[Zendesk Story] Growing the sales pipeline with dynamic landing pages

July 3, 2019

Zendesk managed to book 30 meetings and grow their pipeline in EMEA region by personalizing cold email outreach using lemlist.

Cold email results

About Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer service software company headquartered in San Francisco that has 119,000 paying customers in 150 countries (data from 2017).

While being the fastest-growing company in their industry, Zendesk is forced to continuously search for innovative solutions to acquire more customers and build relationships with their customers.

Watch their full story here.

Their goal

Personalize sales emails at scale.

Ahead of the SIGMA conference, Zendesk team wanted to get in touch with potential customers and book meetings in advance to grow their sales pipeline.

In a fast-growing SaaS company, if you want to grow your business, you have no choice but to grow the pipeline.

Gabriel Frasconi - Director South Europe at Zendesk

Their strategy

At first, Zendesk used lemlist to accomplish two objectives. One goal was to book qualified meetings before conferences would begin. The other was to increase the attendance ratio for the events and conferences they were organizing.

With the main target being to grow their pipeline, the funnel was structured in the following way...

Cold outreach funnel

One thing that certainly made things a bit easier for Zendesk was the fact they were organizing a lot of these events yearly, so they had access to email lists.

Their level of email outreach professionalism shouldn't go unnoticed as they went all in on the list hygiene, verifying email validity and setting up custom domain tracking in lemlist to keep the bounce rate close to zero and increase email deliverability.

30 meetings booked after first campaign

To book meetings prior to the conference, Zendesk launched a two-step campaign consisting of a cold email and a dynamic landing page.

Every touchpoint of the campaign was highly personalized to bring conversions and high engagement. The cold email tactic that brought the best results was the clickable video thumbnail one.

We can't show you their exact copy because let's face it, it wouldn't be cool. But what we can do is show you a similar example from our own garage.  

Cold email template with personalized video

The goal of such a cold email is to drive people's attention and clicks. Here's why it got the job done:

  • It contains a play button which boosts click rates and urges people to see the video
  • It's a custom image, relevant to the person. In the example above, it has their website screenshot and their name, but you can play with text, logos or any other images that work for you

Once somebody would click, Zendesk instantly transferred them to a custom-made landing page. Each page was tailored individually using lemlist's dynamic landing page feature.

It contained the following elements: customers' name, their company logo, embedded Calendly, and personalized video.

Thanks to lemlist, we were able to send highly personalized videos in order to book meetings with our prospects.

Gabriel Frasconi - Director South Europe at Zendesk
Cold email with personalized videos

Here's the magic behind dynamic landing pages:

  • Embedded video personalized for prospects
  • Prospect's first name, along with the company's name and logo. This makes people feel as you went the extra mile to make something tailor-made for them. Building relationships is the secret sauce.
  • Finally, you can see Zendesk's Calendly at the bottom of the GIF. This allows prospects to book meetings quickly and decreases friction.
  • Another benefit of these landing pages is that there's no coding. You can have them rolling in five minutes.

Zendesk also used lemlist to drive the attendance ratio for the conferences they were organizing.

For their main event in Paris, two weeks before it started, they've sent a similar campaign to the registrants. The goal was to deliver content in the video form to explain the value of coming to the event.


They managed to increase their attendance ratio from 50% to 70%.

Overview of their results

Zendesk's engaging email outreach campaign brought in superb results worth admiration. Just with their first campaign, they were able to book 30 meetings before attending the SIGMA event.

Over the course of their campaign, they've maintained high engagement metrics: a 80% click-through-rate and a 60% open rate.

We're also considering using lemlist in other regions to replicate the success we had in France and in South Europe. When you work with a good company and they help you become even more successful, I can just highly recommend them.

Gabriel Frasconi - Director South Europe at Zendesk

Features used

Zendesk is leveraging the following lemlist's features in their campaigns:

Interested in applying the same strategy for your business? Sign up for a 14-day free trial and get full access to all these features. No restrictions, no credit card required.

Let's get some results first and talk business later.

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