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Target companies that are hiring with this 5-step workflow

Lucas Perret
July 21, 2023
8 min.

5-step workflow to target companies that are hiring

Let’s say you bump into this job post:

By taking a closer look, it can help you figure out company’s

  • overall goals → e.g., they are hiring a sales team because they intend to open a new market
  • team goals →, e.g., they are hiring a team leader because they’re adding a leadership layer into the employee structure
  • tools → e.g., they’re hiring someone experienced in Salesforce, which means they use Salesforce as their primary CRM tool

You can use this information to contact your lead at the perfect moment, with the hyper-personalized message that boosts replies!

But, what's the quickest way to find and reach out to hiring companies?

Here’s the workflow with templates that will help you automate the process 👇

5-step workflow to target companies that are hiring

Step #1: Spot qualified leads with Lonescale’s job alerts

[ ] Login or sign-up to Lonescale

[ ] Select job offers to monitor

[ ] Filter accounts by size, industry, etc.

[ ] Filter job offers that include specific keywords

[ ] Choose which decision maker you want to contact (e.g., Head of Sales, Marketing manager...)

[ ] Send new signals to your preferred tool, such as Zapier, Make, or n8n

→ Contact

  • first name
  • last name
  • job title
  • company name
  • website
  • linkedin URL

→ Company

  • domain name
  • name
  • Linkedin URL
  • industry
  • company size
  • year founded
  • tools

Step #2: Get leads’ emails with Dropcontact

Once you have your target audience contacts, thanks to Lonescale, you’ll still need their emails to reach out.

[ ] Find your leads’ verified emails with Dropcontact

Step #3: Check your target’s status in CRM

[ ] Do an automatic look-up to research if the new lead is already in your CRM. This will return data such as the last time the account has been contacted or its status.

Here are the possible outcomes:

→ The search finds nothing

This means that the lead is new, so you can continue your workflow and contact the person.

→ The search finds a company

‍- If the lead status is “Open Deal”, it means that the sales team got already been in touch with this lead.

In this case, it’s helpful to send a Slack alert to your sales team so they are able to check what pages the prospect is visiting and personalize follow-up for higher conversions.

- If the lead status is “Attempted to contact”, it means that the sales team got already been in touch with this lead, but they aren’t responding.

This is your opportunity to create CRM follow-up tasks for your sales team.

Step #4: Generate a personalized AI sequence with lemlist’s AI

[ ] Go to the lemlist app or start your free trial

[ ] Create a new campaign (or choose your existing campaign)

[ ] Go to Sequence

[ ] Choose to create your sequence with the help of AI

[ ] Fill out info on your value proposition & target audience

[ ] Fill out info on your value proposition & target audience Click the "Generate sequence" button and let AI create your fully personalized outreach sequence!

Step #5: Add new leads to your lemlist campaign

[ ]  Connect the campaign you’ve just created with one of the workflow templates below, according to your automation skills level.

Each time a lead is found, it will be automatically added to the list!

3 workflow templates for each automation expertise level

→ For beginners: Zapier template

Use this workflow template when you don’t know much about automation and want to target your website visitors with minimal effort.


→ For the intermediate level: Make template

Use this workflow template if you have a bit more knowledge about automation, and understand how code works.


→ For advanced level: n8n template

Use this tutorial if you’re an automation expert and are comfortable writing and editing code.


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