10 reasons why agencies love lemlist

July 19, 2022

Tired of testing out enterprise solutions that weren’t built for agencies? Inflexible pricing and lack of support put your business legacy at stake?

In this article, you'll discover how to simplify the management of your clients’ accounts and campaigns with lemlist, a tool built by the ex-agency owner. It was created based on the 20K+ community and agency clients’ feedback to ensure high ROI with centralized client management.

10 reasons why agencies love lemlist

#1 Manage multiple accounts from a single interface

Let’s say you have an agency that does outreach for multiple clients. Typically that means that to manage their accounts and campaigns, you need to log in and out of each account constantly.

But what if you could manage all your clients from a single place? It would save you time and give clear visibility over multiple accounts. By managing and accessing each client account in lemlist’s interface, there’s no need for constant log-in and out.

You can segment clients into teams and assign campaigns to each from one convenient spot. Admin role will allow you to be present in each account and navigate between them in a matter of seconds:

lemlist centralized interface

In the centralized interface, you can see and change the list of all your teams, user settings, and even add a new user with a single click:

change teams settings

This efficient way of managing different accounts leaves no room for errors and speeds up administrative processes. You’ll have more time to create outreach campaigns that stand out, hence, get more clients for your customers and yourself.

#2 Enjoy plans flexibility and a clear billing overview

You’re probably using many tools as an agency, so minimizing their cost is essential. The less money you spend on tools, the more profit you’ll earn, which results in better pricing options and more deals signed.

Since many clients can’t commit long-term, it’s important to have the freedom of choice on how to bill them. Agencies using lemlist love having the flexibility to sign clients on monthly plans.

Once you pick the plan that suits each client the most, you can have access to a clear billing overview from a single spot:

billing section lemlist

Under one roof, you’ll be able to manage your clients’ plans within seconds:

  • Edit the number of seats (aka the number of sender emails for every client)
  • Put different pricing plans for different clients
  • See the price for every client and the Total $ NoN/month for all clients
  • Download any invoice
  • Change billing details
  • Assign different credit cards for each team

#3 Protect clients’ privacy with report-only access

When managing "done for you" clients' campaigns, ensuring they don’t have access to other clients' accounts or their campaigns is important. And if they want to access their insights, lemlist allows you to give them access to their reports only.

Agencies can add an “External” user with passwordless login, which grants clients access to their campaign reports, user settings, and email provider settings - but no other data.

create external user window

If you decide to give your users access only to their reports and campaigns, you’re making sure they can’t access any other client’s info or make any campaign changes.

Ultimately, it’s up to an agreement with your client if you want to give them access at all. But, if you decide to do it, lemlist helps you to keep it 100% safe and transparent.

#4 Pay less with free admin seats

As an agency member, you want to make sure you’re part of each client’s team as you need to manage their campaigns on their behalf. But, adding the same admin role in multiple teams can be a pain as it quickly gets pricey.

That’s why agencies using lemlist can give access to admins (aka other team members) completely off charge. So, how does it work?

Admin roles will remain free if these users don't have their email providers connected and no campaigns are sent from their email addresses.

For example, Tim's admin seat will be free, while Ena's will be paid:

free admin seat

To sum up, 1 more email address = one more paid seat.

#5 Maximize deliverability and avoid the spam folder

If you’re doing cold emailing extensively, having a good IP warming strategy is crucial to avoid the spam folder. But, warming up your email takes a lot of time as you need to send many emails to a set schedule.

So, how do you speed up and automate establishing a good sending reputation?

As deliverability is a key component of successful outreach, you should track it using the warm-up and deliverability booster, instead of looking at misleading metrics like open rates.

That’s why for each paid lemlist seat you'll get access to lemwarm - a warm-up and deliverability booster that ensures high deliverability for the long run.

You’ll be able to:

  1. Save time and money by automating your warm-up process
  2. Gain a good sender reputation with a tailored strategy
  3. Maintain high deliverability with detailed reporting
deliverability score in lemwarm

#6 Save time with automatic LinkedIn outreach

Going multichannel allows you to connect with your target audience on their favorite channel, such as LinkedIn, which boosts your chances for more replies. Still, searching for multiple clients’ leads and reaching out includes much manual work.

So, how do you expand your service offering without hiring new people? Agencies using lemlist can create multichannel sequences with LinkedIn steps - all from a single place.

Not only you’ll be able to increase your client's reply rates, but you will also bring more value without additional resources.

automated linkedin outreach

In just a few seconds, you can add:

1. LinkedIn profile visit -> Adding this step increases the chances of leads accepting your client’s invite or replying. This is a perfect “soft touch” to stay in your prospect’s mind without being too intrusive.

2. LinkedIn invite -> Being connected to prospects means exposing your personality and brand, which allows you to start building relationships more genuinely.

3. LinkedIn message -> Whether you want to send an email, LinkedIn message, or reply to any of those, you can do it in a single interface - without switching between different apps.

P.S. To simplify your life, you can use the lemlist Chrome extension to scrape your leads' profiles and quickly import their info into a campaign.

#7 Be ahead of the competition with creative campaigns

No matter the tool you use, you must ensure your outreach campaign stands out if you want to get replies. And the best way of catching prospects' attention is personalization. Once your prospects feel like your message was written especially for them, the chances for conversion get only higher.

So if you want to make your email unique without additional time and money, lemlist offers complete email personalization.

Here’s how custom variables work:

1. Add personalized text -> No matter how many emails you send, you can automatically personalize any part of your message, including the intro line, pitch, or call-to-action.

personalized email text

2. Add personalized images -> Insert easy-to-make video thumbnails and automatically customize any image with:
- prospect's company logo
- screenshot of their LinkedIn profile or website
- prospect’s name or any other text

This will allow you to personalize outreach at scale, as the lemlist does the hard work of adjusting each image to different prospects.

email image personalization

3. Custom landing page -> Build personalized landing pages with no code and easily embed video or Calendly calendar.

custom landing page

#8 Integrate automated workflows with your favorite tools

If you have team members managing multiple teams, finding automated workflows is crucial to scale. So, to avoid unnecessary costs, you can use lemlists’ self-serve and easy-to-implement workflow integrations.

Connect your CRM, get instant notifications, receive leads from Google Sheets, and find prospects on LinkedIn - all within a single app. Use Zapier to connect lemlist with thousands of other popular apps and automate your work to have more time for what matters most - no code required.

#9 Have access to best outreach practices

To grow your business, you must constantly check for best practices, content inspiration, and sales automation hacks. Finding them in the same place and a group of people with whom you can share your struggles or ask questions is not easy.

So, if you want to gather insights and exchange workflows with other similar businesses, you can join the lemlist family community. It’s a place where you can access free templates, guides, webinars, and real-life examples as a constant source of inspiration.

lemlist family community

The weekly-posted content will not only help you out in testing different approaches but also nail outreach personalization at scale.

#10 Increase visibility by becoming a lemlist partner

How does showcasing your agency in front of thousands of potential customers sound? If you want to boost your agency’s visibility, you can do it by helping other businesses grow!

In the base of 20K+ clients, we often get asked for agencies to provide outbound services for them. As we truly believe that “we grow when you grow”, we created a lemlist partner program that helps you expose your business by sharing outreach tips.

You’ll not only reach a wide network of clients and partners but also:

  • Get a dedicated account manager
  • Have early access to the new features
  • Enjoy partnership discounts
  • Sign new deals & double your MRR

The key takeaways

Agencies love that without the hefty price of an enterprise solution, they get to do high-quality outreach that ensures high ROI for clients and themselves.

So if you want to:

✔️ scale your business
✔️ stay ahead of the competition
✔️ be cost-effective
✔️ retain your clients
✔️ have access to best practices

start your free trial now!

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