Automated and hyper-targeted leads for sales outreach

August 2, 2019

It’s really exciting to announce that LeadFuze now directly integrates with lemlist.

I’ve used lemlist’s super powerful personalization for real results. And paired with LeadFuze — it gives the ability to consistently send highly-targeted and personal emails to the right leads on autopilot.

And that process is exactly what I’m going to cover in this article. Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • How to Figure Out Your Best Prospects
  • Use LeadFuze to Find Them
  • Set Up Your Leads to Drip Right into lemlist

Learn about your favorite clients

Of course you have favorites. You know, the customers who:

  • Will use your products/services for a long time
  • Actually use your products/services and achieve results
  • Only reach out when they have genuine issues

Many of these traits aren’t necessarily tied to firmographic details of a company, but you’d be surprised.

Imagine you’re an agency.

How long an organization remains a client is based on their needs and a marketing agency’s results. For instance, a company with between 50-100 employees is more likely to hire out marketing services than a company with 500+.

Larger businesses are probably going to have marketing teams instead of agencies and freelancers.

To keep that analogy going, a large company may lose interest or cut the cost of your services without much thought. Budget cuts, hiring out roles and not seeing a large enough impact on metrics cause agencies to get dropped by big brands.

But a company in the 50-100 range will likely be heavily influenced by results and not want to part ways and lose potential revenue. They also may not have the capital to hire out full-time, making the agency even more secure.

On the opposite end, you may find that companies with fewer than 10 employees aren’t great clients either.

Maybe it’s because,

  • It takes 3-6 months to see results and expendable income is fluctuating heavily
  • They wanted a silver bullet that works right away and become irritated and complain
  • Can’t pay on time, but really want to use your services and you have to deal with late payments

There are exceptions to all of these “rules”, but you get the idea.

The Point: Look at your current client roster, or go to competitors and look at their clients and look for the:

  • Industry they’re in (targeting certain industries can really bump up responses and help your pitch)
  • Number of employees that target client has (on average)
  • Role of the person you most often get to say “yes”
  • Other pertinent details (more on this further down)

Prospecting for those perfect leads

Now, we’ll take a look inside LeadFuze, using our general marketing agency illustration and find some leads.

First, we’ll look at roles

If we are a marketing agency looking to pitch small businesses, we’ll likely want to target Founders and Owners.

With LeadFuze, you can target a couple dozen generalized roles. Then, the app looks for multiple keywords for every role you choose and avoids terms that wouldn’t be the actual person you’re looking to reach.

For instance, in the gif below, I searched for “Owner/CEO”. If you notice, it has about a dozen words associated with owners in orange and four words like “assistant” and “secretary” in red.

This means, the search will yield fewer non-decision-makers.

Then, industry
Marketing agencies can help just about every industry, but some are more lucrative than others.

I chose Real Estate (gif below), because it’s a competitive industry with lots of Realtors looking to get an edge on the seller down the street.

Now, you can choose more than one industry in a search, but I would suggest just starting a new search. It keeps things organized and you can see which industries are converting better for you.

Next, employee size
Real estate companies want agents. More agents usually means more revenue.

So, just because you have an agency with over 100 employees, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t fit our agency illustration.

So, in the gif, I kept it up to 500.

Finally, technology being used
One of the coolest features about LeadFuze is the ability to search for leads who use, or don’t use certain tech.

For instance, if this fictitious agency specializes in Adwords, it wants to target real estate companies who are currently spending money on ads.

And if it’s a design agency that specializes in custom sites from scratch, they may want to avoid hardcore WordPress users.

Starting to see the benefit of adding and excluding tech?

There’s also the ability to:

  • Search for companies hiring for specific roles
  • Do account-based searching to find more than one contact in a big brand
  • Look for big news like mergers, funding and more to really hyper-target leads and personalize messaging

Note: The more filters you use — the fewer leads you’re likely to see. But that’s ok if you use the data correctly.

If you send a Realtor a congratulatory email about opening a second office and then offer to improve his Adword ROI — how many people would you have to email like that to get a client?

Probably not many.

Seeing Your Results
Once you’ve entered in all the criteria you’d like (or don't like) about your leads, hit “Start Searching”.
Our real estate search give us over 62,000 leads.

Automate sending leads to lemlist

The search above is just one use case and one industry.

There are millions of leads with email, LinkedIn and even phone numbers available on LeadFuze.

But then there’s adding the power of lemlist.

Here’s how in a few seconds.
1- Once you’re satisfied with a search you can save it and choose how many leads you’d like to draw off of the master list and how often. You want 50 leads, Monday-Thursday sent to lemlist? No problem.

2- Setup the integration between the two tools and configure lemlist to send out your personalized emails the way you like. (Probably a good idea to use their acquisition tips.)

3- Wait for a few hundred emails to be sent and check results. Then, tweak and split test different elements of your emails (and even leads) until you are happy with the results.

Ready to fully automate your outreach?

If I’ve done my job, you see the power of lemlist + LeadFuze.

No more time-consuming prospecting, no more uploading CSVs here and there, no more sending one email at a time. All possible with this integration partnership.

Happy hunting!

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