Waalaxy Review 2024: Pros, Cons, Pricing, Ratings

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December 1, 2023

Wondering if Waalaxy is the right outreach service for you? You’re in the right place.

We put the tool test to find out if the tool has all functionalities of an all-around sales engagement platform.

The result?

We liked certain things and there are things that we didn't.

In our Waalaxy review, we’ll take a look at how it works, and give you an honest take on why Waalaxy might or might not be the right choice for your business.

Waalaxy overview

Waalaxy is a solution that overcomes the limitations of LinkedIn's native features and other automation tools. The platform is designed for anyone looking to supercharge their LinkedIn lead generation, sales, and marketing efforts.

Waalaxy can help you automate your LinkedIn tasks while keeping your activities within, and sometimes outside, LinkedIn's terms of service.

It simplifies LinkedIn prospecting into three easy steps. First, you use the tool to extract prospects from LinkedIn based on your specific criteria. Then, you set up personalized campaigns that include both LinkedIn and email outreach. Finally, you sit back and let Waalaxy handle your prospecting.

Waalaxy's automation capabilities go beyond just sending connection requests and messages. The tool also automatically manages your LinkedIn notifications and helps you track your campaign performance through its intuitive dashboard.

The tool doesn’t come without drawbacks and limitations. First, the pricing is completely out of the market standards and features offered. The other biggest problem with the tool is that outside of Linkedin’s campaigns, there isn’t that much personalization and deep automations or sequences.


  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Effective Linkedin campaigns
  • Great customer support and webinars
  • Email finder and enrichment features for Business tier plan


  • Poor personalization options for messages
  • Speed of sending contact requests can be improved
  • Unreasonbale Pricing
  • Inability to create deep sequences
  • Time zone difference for US customers
  • No email sending features for lower tier plans

Waalaxy’s features and use cases

Waalaxy has two main functions and use cases:

  • Linkedin prospecting and messaging
  • Email finding and outreach (only available in the business plan)

With these two main use cases, comes a few extra features that we will review thoroughly next.

1. Automation and managing campaigns

Before we go any further, let's get the initial setup out of the way.

First things first, you'll need to install the Waalaxy Chrome extension and kickstart your seven-day free trial. Once you're in, you'll find yourself on the Waalaxy dashboard.

Here, you'll spot a handy "Start a campaign" button on the top right - give that a click.

Now it's time to decide on your outreach strategy. Waalaxy offers a selection of pre-made outreach templates to choose from, but you can create your own.

For instance, you might opt for an invitation plus two messages template - simple yet effective.

Next up, you'll need to create or import a prospect list from LinkedIn using the Waalaxy extension.

Heads up: you're limited to importing up to 800 prospects per month. Which is very limited compared to say lemlist’s 2500 sales navigator imports so choose wisely.

With your outreach and your prospects ready, it's time to schedule your campaign. Our advice? Keep a two-day delay between messages to avoid coming across as spammy.

Once you're happy with everything, hit the "Launch my campaign" button, and you're off to the races.

Dealing With Waalaxy Quirks

As with all tools, Waalaxy does have a few quirks that you need to keep in mind:

  1. It mainly operates as a Chrome extension, which can be a bit limiting if you're not a Google Chrome user.
  2. It also requires you to keep your LinkedIn tab open and your computer on for actions to be sent – a bit of a hassle, I know.
  3. The free trial period is a mere seven days, which is a bit stingy compared to lemlist’s 14-day trial.
  4. You'll need multiple browsing sessions to circumvent LinkedIn's restrictions on actions.

Automation features in Waalaxy

One of the highlights of Waalaxy is its automation capabilities. The templates provided are generally comprehensive enough to meet most needs.

However, it's worth noting that you're capped at seven follow-ups in one automation, which may limit the more advanced users among us.

Also, you can’t kick off a new campaign until the current one is finished, so you might need a bit of patience.

2. Linkedin outreach

With Waalaxy, you can send up to 800 monthly connection requests to LinkedIn users. This is very low, especially if you’re planning on running a large campaign. But the best part about this feature is the specificity. Waalaxy lets you target these requests based on criteria set by you.

This means you have the reins in your hands, allowing you to reach out to potential contacts that align with your professional goals or business objectives.

Where Waalaxy truly shines is in importing LinkedIn leads.

Not only can you import leads from LinkedIn search and Sales Navigator, but you can also tap into the potential of LinkedIn events and groups.

This feature significantly broadens the horizon of possibilities, helping you make better targeting for your campaigns.

3. Adding email outreach to your Linkedin campaign

Just like the LinkedIn outreach campaign, you can add a visit and email finding option to your campaign. This is a fantastic way to maximize your campaign's reach and ensure you're connecting with all your potential leads.

To do this, you’ll need to be on the business plan which costs a whopping $175 per month which is already a big turn off.

If you are on the business tier, you can select the profile visit and email verification option when setting up your campaign.

Here's a snapshot of what that looks like:

Once you've set this up, you're all set to launch your campaign. It’s as simple as that!

While the email outreach option is an essential feature, it does come with its limitations.

The tool is perfect for smaller campaigns, say around 500 leads per month. But, if you're looking to launch a larger campaign, this is somewhat restricting.

Why is that, you ask?

Well, Waalaxy doesn't have separate tools for finding, verifying, and sending large email lists.

This means that if you're dealing with a larger number of leads, you’ll need another tool to your stack to be able to help you send mass email campaigns.

Moreover, Waalaxy's email features lack email warm-up and mass personalization options. This can limit your ability to tailor your emails to individual leads and build a strong rapport with your audience.

4. User interface and reporting

Waalaxy’s interface is clean, intuitive, and more importantly, it's easy on the eyes. No more squinting at confusing charts or complicated data tables. Instead, you get a visually appealing overview of all your activities and results.

A lot of tools complicated tracking and data analysis, Waalaxy isn’t one of them.

So, what metrics can you track with Waalaxy?

You can keep tabs on the number of connection requests you've sent out. It's a simple yet powerful way to gauge your networking efforts. And let's not forget about the invitation acceptance rate and answered messages. These metrics serve as a direct indicator of your campaign's effectiveness.

If you're on their business plan, you get even more insightful data. You can monitor the number of emails sent and their deliverability status. If you've ever run an email campaign before, you'll know how crucial these metrics are.

Waalaxy provides information on the bounce rate and response rate. A high bounce rate could signal issues with your email list or content relevance, while the response rate can help you understand your audience's engagement level.

5. Team plan feature

The Waalaxy team plan is a feature that allows you to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts from a single interface, and create and run multi-channel campaigns on LinkedIn and email. It is designated for sales teams, agencies, and people who need to prospect on a large scale on LinkedIn.

Here are the biggest features of the Waalaxy team plan:

  • You can invite other users to join your team and assign them different rights and roles.
  • You can import leads from one account to another, and use only one Sales Navigator account for your entire team.
  • You can activate the anti-duplicate option to avoid contacting the same prospect twice, even with multiple accounts.
  • You can synchronize your CRM and export data automatically to your favorite tools.
  • You can access a centralized dashboard to monitor your team’s performance and results.

The Waalaxy team plan is available for all Waalaxy plans, and the price depends on the number of members and the length of the subscription. It starts at $350/month for two members only which is not cheap, to say the least.

Waalaxy pricing and value for money

If there was one major deal breaker with Waalaxy, this is it.

While Waalaxy may have initially stepped into the limelight as an affordable choice for outreach automation, things have certainly shifted since then.

The current pricing model have taken a sharp turn from the value-for-money proposition that it once was.

Let's take a closer look at how Waalaxy's pricing stacks up against its value.

The current pricing model

When we look at Waalaxy's current pricing, it's hard not to notice the significant bump in monthly subscription rates.

A starting price of around $120 per month is steep when compared to the industry standard. But, more importantly, it seems excessive given the package that Waalaxy offers.

Paying for a premium for a service that delivers exceptional value is reasonable. But the question here is: Does Waalaxy justify this price tag?

When you're shelling out a considerable amount each month, you expect to get a wide range of features in return. However, Waalaxy's pricing plans seem somewhat limited in comparison to the subscription amount.

Remember the time when Waalaxy was the new kid on the block, offering a cost-effective solution for outreach automation?

The pricing used to make much more the sense for the value users were getting in return:

Caption: Waalaxy old pricing model

Comparing the old pricing vs. The new one

Let’s compare each plan features head to head and see what has changes and why the price has increased dramatically.

Free plan

❌Old Pricing 🆕 New Pricing
• €0/month
• 400 invites per month
• Live chat support 6/7 days
• €0/month
• 80 invitations per month
• Live chat support 5/7 days


The new free plan offers 80 invitations per week vs 400 for the old pricing. Live chat support is reduced by one day per week in the new free plan. This is not a big deal as free plans are volatile.

Also, the Waalaxy free trial is what we’ve used to test it out for this article, it offers 80 leads a week and lasts for 7 days.

Advanced plan

❌Old Pricing 🆕 New Pricing
• €25/month
• 2800 invitations per month
• CRM Synchronization
• Auto-imports of LinkedIn profiles
• Live chat support 6/7 days
• €112/month
• 800 invitations per month
• CRM Synchronization
• Auto-imports of prospects
• Live chat support 5/7 days
• Cloud-based solutions


  1. Even though the features are identical, and the new advanced plan is more than 4x the price of the old one (from €25 to €112).
  2. The new advanced plan offers 2000 fewer invitations per month compared to the old one.
  3. Live chat support is reduced by one day per week in the new advanced plan.

Business Plan

❌Old Pricing 🆕 New Pricing
• €40/month
• 2800 invitations per month
• LinkedIn + Emails features
• CRM Synchronization
• Auto-imports of LinkedIn profiles
• Emails finder
• Live chat support 6/7 days
• €160/month
• 800 invitations per month
• Cloud-based solutions
• CRM Synchronization
• Auto-imports of prospects
• Email finder
• Live chat support 5/7 days


  1. The new business plan went from 2800 to only 800 invites a month, but for some reason, the price quadrupled (from €40 to €160!).
  2. The new plan includes cold emailing automation, which is not mentioned in the old plan.
  3. Live chat support is reduced by one day per week in the new business plan.

Note: The Pro plan has been discontinued in the new pricing structure.

Summary of Waalaxy’s pricing changes:

The new pricing has increased (tripled and quadrupled) prices for the Advanced and Business plans while decreasing the number of monthly invites by a tremendous margin.

Despite the dramatic price increase, no significant updates or improvements have been added. In fact, the chat support service has decreased by a day on all plans.

It’s worth noting that the yearly package from Waalaxy offers a huge discount compared to the monthly pricing.

The quarterly plan is still on the higher end of pricing, but you’ll be saving.

There are obvious unanswered questions regarding the pricing structure versus the value you’d be getting for the money spent.

User reviews

There are mixed reviews when it comes to Waalaxy. Some users like it and others like parts of it and dislike parts. Here are the most common and recurring reviews that comes up.

Positive reviews

Here are some of the most common compliments from the users:

  • Easy to use and intuitive: Many users praised Waalaxy for its simplicity, user-friendliness, and instant integration with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. They also liked the widget integrated into LinkedIn and the tips and tricks provided by the team.
  • Effective and efficient campaigns: Users also appreciated Waalaxy for its ability to create and manage various campaigns with different objectives, templates, and scenarios. They reported good results in terms of contacts, leads, and conversions achieved through Waalaxy.
  • Great customer support: Users also mentioned the quality of the customer support team, which was responsive, helpful, and attentive to their feedback and suggestions. They also liked the webinars and tutorials that Waalaxy offered to help them master the tool.

Negative reviews

  • Bugs and technical issues: Some users reported experiencing bugs that affected their campaigns, such as prospects not being added, drafts not being recorded, or messages being resent. They also mentioned some problems with the Chrome extension, the email verification, and the queue visibility.
  • Lack of features and customization: Some users wished they could create their own scenarios, use more variables for personalization, import more contacts, or integrate with other tools or social networks. They also suggested improving the design, the text formatting, and the email outreach options.
  • Price and quotas: Some users found the tool too expensive compared to other competitors, or felt that the quotas imposed by LinkedIn or Waalaxy were too restrictive. They also expressed their frustration with the changing plans and prices.

Is Waalaxy the right outreach service for you?

With Waalaxy, you can target LinkedIn connection requests based on specific criteria, making it effective for tailored outreach campaigns.
Users in different time zones, especially in the U.S., might face challenges due to time zone differences affecting customer support and campaign management.

Waalaxy alternatives

Since every tool has advantages and disadvantages, you need to pick based on what you need.

To make things easier, we have compiled and tested the best Waalaxy alternatives in the market.

Here are the top recommendation if you don’t want to read that:

✔️ Recommended if:
✔️ You run small Linkedin campaigns: If your primary channel for lead generation and sales is LinkedIn, and you only need a limited number of outreach messages a month (800) then Waalaxy makes it a strong choice for LinkedIn-centric strategies.

✔️ Streamline email and Linkedin: Waalaxy allows for both LinkedIn and email outreach in its Business tier plan. This makes it suitable for users who want to streamline their LinkedIn prospecting and include email in their outreach strategy.

✔️ Simplicity and ease: Users who prioritize an intuitive user interface and straightforward campaign management will find Waalaxy’s design and functionality advantageous.

✔️ You value detailed LinkedIn prospecting: With Waalaxy, you can target LinkedIn connection requests based on specific criteria, making it effective for tailored outreach campaigns.
❌ Not recommended if:
❌ You need multichannel scalable campaigns: Waalaxy’s primary focus is on small LinkedIn campaigns, so if your outreach strategy heavily are on the medium to large side and relies on other platforms or channels, you might find its capabilities limiting.

❌ You need advanced personalization and sequences: Waalaxy falls short in offering deep personalization options and the ability to create intricate automated sequences, which might be a drawback for more advanced users.

❌ Don’t want to overspend: Waalaxy’s pricing, especially for its Business tier, is significantly higher than the industry standard. This could be a major deterrent if you’re working with a limited budget or you simply don’t want to be overpaying when other tools can do more for half of the price.

❌ Large-scale email campaigns are a necessity: The platform doesn’t support extensive email and cold call outreach features, which can be a limitation if you are looking to conduct large-scale email campaigns.

❌ You are in a different time zone (particularly in the U.S.): Users in different time zones, especially in the U.S., might face challenges due to time zone differences affecting customer support and campaign management.


lemlist is an advanced sales engagement platform that assists users in identifying, engaging with, and converting their target buyers through various channels.

We compared lemlist vs. Waalxy and put each tool the test, but in a nutshell, here’s where lemlist pulls ahead of Waalaxy:

  • Price: lemlist offers more features and channels for half of the price of Waalaxy. Lemlist’s standard plan starts at $59/month, while Waalaxy’s cheapest plan is around $120/month.
  • Campaign management: lemlist has more comprehensive and flexible campaign management capabilities, such as setting goals, creating automated steps, and tracking performance. Waalaxy has a simpler but less versatile campaign creation process.
  • Email deliverability: lemlist has tools like lemwarm to warm up your email account and improve your deliverability. Waalaxy does not have such features and relies on external services for email verification and sending.
  • More personalization features: lemlist allows users to create personalized images and videos for their outreach campaigns, which can boost engagement and conversion rates. Users can also use dynamic landing pages to create unique experiences for each prospect. Waalaxy does not have these features and relies on standard templates and variables
  • Integration and prospecting: lemlist integrates with more platforms and tools than Waalaxy, such as CRM, sales automation, and social media. lemlist also has features like Tweet Hunter and lemcal to find and engage prospects on Twitter and Calendly. Waalaxy has fewer integrations and prospecting options.

This platform includes several functionalities such as customized email campaigns, AI-driven campaign creation, intelligent data enrichment, and outreach across multiple channels.

Here’s a table comparing the features and the difference of available features between the two:

Feature Lemlist Waalaxy
Customize Email and Text Message Content
Customizable Landing Pages with CTAs
Custom Intro Lines, Pitches for SMS Marketing
Personalized Images with Company/Lead Names
Artificial Intelligence
Outreach AI for Optimizing Campaigns
AI Icebreaker Generator
AI Sequence Generator
Pre-made Templates
B2B Cold Email Templates and Sequences
Step-by-Step Workflow Templates
Tracking and Analytics
A/B Testing for Email Sequences
Custom Domain Tracking for Email Campaigns
Comprehensive Campaign Performance Monitoring
Exportable Individual and Multiple Campaign Results
Email Personalization
Customized Emails via Mail Merge
Adding Recipient Data from a CSV File
Personalized Images in Templates
Automated Email Sequences
Automating Follow-ups and Email Sequences
Custom Tracking Domains
Using Custom Domains for Email Campaigns
Handy Integrations
Integration with CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot Limited
Integration with Growth Hacking Tools
Marketing Tools via Zapier Integration Limited
LinkedIn Features
LinkedIn Automation
Cloud-based LinkedIn Automation
LinkedIn Prospecting (Sales Navigator, etc.) Limited
LinkedIn Messaging
Email Finder
Cold Email

Final verdict: Should you choose Waalaxy?

Is Waalaxy's email outreach feature for you? Well, if you're operating on a smaller scale and have a limited number of leads, it could be a perfect fit. However, if you're dealing with larger campaigns, you might find the lack of features a hindrance.

The current pricing model seems to have deviated from its initial value proposition. With a starting price that's higher than the industry standard and a somewhat limited feature set, one has to question the value for money that Waalaxy offers today.

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