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70+ Black Friday & Cyber Monday Software SaaS Deals 2023

Mihaela Cicvaric

This year, the event falls on November 24th, and to help you get the most value for money, we’ve prepared this guide.

It’s packed with carefully selected SaaS offers for everyone’s pocket, focusing on both quality and affordability.

It's important to note that while many discounts are available throughout the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend, some are exclusive to Black Friday itself.

As you explore our list of top Black Friday and Cyber Monday software deals for 2023, keep in mind the specific needs of your business to make the most beneficial purchases.

With these offers, you can expect to upgrade your software stack for the better while saving tons of money!

79 Top 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Software/SaaS Deals for Growing a Business

1. lemlist

The only cold outreach tool that helps you reach inboxes and get replies.

  • Find buyer-ready prospects and their contact details from a database of 450 million leads directly on the platform.
  • Find your leads' valid email addresses directly within lemlist - no need for third-party tools.
  • Write cold emails and LinkedIn messages using AI, and personalize at scale by incorporating custom intro lines, images, dynamic landing pages, liquid syntax, and more.
  • Create multichannel campaigns with advanced conditions to engage leads on their preferred channel at the optimal time, resulting in higher conversions.
  • Avoid the risk of ending up in spam folders by using the most advanced warm-up and deliverability booster available on the market (for free).

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

→ 33% OFF for the Standard Plan (saving of $200/year)
→ 40% OFF for the Pro Plan ($400 saved per year)

The offer is available only for new users for annual plans.

All lemlist subscriptions include lemwarm for free ($29 saved/month).

Coupon code:


Validity: Until Dec 1.

2. Statuspal

Statuspal is a tool for creating status pages to communicate about incidents and maintenance.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The beautifully designed status pages make it easier and more pleasant for users to stay informed about service status.
  • Streamlined Incident Response: Powerful automations and monitoring capabilities reduce the workload and improve the efficiency of managing and communicating incidents.
  • Effective Problem-Solving Focus: The tool emphasizes solving issues quickly and efficiently, reducing the time users spend on communication and increasing their productivity.

✅ Black Friday code
✅ Cyber Monday code

30% OFF for 1 year


Validity: Nov 10 - Nov 30, 2023.

3. is an AI-powered platform for easy video creation and editing.

  • Simplified Video Creation: Users can easily create and edit professional-quality videos, making it ideal for those without extensive video editing skills.
  • Efficient Content Production: The automation of video production from text scripts and blog posts saves significant time and effort in content creation.
  • Improved Engagement and SEO: By enhancing content quality, users can expect better engagement with their audience and improved SEO performance.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

40% off Annual Standard, Premium & Team Plans + 10 FREE Additional Videos Per Month

Coupon code: BFCM40GB

Validity: Nov 20 - Nov 30, 2023.

4. enhances website engagement with live link previews.

  • Increased Website Engagement: Keeps visitors on your website longer by providing engaging live previews of linked content.
  • Content Discovery Made Easy: Automatically extracts and displays linked content, making it easier for users to discover and interact with more content.
  • Broad Compatibility: Supports a wide range of web embeds, offering flexibility and enhancing user experience on various types of content.

✅ Black Friday voucher
✅ Cyber Monday voucher

50% off on all plans for 6 months

Coupon code: BLACKCYBER2023

Validity: Nov 24 - Nov 29, 2023.

5. DronaHQ

DronaHQ is a low-code developer toolset for rapid app development.

  • Rapid Development: Accelerates custom app development by up to 10 times, significantly reducing the time to market.
  • Ease of Use: The drag-and-drop builder with pre-built UI components makes it easy for users to create apps without deep coding knowledge.
  • Versatility in Application: Ideal for a wide range of applications, including database GUIs, admin panels, and customer dashboards, catering to various business needs.

✅ Black Friday offer
✅ Cyber Monday offer

30% OFF on Annual plans + 5 co-building sessions FREE with a minimum purchase value of $1500

Validity: Nov 10 - Nov 30, 2023.

6. ELEXtensions

ELEXtensions specializes in WordPress and WooCommerce plugin development and customization.

  • Customized Plugin Solutions: Tailored services and customization for plugins mean users can have solutions that fit their specific business needs.
  • Expertise in WordPress and WooCommerce: Specialization in these platforms ensures high-quality, reliable solutions for users.
  • Enhanced Website Functionality: By using these tailored plugins, users can enhance the functionality and user experience of their WordPress and WooCommerce sites.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

5% off on all WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins

Coupon code: ELEX-OFFER-BFCM23

Validity: Oct 17 - Dec 31, 2023.

7. QR Diffusion

QR Diffusion is a tool for creating art-infused QR codes.

  • Creative QR Code Design: Moves beyond traditional QR codes, offering creative, visually appealing designs that can enhance branding and marketing materials.
  • Easy-to-Use Generator: The user-friendly generator with pre-made templates makes it simple for anyone to create custom QR codes.
  • Customization Options: Advanced customization options allow users to create unique QR codes that stand out and capture attention.

✅ Black Friday voucher code
✅ Cyber Monday voucher code

50% discount for the first two months or the entire year on annual plans

Coupon code: BFCM2023

Validity: Nov 12 - Dec 1, 2023.

8. Pixpa

Pixpa is an all-in-one no-code platform for creators and small businesses.

  • Easy Website Creation: Enables users to easily create websites with online stores, blogs, and client galleries without any coding knowledge.
  • Versatility for Creators: A versatile platform that caters to various needs, from showcasing work to selling products online.
  • Empowerment of Small Businesses: By removing the technical barriers, Pixpa empowers small businesses and creators to establish a strong online presence.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

50% discount on annual plans

Coupon code: BLFPIXPA50

Validity: Nov 24 - Dec 31, 2023.

9. Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO tool for content planning, creation, optimization, and monitoring.

  • Enhanced Content Strategy: Ideal for improving website traffic and scaling content production, helping users to grow their online presence.
  • Comprehensive Content Solutions: Offers a complete suite for content strategy and execution, from planning to optimization.
  • AI-Powered Efficiency: The AI-driven tools streamline the content creation process, making it more efficient and effective.

✅ Black Friday sales
✅ Cyber Monday sales

60% Lifetime Discount on annual plans, 3x limits on modules, free SEO course, and exclusive deals worth $10,000

Validity: Nov 21 - Dec 1, 2023.

10. Guideflow

Guideflow is an interactive demo platform tailored for SaaS companies, enabling the quick creation of product demos.

  • Customizable Demos: Offers the flexibility to create tailored demos for different outreach channels, ensuring a personalized experience for potential customers.
  • Enhanced Lead Engagement: Interactive demonstrations engage leads more effectively, increasing the likelihood of conversion and customer acquisition.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various stages of the sales funnel, from initial contact to final decision-making.

✅ Black Friday voucher
✅ Cyber Monday voucher

25% off on plans

Coupon code: BF25

Validity: Nov 16 - Dec 1, 2023.

11. GetGenie AI

GetGenie AI is an advanced WordPress tool for creating SEO-optimized content and copywriting.

  • Diverse Content Templates: Features over 30 templates catering to different content needs, from blog posts to marketing copy.
  • Streamlined Content Creation: Simplifies the content creation process for WordPress users, enhancing efficiency and SEO effectiveness.
  • SEO Optimization: Helps in creating content that is optimized for search engines, increasing visibility and traffic.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

Up to 40% discount.

Validity: Nov 22 - Dec 5, 2023.

12. LeadConnect

LeadConnect is a LinkedIn outreach automation tool with CRM integration, designed to streamline the process of connecting with potential leads.

  • Automated LinkedIn Outreach: Sends personalized invitations and follow-ups, maximizing the efficiency of networking and lead generation on LinkedIn.
  • Chrome Extension-Based Solution: Easy to use and integrates directly with the LinkedIn interface for a seamless user experience.
  • CRM Integration: Enhances campaign outcomes by integrating with CRM systems, allowing for better tracking and management of leads.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

Up to 40% off on various plans

Validity: Nov 15 - Nov 30, 2023.

13. Onigiri

Onigiri is a comprehensive toolkit designed specifically for freelancers to manage administrative tasks efficiently.

  • Comprehensive Administrative Tools: Includes project tracking, client data management, and invoicing, streamlining the administrative side of freelancing.
  • Simplified Business Processes: Makes it easier for freelancers to manage their business, allowing them to focus more on their core work.
  • Efficient Project Management: Helps in tracking project progress and managing client information, leading to better organization and client relations.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

50% off

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY50

Validity: Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2023.

14. Manganum

Manganum is a sidebar tool for Chrome, featuring favorite productivity apps, designed to enhance browsing organization and productivity.

  • One-Click Access to Apps: Provides quick access to essential apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Drive, streamlining workflow and saving time.
  • Enhanced Browsing Organization: Keeps your most used apps at your fingertips, improving efficiency and focus during online work.
  • Productivity Boost: Helps in managing tasks and schedules more effectively, leading to increased productivity.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

75% off on the annual Plus plan

Coupon code: SALESBLINK

Validity: Nov 3 - Nov 30, 2023.


SMSAPI is a comprehensive messaging platform offering Bulk SMS, MMS, VMS, and RCS messaging services for diverse businesses globally.

  • Global Mobile Communication: Facilitates accessible and reliable mobile communication on a global scale, suitable for corporations, startups, and public organizations.
  • Versatile Messaging Options: Offers a range of messaging services, including SMS, MMS, VMS, and RCS, catering to various communication needs.
  • Effective Outreach: Enables businesses to reach their audience directly on their mobile devices, enhancing engagement and response rates.

✅ Black Friday offer
✅ Cyber Monday offer

Up to 15% off first payment between €30-500

Coupon code: 15BLACK2023

Validity: Nov 2 - Nov 30, 2023.

16. Content Studio

Content Studio is a comprehensive social media management and marketing platform, featuring tools for content scheduling, analytics, and collaboration.

  • Social Media Management: Streamlines the process of scheduling and publishing content across multiple social media platforms.
  • Advanced Analytics: Provides insights into content performance, helping businesses to refine their social media strategies.
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitates teamwork in content creation and social media.

✅ Black Friday saales
✅ Cyber Monday sales

67% Off the Agency Max Plan, 30% Off All Regular Plans

Validity: Nov 9 - Dec 9, 2023.

17. Postmansmtp

Post SMTP is a powerful WordPress SMTP Plugin that ensures maximum email deliverability

  • Reliable Email Delivery: Guarantees the successful delivery of all your WordPress emails, reducing the risk of emails landing in spam.
  • SMTP Service Compatibility: Fully compatible with any SMTP mailing service, offering flexibility and ease of integration.
  • Comprehensive Email Logs and Notifications: Features include detailed email logs, failure notifications, and diagnostic tools to troubleshoot email delivery issues.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

23% off on Post SMTP Pro Extensions

Coupon Code: BFCM23

Validity: Nov 20 - Dec 4, 2023.

18. Turbologo

Turbologo is an AI-powered online logo generator, that enables the creation of professional logos, business cards, and social network covers.

  • AI-Driven Design: Automatically generates a variety of logo designs based on user preferences, making the design process fast and efficient.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use, requiring no design skills, suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Versatile Design Options: Offers a range of design options for logos, business cards, and social media covers, ensuring brand consistency across platforms.

✅ Black Friday deal
❌Cyber Monday deal

20% discount on Standard and Business packages

Coupon Code: BF2023

Validity: Nov 24 - Nov 26, 2023.

19. Fynzo

Fynzo offers a user-friendly online survey tool for efficient data collection and analysis.

  • Code-Free Customization: Allows users to create and customize surveys without any coding knowledge, making it accessible to all.
  • Efficient Survey Distribution and Analysis: Facilitates the easy creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, helping businesses gather valuable insights.
  • Enhanced Customer Feedback: Enables businesses to collect and analyze customer feedback effectively, leading to improved customer experiences.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

Up to 50% off on Yearly plans, 30% off on Monthly plans

Validity: Nov 17 - Dec 1, 2023.

20. Brand24

Brand24 is a media monitoring tool that provides AI-powered reports and insights for tracking online mentions and competitor activities.

  • Comprehensive Internet Tracking: Monitors mentions across the internet, helping businesses stay informed about their online presence.
  • Real-Time Competitor Data: Offers real-time insights into competitor activities, enabling businesses to stay ahead in their market.
  • Advanced Social Media Analytics: Provides detailed analytics on social media conversations, aiding in strategic decision-making.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

50% off any plan for 3 months.

Validity: Nov 20 - Nov 27, 2023.

21. Payhawk

Payhawk combines company cards, expenses, and accounting into a single platform, simplifying business payments.

  • Streamlined Business Payments: Simplifies the management of company expenses and payments, enhancing financial efficiency.
  • Accounting Software Integration: Integrates with major accounting software, providing seamless financial management.
  • Global Business Suitability: Ideal for both domestic and international businesses, offering a versatile financial management solution.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

Free integrations with select accounting software for US and UK companies.

Coupon Code: Mention 'Black Friday'

Validity: Nov 1 - Dec 1, 2023.

22. Coupler is a data analytics and automation tool, streamlines data extraction and transformation.

  • Efficient Data Management: Streamlines the process of data extraction and transformation, enhancing data analytics efficiency.
  • Extensive Integration Options: Offers over 200 integrations, providing versatile solutions for various data sources and platforms.
  • Real-Time Dashboards and Support: Features real-time dashboards for instant data insights and expert support for tailored projects.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

30% OFF all pricing plans for new users

Coupon Code: BFCM23

Validity: Nov 1 - Nov 30, 2023.

23. Churn360

Churn360 is a tool designed to reduce customer churn and boost Customer Lifetime Value through data analytics and automated operations.

  • Unified Data Analytics: Provides comprehensive data insights to understand and predict customer behavior.
  • Automated Customer Success Operations: Features automated plays for efficient customer success management.
  • Enhanced Retention Strategies: Aids in developing effective customer retention strategies, increasing customer loyalty and value.

✅ Black Friday sales
✅ Cyber Monday sales

Up to 40% off on annual plans

Validity: Nov 6 - Dec 15, 2023.

24. Amalinkspro

AmaLinks Pro is a WordPress plugin designed to increase Amazon affiliate commissions.

  • Simplified Affiliate Link Creation: Offers a no-code, visual builder for easy creation of Amazon affiliate links.
  • Enhanced Blog Monetization: Seamlessly integrates affiliate links into blog posts, optimizing for increased commissions.
  • Optimized Link Placement and Design: Improves affiliate link visibility and attractiveness, leading to higher click-through rates.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

Discounts ranging from 25% to 45% on various plans

Coupon Codes: Various (see website)

Validity: Nov 24 - Nov 27, 2023.

25. Planly

Planly is a tool for scheduling and auto-posting across multiple social media platforms.

  • Time-Saving Auto-Posting: Enables efficient scheduling and automatic posting, saving time and effort.
  • AI-Powered Engagement Tools: Provides AI-generated captions and hashtag suggestions to boost post engagement.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Offers detailed analytics for post-performance, aiding in refining content strategies.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

50% off first month, 30% off annual subscriptions

Deal link:

Validity: November 20th to November 30th, 2023.

26. BoldDesk

BoldDesk is an innovative help desk software designed for modern businesses, aiming to revolutionize help desk ticketing with its user-friendly interface and powerful features.

  • Revolutionized Help Desk Ticketing: Features an intuitive interface that simplifies ticket management, making it easier for support teams to handle customer queries efficiently.
  • Streamlined Ticket Management: Ensures swift resolution times, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Robust Automation and Analytics: Empowers teams with automation tools and insightful analytics, enabling them to deliver exceptional service and continuously improve support processes.

✅ Black Friday voucher code
✅ Cyber Monday voucher code

50% off on all yearly plans

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY50

Validity: November 1 – December 5, 2023.

27. Supermonitoring

Supermonitoring specializes in monitoring website uptime and functionality.

  • Reliable Website Monitoring: Ensures optimal online presence by monitoring website uptime and functionality.
  • Instant Alerts: Provides alerts for outages, slow-downs, and malfunctions, enabling quick response and resolution.
  • CMS Integration: Easily integrates with major CMS platforms, enhancing overall website management.

Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code

50% off for new customers

Cupon code: "SUPERBLACK23".

Validity: November 24th to November 30th, 2023.

28. Xobin

Xobin offers AI-powered recruitment tools for precise candidate assessments.

  • Streamlined Hiring Process: Especially effective for technical roles, streamlining the recruitment process.
  • Accurate Skills Testing: Enhances the accuracy of skills testing and evaluations, ensuring better candidate selection.
  • AI-Driven Assessments: Utilizes AI to provide precise candidate assessments, improving hiring outcomes.

Black Friday coupon code
❌ Cyber Monday coupon offer

60% off regular pricing on two plans.

Validity: November 1st to November 26th, 2023.

29. Geekbot

Geekbot automates routine meetings like standups and retrospectives.

  • Time-Saving Automation: Saves time and increases efficiency by automating routine meetings.
  • Seamless Integration: Works smoothly with Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • AI-Driven Team Monitoring: Uses AI to monitor team well-being, contributing to a healthier work environment.

Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code

66% off

Coupon code: "FRIDAYGEEKBOT23".

Validity: November 20th to November 27th, 2023.

30. Scrollsequence

Scrollsequence transforms videos into interactive web experiences.

  • Enhanced Website Engagement: Offers a unique way to present content, potentially increasing user interaction and retention.
  • Easy WordPress Integration: Accessible for website owners, easily integrates with WordPress.
  • Immersive Content Presentation: Transforms traditional video content into interactive web experiences.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code


Coupon code: "BFCM2023"

Validity: November 15th to December 1st, 2023.

31. Appu Social

Appu Social manages all social profiles from a single platform.

  • Streamlined Social Media Management: Allows management of all social profiles from one place, enhancing efficiency.
  • In-Depth Brand Analytics: Provides comprehensive analytics for brand performance, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Collaborative Features: Facilitates team collaboration in content creation and distribution.

Black Friday offer
✅ Cyber Monday offer

50% discount.

Validity: November 15th to December 20th, 2023.

32. SVGator

SVGator is a no-code tool for creating custom SVG animations.

  • ccessible Animation Creation: Enables non-designers to create engaging SVG animations easily.
  • Enhanced Digital Content: Adds an engaging element to web and digital content with custom animations.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Simple and enjoyable animation creation process.

Black Friday deal
❌ Cyber Monday deal

30% off the Annual Pro plan

Validity: November 20th to November 26th, 2023.

33. Fomo

Fomo is a Just-In-Time notification software for e-commerce stores.

  • Enhanced E-commerce Credibility: Displays real-time customer interactions, building trust and credibility.
  • Live Social Proof Notifications: Offers live social proof and push notifications to re-engage customers.
  • Wide App Integration: Integrates with over 108 apps, showcasing a diverse range of social proof elements.

✅ Black Friday offer
✅ Cyber Monday offer

33% discount on annual plans or 16.67% discount on monthly subscription

Validity: 1st Nov – 30th Nov 2023

November 20 – November 27, 2023.

34. Woorise

Woorise enables the creation of interactive campaigns like surveys, quizzes, and giveaways.

  • User Engagement: Enhances user engagement through interactive and engaging campaigns.
  • Lead Generation and Marketing: Ideal for growing audience and customer base through effective marketing strategies.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Easy to design and implement marketing strategies.

✅ Black Friday offer
✅ Cyber Monday offer

50% off on all plans

Coupon code: “BLACKFRIDAY”.

Validity: November 20 – November 30, 2023.

35. OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software streamlines referral program management.

  • Enhanced Marketing Efforts: Streamlines the management of referral programs.
  • Effective Tracking: Tracks social media promotions, providing valuable insights.
  • User-Friendly Panel: Simplifies affiliate program management.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

20% off OSI Affiliate Software

Validity: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

36. Photosonic

An AI-driven art generator for creating high-quality images.

  • Effortless Image Creation: Utilizes advanced AI to enable easy generation of visually appealing images, eliminating the need for complex design skills.
  • Accessibility for All Users: Designed with a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for individuals regardless of their graphic design experience.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a wide range of users including content creators, marketers, and designers, offering quick solutions for creative image needs.

Black Friday offer
❌ Cyber Monday offer

20% off on Photosonic plans.

37. Whatagraph

A marketing data platform with customizable reporting capabilities.

  • Comprehensive Data Integration: Seamlessly integrates with multiple marketing sources, allowing for a holistic view and comprehensive analysis of marketing data.
  • Customizable Reporting: Offers flexible report customization, enabling businesses to tailor their data presentation to specific needs and preferences.
  • Strategic Marketing Insights: Ideal for marketers and businesses aiming to track and enhance their marketing strategies through detailed, actionable insights.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

20% off all first-year plans, add-ons, and existing plan scale-ups.

Validity: November 14 – November 30, 2023.

38. Cloudways

Managed cloud hosting service tailored for PHP applications.

  • Optimized Performance: Ensures high performance and reliability for websites and online stores, particularly those built on platforms like WordPress and Magento.
  • Scalable Hosting Solutions: Offers scalable hosting options, making it ideal for businesses seeking flexible and hassle-free hosting solutions.
  • Support for Popular Platforms: Specifically tailored to support PHP applications, providing optimized hosting for widely-used CMS platforms.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

40% off for 4 months on all hosting plans

Coupon code: “BFCM4040”.

Validity: November 13 – December 1, 2023.

39. UserGuiding

A no-code platform for creating interactive user onboarding experiences.

  • Simplified Onboarding Creation: Enables the creation of engaging onboarding experiences without any coding, making it accessible for all skill levels.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Aims to reduce user churn by improving engagement and understanding of products, leading to better user retention.
  • Integration with Major Platforms: Seamlessly integrates with platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, enhancing its utility in diverse environments.

✅ Black Friday voucher code
❌ Cyber Monday voucher code

50% off on all plans for 12 months

Coupon code: “BLACKFRIDAY23”.

40. Convert My Bank Statement

A tool for converting bank statements from PDF to Excel or CSV formats.

  • Ease of Conversion:
    Simplifies the process of converting bank statements into more manageable formats like Excel or CSV.
  • Versatility for Users: Designed with a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for both personal and professional financial management.
  • Ideal for Financial Management: Aids in financial analysis, budgeting, and accounting, making it a valuable tool for financial oversight.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
❌ Cyber Monday coupon code

25% off on both monthly and yearly plans.

41. SE Ranking

Comprehensive SEO software for site audits, keyword research, and backlink monitoring.

  • Comprehensive SEO Tools: Offers a range of tools including site audits, keyword suggestions, and backlink monitoring to enhance SEO strategies.
  • Visibility and Ranking Improvement: Aids in boosting website ranking and online visibility, crucial for digital success.
  • Suitable for Various Users: Whether you're a business owner or an SEO professional, this software caters to a wide range of SEO needs.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

Extra 20% off on all annual plans and add-ons.

Validity: November 20 – December 4, 2023.

42. factoHR

Cloud-based HR Management Software for comprehensive HR operations.

  • Streamlined HR Operations: Covers a wide range of HR tasks from recruitment to retirement, enhancing overall HR efficiency.
  • Enhanced Employee Management: Aids in better management and engagement of employees, contributing to a more productive workforce.
  • Unified HR Solution: Ideal for businesses seeking a single, integrated solution for all their HR needs.

✅ Black Friday deal
❌ Cyber Monday deal

15% off on all plans for a year.

43. Influencer Hero

An influencer marketing platform that uses big data and AI for targeted campaigns.

  • Data-Driven Campaigns: Leverages big data and AI to create highly targeted influencer marketing campaigns.
  • High ROI Potential: Connects brands with relevant influencers, potentially leading to higher returns on investment.
  • Ideal for Brand Marketing: Especially beneficial for businesses looking to amplify their marketing impact through influencer collaborations.

✅ Black Friday deal
❌ Cyber Monday deal

55% discount on the pro plan.

44. WPLoyalty

A tool for enhancing customer engagement and retention through loyalty programs.

  • Boosts Customer Loyalty: Offers rewards for various customer actions like purchases, referrals, and social shares, fostering loyalty.
  • Integrated with WooCommerce: Seamlessly works with WooCommerce, making it ideal for e-commerce sites.
  • Repeat Business and Engagement: Encourages repeat purchases and engagement, crucial for e-commerce growth.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code

Enjoy a flat 30%

Coupon code: “BFCM30”.

Validity: November 1 – December 5, 2023.

45. Sender

A platform offering email and SMS marketing services with personalized messaging.

  • Personalized Communication: Enables the creation of personalized email and SMS marketing campaigns to better engage subscribers.
  • User-Friendly Design Tools: Features an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder, simplifying the creation of visually appealing emails.
  • Enhanced Subscriber Segmentation: Provides detailed analytics and segmentation tools for more targeted and effective communication strategies.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
❌ Cyber Monday coupon code

Get 20% off for all paid plans

Coupon code: “PARTNER20”.

46. ControlHippo

An omnichannel shared inbox for managing customer communications across platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

  • Unified Communication Management: Consolidates customer interactions from various platforms into a single dashboard for streamlined management.
  • Team Collaboration Enhancement: Facilitates team collaboration for more consistent and efficient customer support.
  • Efficient Customer Engagement: Aids in managing and engaging customers effectively, improving overall customer service quality.

✅ Black Friday deal
❌ Cyber Monday deal

20% off on all individual plans.


A comprehensive marketing automation platform offering CRM, email marketing, live chat, and more.

  • Streamlined Marketing and Sales Processes: Integrates various tools to enhance customer engagement and streamline sales processes.
  • Automation for Efficiency: Automates marketing tasks, saving time and resources while optimizing customer interactions.
  • Versatility for Businesses: Suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to enhance their marketing and customer relationship management.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code

35% off on all annual plans

Coupon code: “BF2023”.

Validity: November 20 – December 1, 2023.

48. Netcore Cloud

AI-powered marketing technology for customer communication across channels like email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Utilizes AI to deliver targeted messaging, improving customer engagement and experience.
  • Multi-Channel Communication: Offers a unified platform for managing communications across various channels.
  • Ideal for Customer-Centric Strategies: Especially beneficial for businesses focusing on improving their customer communication strategies.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

25% off on all plans.

Validity: November 20 – November 30, 2023.

49. Poptin

A tool for creating engaging web popups and forms.

  • Lead Generation and Conversion: Aids in capturing leads and improving conversion rates with customizable popups and forms.
  • User-Friendly Editor: Features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, making it accessible for users without technical skills.
  • Suitable for Marketers and Businesses: Ideal for those looking to boost their website's conversion rates and lead generation efforts.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

35% off on all annual plans.

Validity: November 20 – December 1, 2023.


A tool for creating viral contests and giveaways.

  • Social Engagement Enhancement: Helps in creating engaging contests and giveaways to boost social media engagement.
  • List Building Capabilities: Aids in building email lists and social media followings through interactive campaigns.
  • Ease of Use: Features a user-friendly interface for easy campaign creation, suitable for all skill levels.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

50% off on all plans

Validity: November 20 – December 1, 2023.

51. SocialBee

A social media management tool offering scheduling, content creation, and analytics.

  • Streamlined Social Media Management: Simplifies managing social media accounts with scheduling and content creation tools.
  • Time and Resource Saving: Helps save time and resources in social media marketing efforts.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: Ideal for businesses and marketers aiming to strengthen their social media presence.

✅ Black Friday offer
✅ Cyber Monday offer

70% off for the first 3 months on all plans

Validity: November 21 – November 28, 2023.

52. Tidio

A live chat and chatbot solution for enhancing customer service and engagement.

  • Improved Customer Service: Offers live chat and chatbot features to provide a seamless customer support experience.
  • Platform Integration: Integrates with various platforms, ensuring a consistent support experience across different channels.
  • Ideal for Online Businesses: Especially beneficial for businesses looking to enhance their online customer service capabilities.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

25% off on all plans

Validity: November 25 – December 2, 2023.

53. SendX

Email marketing software with features like automation, segmentation, and analytics.

  • Effective Email Campaigns: Helps in creating and managing email marketing campaigns with automation and segmentation tools.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Suitable for marketers of all skill levels, thanks to its intuitive interface.
  • Engagement and Conversion: Aim to engage and convert subscribers through targeted and well-crafted email campaigns.

✅ Black Friday pricing
✅ Cyber Monday pricing

40% off on all annual plans.

Validity: November 24 – December 2, 2023.

54. Document360

An AI-powered knowledge base platform enabling the creation of a robust self-service knowledge base catering to both external customers and internal users.

  • User-friendly configuration options: Effortlessly produce various resources like user guides, internal wikis, frequently asked questions (FAQs), standard operating procedures, and user manuals. 
  • AI-driven search expert: Equipped with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, Document360 enables users to find information quickly and accurately.
  • Seamless integrations: Integrate with a range of platforms, including Intercom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zapier, and many others.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code

Save up to 50% on all annual plans.

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2023 

Validity: November 6 – December 8, 2023.

55. Bouncer

An email verification platform offering high-performance validation.

  • Email List Accuracy: Ensures the accuracy of email lists, reducing bounce rates and improving campaign effectiveness.
  • Reliable Verification Service: Provides a dependable service for continuous email verification processes.
  • Enhanced Email Campaigns: Contributes to the overall success of email marketing campaigns by maintaining list quality.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

+40% free email verification credits for each Pay-as-you-go purchase

Validity: November 20 - November 27, 2023.

56. Mailbutler

Mailbutler is a powerful email management tool that enhances productivity and teamwork.

  • Email Tracking: Offers insights into email opens and clicks, enabling users to follow up effectively and improve communication strategies.
  • Task Management: Integrates task management within your inbox, allowing for efficient organization of emails as tasks, setting reminders, and prioritizing work for better productivity.
  • Teamwork Facilitation: Provides shared email templates and notes, making it easier for teams to collaborate on email communication, ensuring consistency and saving time.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

33% off

Validity: November 24 – November 31, 2023.

57. Stripo

Stripo is a versatile email design platform offering a wide range of templates and tools for creating sophisticated, interactive emails.

  • Extensive Template Library: Over 1500 professionally designed templates, enabling users to create visually appealing and interactive emails without needing extensive design skills.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates with over 80 ESPs/CRMs, simplifying the process of managing email campaigns and ensuring compatibility with your existing systems.
  • Enhanced Email Campaign Management: Provides tools for creating complex emails, including interactive elements, which can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code

50% off on Medium and Pro annual plans

Coupon Code: BFSTRIPOCB5xmR

Validity: November 23 - November 28, 2023.

58. Moz

Moz offers a suite of SEO tools designed for comprehensive search engine optimization, including link building, site auditing, and keyword research.

  • Robust SEO Toolkit: Provides a range of tools for effective link building, keyword research, and site auditing, helping to improve website visibility and search engine rankings.
  • Performance Monitoring: Tracks and analyzes your website's organic search ranking, offering insights to optimize for better online presence and visibility.
  • Comprehensive Site Auditing: Helps identify and fix SEO issues on your website, ensuring optimal performance and adherence to SEO best practices.

✅ Black Friday offer
✅ Cyber Monday offer

35% off on all Moz plans.

Validity: Until December 31, 2023.

59. Narrato

Narrato specializes in AI-driven content creation and marketing, offering tools for efficient and collaborative content development.

  • AI-Powered Content Creation: Utilizes AI and automation tools to streamline the content production process, making it faster and more efficient.
  • Collaborative Workspace: Offers a platform for team members to collaborate on content creation and management, enhancing teamwork and productivity.
  • Efficient Content Management: Provides tools for organizing, scheduling, and publishing content, simplifying the content marketing workflow.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code

30% off for your first year on Narrato Workspace

Coupon Code: BFCM23NRT

Validity: November 19 - December 3, 2023.

60. Dorik

Dorik is an AI-powered website builder that simplifies the process of creating stunning websites without needing any design or coding skills.

  • AI Website Builder: Empowers users to design beautiful, professional-looking websites with ease, using AI guidance to ensure aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • No-Code Solution: Perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for a quick and efficient way to establish an online presence without technical expertise.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers an intuitive design interface that makes website building accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background.

✅ Black Friday sales
✅ Cyber Monday sales

Flat 30% discount on all paid plans.

Validity: November 14 - December 9, 2023.

61. Typof

Typof is an AI-powered e-commerce platform tailored for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands, simplifying online business setup and marketplace integration.

  • E-commerce Solution for D2C Brands: Provides a comprehensive set of tools for building and managing an online store, making it easier for brands to reach their customers directly.
  • AI-Powered Platform: Utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline various aspects of e-commerce, from inventory management to customer interactions.
  • No-Code, Cost-Effective: Ideal for small businesses seeking an affordable and easy-to-use solution to establish and grow their online presence.

✅ Black Friday sales
✅ Cyber Monday sales

70% off on annual pricing.

Validity: November 15 - December 31, 2023.

62. AdSpyder

AdSpyder is an advanced ad intelligence tool that provides insights into competitors' digital advertising strategies across multiple platforms.

  • Comprehensive Ad Intelligence: Enables businesses to gain a competitive edge by understanding and analyzing competitors' ad strategies.
  • Advanced Analytical Tools: Offers features like Google Ad Spy tool, demographics analysis, and landing page breakdown for in-depth ad analysis.
  • AI-Integrated Ad Generation: An upcoming feature that will use AI to create smarter, more effective advertising campaigns.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code

75% off on annual plans

Coupon code: ADBF75

Validity: November 15 - December 15, 2023.

63. Survicate

Survicate is a versatile tool for creating and distributing surveys, enabling businesses to collect continuous customer feedback across various channels.

  • Effortless Survey Creation: Simplifies the process of creating and deploying surveys, making it easy to gather valuable customer insights.
  • Multi-Platform Integration: Works seamlessly with email, web, in-product, and mobile apps, ensuring broad reach and ease of feedback collection.
  • Customizable Surveys: Offers the flexibility to tailor surveys to specific business needs, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the feedback gathered.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

1 additional month free with a yearly plan

Validity: November 24 - November 30, 2023.

64. Typito

Typito is a video editing platform featuring an extensive library of motion templates, designed for easy customization and versatile use across various platforms.

  • Extensive Template Library: Provides a wide range of high-quality, award-winning motion templates, enabling users to create professional-looking video content.
  • Customization Options: Allows users to easily adapt templates to fit their brand and style, ensuring unique and personalized video content.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of video editing needs, from social media content to professional presentations.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

USD 99 for lifetime access to all templates, 20 downloads a month

Validity: November 15 - November 27, 2023.

65. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is a comprehensive online course platform, ideal for educators and entrepreneurs looking to launch and manage online courses effectively.

  • Comprehensive Online Course Platform: Offers a full suite of tools for creating, marketing, and selling online courses, providing a one-stop solution for online education.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Ensures that courses are accessible on mobile devices, expanding the reach and convenience for learners.
  • Community-Powered Features: Includes tools to engage and grow a learner community, fostering interaction and enhancing the learning experience.

✅ Black Friday deal
✅ Cyber Monday deal

39% off for a year

Validity: October 23 - November 27, 2023.

66. Consolto

Consolto offers an integrated conferencing solution that combines live chat, video chat, and appointment scheduling, enhancing customer interactions.

  • Integrated Conferencing Solution: Provides a seamless experience for both businesses and customers, combining various communication tools in one platform.
  • Enhanced Customer Interactions: Streamlines communication, making it more efficient and effective, leading to better customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to set up and operate, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code

50% off on yearly subscriptions for the 1st year

Coupon code: BFCM2023YEAR

Validity: November 15 - November 28, 2023.

67. CallPage

CallPage is a tool that enhances website engagement by offering instant callbacks and efficient scheduling, making it an effective lead-capture tool.

  • Instant Callbacks: Allows site visitors to quickly request a callback, improving customer experience and engagement.
  • Lead Capture Tool: Increases the efficiency of lead generation from websites, turning visitors into potential customers.
  • Efficient Scheduling: Streamlines the process of scheduling meetings and calls, enhancing productivity and customer service.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

Up to 40% discount on all plans

Validity: November 21 - November 27, 2023.

68. Upscale

Upscale is a sales engagement platform that enhances sales efficiency through structured multi-channel sequences and consistent lead generation.

  • Structured Multi-Channel Sequences: Optimizes sales processes across multiple channels, improving efficiency and results.
  • Transforms Sales Teams: Shifts the focus from random prospecting to a systematic, strategic approach, enhancing the effectiveness of sales efforts.
  • Consistent Lead Generation: Ensures a steady flow of potential leads, vital for sustained business growth.

✅ Black Friday coupon code
✅ Cyber Monday coupon code

50% off on Upscale

Coupon code: UPSCALE6X

Validity: Till December 31, 2023.

69. NordPass

NordPass is a user-friendly password manager designed to simplify password management and enhance security for individuals and businesses.

  • User-Friendly Password Management: Offers an intuitive interface for managing passwords, making it easy for users to store and retrieve their login information securely.
  • Advanced Security Features: Includes tools like a password generator for creating strong passwords and a Data Breach Scanner to alert users of potential security breaches.
  • Offline Access: Ensures access to stored passwords even without an internet connection, providing convenience and continuous accessibility.

✅ Black Friday offer
❌ Cyber Monday offer

52% discount on the 2-year plan

Validity: Black Friday 2023.

71. RoboForm

RoboForm is a comprehensive password management solution that securely stores and manages passwords across various devices and platforms.

  • Robust Password Management: Securely stores all passwords in an encrypted format, providing a safe and convenient way to manage login information.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works seamlessly across different devices and platforms, ensuring accessibility and synchronization of passwords everywhere.
  • Strong Encryption: Utilizes advanced encryption technologies to keep user data safe and secure, protecting against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

✅ Black Friday discount
❌ Cyber Monday discount

50% discount on various plans

Validity: Black Friday 2023.

72. Seobility

Seobility offers a suite of SEO tools including site audit, backlink monitoring, and rank tracking.

  • Comprehensive SEO Analysis: Helps in improving website visibility and search engine ranking through detailed site audits.
  • Backlink and Rank Tracking: Monitors backlinks and tracks keyword rankings, essential for SEO strategy.
  • User-Friendly for All Levels: Suitable for both beginners and professionals, with a large user base for community support.

✅ Black Friday voucher code
✅ Cyber Monday voucher code

60-day free trial, 15% off monthly price

Coupon code: "blackfriday23".

Validity: November 20th to December 3rd, 2023.

73. Bugasura

Bugasura is a collaborative bug tracker that helps you report, track, assign, and track bugs.

  • AI-Powered Tracking: Accelerates bug reporting and identification, enhancing the speed of technology development.
  • Agile and User-Friendly Design: Streamlines workflows and simplifies bug reporting, leading to quicker issue resolution.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitates team productivity with features for easy sharing and feedback, improving bug-tracking efficiency.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

Flat 40% OFF on all the PRO features for 10 team members

Validity: Until Nov 30, 2023.

74. LogicBalls

LogicBalls is an AI-powered copywriting assistant with 150+ tools for content generation that simplifies the content creation process and enables users to effortlessly generate high-quality and engaging content for a variety of purposes.

  • Support 50+ languages: Write content in more than 50 languages to reach a global audience.
  • 20+ Tones: Tailor your content as your choice whether it's informative, entertaining, persuasive, or any other tone that suits your content.
  • Rich Text Editor: The rich text editor empowers you to format your essay, insert references, and make any necessary tweaks with ease.

✅ Black Friday voucher code
✅ Cyber Monday voucher code

45% OFF on all annual plans

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY45

Validity: November 01 – November 30, 2023

75. Disbug

Report and fix bugs remarkably faster by adding 10X clarity to bug reports!

  • Comprehensive Bug Reporting: Detailed bug reports with screen recordings, screenshots, console logs, network logs, and user events, providing complete context for each issue.
  • Efficient Workflow Integration: The software seamlessly integrates with project management tools, allowing for one-click bug report uploads, streamlining the bug reporting process for development teams.
  • Visual and Interactive Feedback: Screencast narration, on-screen drawing, and annotation, making it easier for QA teams to explain and demonstrate issues visually, enhancing clarity and understanding for developers.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

Lifetime deal at the price of 2 months subscription cost

Validity: Nov 23 - Nov 30

76. Gyde knowledge base

With Gyde, instantly create in-app how-to guides and help articles—a code-free way to assist users on every step of their application journey.

  • Convenient help widget: Designed to seamlessly integrate into any application.
  • Access self-serve help articles and how-tos: Enhancing users' understanding of the application and reducing the strain on support teams.
  • Usage boost: It leads to a smoother user experience and increased application usage.

✅ Black Friday voucher code
✅ Cyber Monday voucher code

50% off on yearly paid plans

Voucher code: GydeBF50

Validity: Nov 15 - Nov 30 (or until the first 500 code redemptions)

77. Nuelink

Nuelink is a social media management and automation tool that helps social media managers, podcasters, e-commerce brands, bloggers, and other professionals to organize, schedule, and automate their social media strategy.

  • Rapid Content Scheduling: Schedule months of social media posts quickly and efficiently.
  • Automated Content Management: Streamline content import and recycling from various sources.
  • Insightful Analytics: Gain valuable insights with detailed social media performance analytics.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

Up to 75% OFF on Annual Plans

Validity: Until Dec 1, 2023

78. Usermaven

Usermaven's Spotless™ tracking captures all marketing events automatically, removing the dependence on developers.

  • Automatic Event Tracking: Captures all user interactions automatically, reducing dependency on developers and simplifying analytics for marketers.
  • Comprehensive User Journey Analysis: Offers detailed insights into individual user behaviors, enabling informed decision-making for product improvements.
  • Adblocker Bypassing for Accurate Analytics: Utilizes pixel whitelabeling technology to bypass adblockers, ensuring nearly 100% accuracy in analytics data.

✅ Black Friday discount
✅ Cyber Monday discount

Lifetime deal starting from $69

Validity: Nov 20th - Nov 30th

79. Groupboss

Groupboss is a Facebook group automation tool that helps Facebook group owners collect unlimited leads.

  • Export group's leads: Automates the lead collection process from the Facebook group.
  • Integration capablities: Offers many integrations with famous tools, such as lemlist.
  • Straightforward UX: Easy and straightforward to set up and use!

✅ Black Friday voucher code
✅ Cyber Monday voucher code

25% discount on all the plans

Voucher code: MONDAY25

Validity: 25th Nov-31 Dec


The 2023 Black Friday SaaS offerings and Cyber Monday Software deals are a prime chance for sales teams to enhance their stack with robust and efficient tools at significantly lower prices.

These deals are not only helping you save money but also boost business growth and streamline operational workflows.

P.S. We would love to partner with you! If you're considering joining forces with us and being featured in this article, we invite you to fill out our partnership inquiry form.

We wish you a happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with wise savings and impactful investments for your enterprise!Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 are the perfect opportunities for businesses to grab the best SaaS and Software deals!

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