Easy tip to book more meetings with your leads

 How to find & hire top talents with cold outreach

Whether you’re an advanced hiring agency looking for clients’ hires or a scaling company looking for new employees - recruiting top talents can be a pain.

The job market is saturated with opportunities, so the most qualified candidates are often passive job seekers.

Recruiters can no longer solely rely on traditional job postings and expect top talents to come to them... 🥵

Instead, they use cold outreach - direct contact with potential candidates via cold email, LinkedIn message, call, or similar.

Still, many recruiters doing outreach struggle to:

→ find candidates that meet specific job requirements,

→ catch their attention and get replies,

→ follow up in a human way with hundreds of candidates.

To help you out, we just launched a step-by-step guide to leveraging the power of cold outreach to hire ideal candidates!

✅ Find, contact, and get replies from all candidates you’re talking to!

✅ Get cold emailing best practices from 400M+ successful campaigns

🎁 Extra: Duplicate 120+ proven templates recruiters use to hire top talents


Easy way to push leads to book more meetings with you

Whether you're reaching out to your prospects or they're visiting your website, having an effortless scheduling tool makes all the difference!

The easier it is for your leads to book a meeting with you, the more likely they will do it.

One of the easiest ways to push more meetings with your leads is to embed a booking calendar directly to your website!

This will help you shorten your sales cycle, as your leads can take immediate action without back-and-forth emails.

But which tool to use to cut the friction and schedule meetings directly from your website?

With lemcal, you can embed your scheduling calendar directly to your web pages and get 2x more meetings booked! 🙌

Having a scheduling tool like lemcal helps you:

→ catch leads' attention thanks to a personalized booking page

→ save hours of manual work with automated scheduling links

→ boost your sales efficiency thanks to integration with lemlist

You can get your lemcal access now and start booking more meetings - for free 🔥 

Using another tool? 1000+ companies already switched their current schedules in < 1 min.!


Cold email teardown: Leverage social proof for more replies

Here's a cold email that targets customer service (CS) managers in e-commerce to sell an AI-powered CS platform 👇

Let's see what mistakes Sacha, the CEO of Growth Room, recommends you avoid for more replies:

Mistake  #1 → Too promotional subject line

Avoid using popular marketing and sales keywords such as “boost”, “customer service”, and “AI” which won’t make your cold email stand out in prospects’ inboxes.

Mistake #2 → Self-centered intro line

The intro line should catch prospects’ attention by talking about them and what you can do for them. Talking about yourself won’t bring them value and interest them in reading the rest of your email.

Mistake #3 → Not-visible CTA

Because your prospects usually scan emails, adding a space line before the ending line will make their next step more clear.

Mistake #4 → Spam words

If you want to ensure your messaging gets through, avoid using spam words like “free”. Those words trigger the spam filters and land your emails in the spam folder where your target audience can’t read them.

Here is how Sacha would rewrite the previous cold email and his tips for booking more meetings:

Tip #1 → Focus on your prospect

If you want to get replies to your cold emails, talk about leads' companies, compliment them, and ensure most of your email is focused on achieving their goals.

Tip #2 → Tease the value with social proof

By leveraging social proof, you can showcase prospects' desired outcomes and tease them into replying. Mention relevant industry clients and their results to build full trust and credibility.

Tip #3 → Position yourself as an expert

Position yourself as a problem solver. Once you show your leads that you understand their pain point and know how to solve it, it will make your product/service more relevant.

Tip #4 → Non-intrusive CTA

Instead of discussing demos, ask for less effort and catch up over a call/meeting. It will sound less salesy, making your leads more comfortable booking a meeting with you!

P.S. Watch the full cold email teardown for even more tips on getting replies here.

Take care,

G and the team

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