Top strategies for reaching out to the right potential customers.

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Sending cold emails but not getting replies?
Stuck on the outreach personalization?
Often on a meeting with unqualified leads?
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3 steps to define your B2B target audience

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Sending cold emails but not getting replies? You might be targeting the wrong prospects. Find out how to define your B2B target audience so you know how to write your emails based on their characteristics and book more meetings.
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What you’ll find in the playbook

Why should you identify your target audience
Discover the importance and positive outcomes of having your ICP in place.
How to identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Get a step-by-step process to identify people most likely to buy from you.
Free Ideal Customer Profile template
Replicate the template and identify exact profiles that will help you grow.
Establish your buyer persona
Find the process for identifying the most profitable people in the target company.
Segment buyer persona into tiers
Know which buyer personas are most profitable and boost your outreach efficiency.
Top tools’ recommendations
Explore which tools can help you automate the buyer persona identification process.
Access to Multichannel Outreach masterclass
Get free access to the 6-hour course on how to book more meetings with prospects.

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