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Why It Works

This multi-channel prospecting email sequence is designed to maximize reply rates, reportedly achieving 17-30%. It incorporates a strategic use of email, LinkedIn activity, and personalization to engage leads on their preferred platforms. The sequence begins with a curiosity-piquing email with a concise subject line and relevant triggers, followed by LinkedIn profile visits and connection requests to maintain presence in the lead's mind. Personalized videos in subsequent emails offer value and establish credibility, while LinkedIn voice messages add a unique touch. The campaign culminates with a final "breakup" email that utilizes humor or direct inquiry to elicit a response.

Learning from this Campaign

  • Multi-Channel Strategy: Utilizing various platforms ensures that you meet leads where they are most active, enhancing visibility and response rates.
  • Personalization: Tailoring each step, from subject lines to content, shows that you have done your homework, making the outreach feel more relevant and less intrusive.
  • Gradual Engagement: Spacing out the steps and gradually increasing the level of personalization and effort from leads builds familiarity without overwhelming them.
  • Content Value: Providing useful information and insights throughout the campaign positions you as a valuable resource and trusted advisor in your industry.
  • Closing Strategy: The "breakup" email with its humor and directness acts as a final nudge, often prompting a response where other methods may not have.

When to Use It

  • High-Competition Markets: In crowded marketplaces, standing out through a multi-channel and multi-touch approach can be particularly effective.
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns: When you have a list of cold leads that need warming up over time through consistent and varied engagement.
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM): This strategy can be tailored for ABM, where personalized and consistent touchpoints are key to converting high-value targets.

Who Can Use It

  • Sales Teams: To diversify their outreach and follow-up strategies, increasing the chances of engaging prospects.
  • Marketing Teams: For integrated campaigns that warm up leads before passing them to sales.
  • Business Development Professionals: To establish multiple touchpoints with potential clients, increasing the likelihood of creating meaningful business relationships.

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Tal Baker-Phillips
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