers a lot more advantages. It's particularly suitable for those who need a wider range of automation and personalization options, as well as those who prioritize email deliverability, granular reports and tracking, and complex campaign automation features.

On the flip side, if LinkedIn is your primary outreach channel and you're looking for a tool specifically designed for this purpose, Waalaxy could be the better fit, provided you're comfortable with its above market standard price point and multiple limitations.

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