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Client acquisition email template

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What's good my people? :)

This week, I've been given a challenge of coming up with an inspirational email template. My goal? Create an email template specifically focused around client acquisition.

The important thing you need to take away from the article that it's just a first step of the sale. It's the awareness stage of your funnel. What does that mean? Two things:

  1. The goal is to get people to engage with you or your content, not sell.
  2. Set up your funnel outside the email

Number one means you're not going to sign clients straight away, but you'll be able to build a relationship first. Number two, it's not just the email. It's your Social Media accounts, your website content and your retargeting.

But we'll talk about that later. First, the template!

Introducing the client acquisition email

Offering SEO services, Social Media management or any type of a campaign that requires creative work is super difficult.

For starters, there are many talented competitors pitching the same pitch. But, more importantly, it's difficult to prove to your prospect that you can bring positive ROI because in most cases they won't have the patience for it.

That's why the essential component of every email outreach is understanding your core audience.

When it comes to content, I basically see it in two forms. You're either going to educate and inform your audience about something they have interest in or you're going to entertain them with something that's funny or viral.

The email template you're about to see has the goal to educate. The topic is - "Why 2019 is the Year of LinkedIn + #1 Strategy to Seize the Opportunity".

Obviously, you have some super light text personalization with a dynamic image as the main attention grabber. On that note, using personalized images for email campaigns brings INSANE results.

I'm gonna get into the funnel and mindset talk in a minute, after I show you how the template actually looks like:


The idea was to visually and in a cool way outline the LinkedIn opportunity. Plus, that customization and the fact it's about you is the secret sauce.

Finally, here's the email body:

🤜🤛 {{firstName}},

Don’t know if you’ve noticed it too, but [WRITE THE OPPORTUNITY HERE].This represents a major opportunity for {{companyName}}.

And it's precisely where you and I come in…

If you remember, this is exactly how [WRITE A PROOF OR AN EXAMPLE HERE].

So, with that in mind, I wanted to bring your attention to [WRITE YOUR VALUE PITCH HERE].

Essentially, do this {{firstName}}:


See you on the other side,


Who is this email template for?

I think everyone can tweak the image, the topic and the text for their own use. It doesn't have to be about LinkedIn and you can change the time frame on the X axis to be more relevant to your business. Don't worry, you have the blank template you can edit in lemlist.

The majority of people who will use this are probably hardcore marketers, SEO professionals, link building grinders, Social Media managers, content people, SaaS entrepreneurs, startup founders etc.

Now, for this particular example, I've chosen LinkedIn as the main topic and pictured myself as if I worked in a digital marketing agency. But again, you can easily tailor this cold email template so it fits your target.

How to set up client acquisition email template?

It's super easy. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Log in to your lemlist account  If you don't have one, you can sign up for the free trial (no credit card required) and get FULL access to the platform so you can see this email template in action  
  2. Watch the video tutorial!
  3. Join the lemlist family community and share your results and get inspired by others :)

Why having a sales funnel is CRITICAL

Let's break it down.

In the email, I'm focusing on LinkedIn and trying to explain why 2019 is going to be all about LinkedIn. But keep in mind that you have to be a practitioner and be able to explain what you've just said. In other words, have you seen what's happening with organic exposure there? Do you have some results to prove you can do it?

My short-term goal is to send my prospects value. I want them to learn how they can leverage LinkedIn to drive business outcomes. My long-term objective is to sign them as my clients and do content marketing for them.

But here's the important one my friend. I'm not selling anything in the cold email. All I want you to do is to click and check out this piece of content on my website. FOR FREE! I'm making sure the copy is crisp and hoping that personalized image will do the trick of making you want to click even more.

Once you drop by my website, I got one word for you ... retargeting. Yes, I'm running Facebook Ads to have you come back and engage with more of the similar content or with a bit more sales-y stuff. That will depend on the campaign and the audience.

Great remarketing audiences have to be built. Cold emailing is one of the main tactics to do that.

In this example, I can run an ad to show you a relevant case study of mine to move you down the funnel. Or, another piece of content like "4 SaaS Companies that are Killing It on LinkedIn" to bring even more value to your world and build more leverage for me later.

The important thing here is the more you're interacting with my content, and if Google Analytics proves that, the easier for me is to sell you my skills down the road.

So the goal is showing you my best content on Facebook. Alternatively, you can sign your prospects to an email sequence, to your YouTube channel or connect with them on LinkedIn. There are many ways to do this.

The important thing is to get them into your funnel, bring MORE value and then go for the sale. The problem is that people go for the sale WAY TOO EARLY.

Even if I don't get that sale at the end, you might share my article or talk about my cold email, so word-of-mouth amplification can still bring it home.

Literally I'm distributing content more than doing anything else. I'm building integrity and expertise through content and making sure I'm on your screen tomorrow.

If you're a big agency or have a proven track record, you can probably go for a sale earlier. But if you're like me, a young marketing practitioner with not-so-flashy results yet, you gotta do more work.

It's as simple as that.

Finally, as previously stated, you can tweak the Client Acquisition Email Template any way you want and set the funnel you think works best for you ... with as many or as few steps you'd like.

That's it for this week. Hope you guys like the new template and that it will help you crush your email outreach game. Stay tuned because we will be posting another inspirational template next week.

lemlist team
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