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An invalid email address results in communication failures and missed opportunities. Due to deliverability issues such as inactive or invalid email addresses, 20% of emails don’t reach the inbox. To improve your email bounce rates, ensure you’re reaching out to the right email with lemlist’s free email checker tool.

How to use lemlist’s free email checker tool

How to check if an email is valid in just 3 steps:

1. Type in the email address that you want to verify
2. Click on the Check email address button
3. Check the status
Here’s how safe it is to send an email to that address depending on the result:
- Deliverable: The recipient’s email provider has confirmed that the address exists so you can email this address.
- Risky: Sending an email to this address may result in a bounce or low engagement.
- Undeliverable: The address doesn’t exist, or you misspelled it.
- Unknown: lemlist couldn’t get a response from the email provider. Best not to reach out to the email address.
Not the right email?
There’s no point in reaching out to a risky email address and damaging your sender reputation. You can still find the correct email address with lemlist’s email permutator.

All you need to know is your lead’s first name, last name, and company domain.
Once you find a new email address, come back to the email checker to test its authenticity. If you’ve got a large list of emails you need to verify, you can do it with lemlist’s free email finder and verifier.
Why you should check if the email address is valid
Reaching out to the right email addresses is essential for your cold outreach efforts.

Here is why:
- Sending emails to incorrect addresses can harm your sender reputation, leading to deliverability issues.
- Active email addresses contribute to the overall quality of your email list, so you reduce the likelihood of sending messages to spam traps or inactive accounts.
- Better resource management, as you only reach out to engaged recipients
The easiest way to find active email addresses
It takes a lot of time to check email addresses and clean your email list to ensure data quality and accuracy.

So how can you get the right email addresses right from the start?

Find your next client’s valid email through lemlist’s AI-powered B2B database of 450+ million contacts. You can filter leads by job title, industry, country, profile language, and more.

Find new clients or partners, get more revenue, and scale your business.
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Find more leads in ourB2B database with 450M+ contacts.

Discover valid email addresses for any contact directly in lemlistand scale your outreach without the need for an entire operations team.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I very emails using the email checker?

To verify emails, simply input the email address into the email checker tool. The system will quickly analyze and confirm the email’s validity. You will receive instant results indicating whether the email is valid or invalid.

Is there a limit to how many emails I can check for free?

Yes, there is a limit to the number of emails you can check for free. If you need to verify emails in bulk, you should start a free trial with lemlist. This will allow you to check more emails and find additional leads with our B2B lead database.

How accurate is the email checker?

The tool strives to provide the most accurate email addresses by using current databases and sophisticated algorithms. This ensures a high level of accuracy in verifying the validity of email addresses.

Find leads with verified emails, write and personalize at scale,
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