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NB: Original campaign was in Dutch.

Why It Works

This campaign's success is attributed to its strategic use of humor, cultural relevance, and varied engagement tactics.

By localizing the language to Dutch and incorporating humor through memes, the campaign resonated more deeply with its target audience in the Netherlands and Flanders.

The use of placeholders to create eye-catching and entertaining content made the emails stand out.

The increase in follow-ups to seven steps ensured consistent engagement without being repetitive or annoying. The flexibility in the campaign's offer, such as suggesting participation in a podcast, provided alternative engagement opportunities.

This approach not only captured attention but also demonstrated commitment and creativity.

Learning from this Campaign

  • Cultural and Linguistic Relevance: Tailoring the campaign to the local language and cultural context can significantly increase engagement.
  • Humor and Creativity: Using humor and creative elements like memes can make the content more memorable and enjoyable.
  • Flexibility in Offers: Providing alternative ways to engage, such as featuring in a podcast, can appeal to a wider audience.
  • Positive Branding: Even when leads decline the offer, a well-crafted and humorous campaign can leave a lasting positive impression, potentially leading to future engagement.

When to Use It

  • Local Market Campaigns: Particularly effective in campaigns targeting specific regions or cultural groups.
  • B2B Engagement: Suitable for B2B contexts where breaking the ice and standing out is crucial.
  • Brand Awareness and Engagement: Useful for campaigns aimed at increasing brand visibility and creating a positive brand association.

Who Can Use It

  • Marketing and Sales Teams: Especially those looking to engage with businesses in specific regions or cultural contexts.
  • Content Creators and Copywriters: Professionals seeking to infuse creativity and humor into their marketing campaigns.
  • Business Development Professionals: Those looking to diversify their outreach strategy and create memorable brand experiences.

Note from the Author

  • Offer Switch Strategy: Midway through the sequence, we introduced an alternative offer: "Ok, if you don't want to book a discovery call, perhaps you'd like to be on our podcast?". This switch provided an enticing option for free exposure, appealing to a broader audience.
  • Key Response Triggers: The campaign received the most responses at Step #1 and Step #4.
  • Step #1: The use of a raccoon image garnered a lot of positive attention.
  • Step #4: This step was crucial as it introduced the alternative offer, shifting the campaign's focus and re-engaging the audience.
  • Appreciation for Consistency: Many recipients acknowledged and appreciated the consistency and commitment shown throughout the 7-message sequence, even if they had initially been hesitant.
  • Positive Branding Impact: Interestingly, even 'negative' responses were not entirely negative. Many leads who declined the offer complimented the campaign's marketing quality, noting that it was engaging and humorous. This positive impression led to a significant branding benefit, with some leads returning later to become clients.
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Matey Tsolov
Owner of The Marketing Family
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