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Heeeeey lemlisters,

How is your day? Did you drink enough water? Called your loved ones? Here's G., 👋 back with actionable tips to become a better entrepreneur, marketer, sales rep, or just a better person. 😎

Looking for ways to get more leads, book more meetings and grow your revenue? Then you might want to get started on LinkedIn asap. 🚨

Here's why👇

  1. at lempire, we generate 4M+ monthly views on LinkedIn
  2. this helped us get huge worldwide visibility
  3. network with industry leaders
  4. hire top talents
  5. generate leads
  6. significantly increase the company’s revenue

In short, LinkedIn has opened tons of new opportunities for us. And in this email you'll find our tips to get the most results from LinkedIn. 💪

📍 What you’ll find in today’s email:

  1. Three steps to get started on LinkedIn
  2. Our tips to book more meetings on LinkedIn
  3. How to break the ice with cold prospects? (exclusive invite)


1. Three steps to get started on LinkedIn

95% of people who create content on LinkedIn have 0 plans when they get started. No strategy behind their posts, no specific goals to accomplish.

And there's no surprise that they give up after a few weeks because they see no ROI, no engagement ...

We tested tons of strategies during the past 4 years, so here are our best tips to get started.  

📍Define what do you want to achieve?

To do that, just answer these questions 👇

  • Why am I using LinkedIn?
  • What outcomes do I want to achieve?
  • How will I know I’m doing it right?

As an example, here are my answers to the questions above and my goals, as a founder.

  • Grow my brand and raise awareness
  • Increase company’s revenue  
  • Develop your network and network with other entrepreneurs

Based on your goals you'll know who is your target audience on LinkedIn, so you'll know what type of content is relevant for them.

We'll get to that in a few seconds, but first let's see what LinkedIn likes.  😀

📍 Understand the algorithm

In short, you need to know that the LinkedIn algorithm has 2 main goals:

  • to prioritize relevant content
  • to promote engagement

To make it simple, the algorithm evaluates how relevant is a post based on the number of interactions (likes, comments) and the time people spend on it.

And you guessed it well → the better it gets, the more LinkedIn will broadcast your content on feeds, as it happened with Nadja's post that became viral. 😎

So, how do you convince the algorithm to push your post on people's feeds? Jump on the next step 👇

📍 Create THE right content for your audience

As mentioned above, people's engagement on your posts gives LinkedIn a signal to push or not your profile on people’s feeds.

That's why your content is extremely important if you wanna gain visibility and build an engaging network. 🔥

But for that, you need to know exactly:

  • who is your audience?
  • what's relevant for them?

To make it easier to understand, here's are 2 examples.

One of Roxana's, (our Social Media Manager), goals on LinkedIn is to position herself as a Social Media and Copywriter expert.

For that, she connects with Social Media Managers and Copywriters all over the world and shares valuable content for them.

Nadja's, (our Head of Sales), goals are to generate leads, build relevant relationships and book more meetings.

For that, she position herself as an authoritative expert in the industry and shares relevant pieces of advice to her audience.

To make it really short, to increase your engagement you need to:

  • well define your target audience
  • share tips & tricks, valuable ressources
  • in short: RELEVANT content

Once you position yourself on LinkedIn's radar as a thoughtful leader ... the magic will happen. I mean .. the leads and the meetings.👇


2. Our secret tips to book more meetings on LinkedIn  

First, you have to be aware of 2 things:

  • on LinkedIn, you never sell
  • on LinkedIn, you build relationships

Now that we're clear, you might ask "Yeah, but, how I end up booking a meeting with a prospect without pitching my product or service?"

Let's take a look at our strategy. 🤫

Here's Nadja engaging with content shared by top industry leaders that are part of our ICP.

Like in most of cases, top industry leaders on LinkedIn get tons of engagement on their posts, so in the end, the post is ... more than a post, but a possibility to appear on our target market radar.

And that's what Nadja did! She she seized the opportunity and positioned herself as an expert sharing her experience and how we do sales at lemlist.

Her comment was appreciated by people that we want to have as customers. Moreover, she built a relationship! And from that point to booking a meeting there's just one step, since people know her already.

Here's Nadja scheduling a meeting with a prospect after the relationship was built.

And voila, now you have everything you need to get started on LinkedIn. 🔥

Keep in mind: connect - create - engage!


3. How to break the ice with cold prospects?

Imagine you see someone you like in a bar. After minutes of staring, you finally decide to go and introduce yourself.

Great! But what do you say first? Hello", "Do you like the weather today?" - or other questions that might pop into your head? 😀

Well, same goes for prospects. You have to pick the right intro line to make sure that you get their reply and interest. But what's the right intro line? 😅

Nadja will give you all our best tips that helped us get 20K+ clients worldwide.

Take care,

G and the team

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