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Cold email teardown: How to book a call with your prospects

If you want to book a call with your prospects, you need to ensure that your email catches their attention and provides value.

So, how do you write a cold email that will get you a slot in your prospect's overbooked schedule?

Let's go through a cold email example targeting podcasts' guests that got 43% reply rate!

See why it worked and how you can replicate it in your next campaigns. 👇

#1 Mention a common ground

Catch their attention in the intro line by mentioning a familiar name as a reference and a specific example of their work that you loved.

#2 Add relevant social proof

Mention social proof as long as it's relevant to your prospects’ goals or industry, which will help you build trust.

#3 Highlight clear benefits

List the most important benefits for your prospects to give them a reason to reply and see how else you can help them.

#4 Build credibility

Give prospects important background links so they can ensure that your results are credible and you can do the same for them.

#5 Make the next step easy

Show clearly what’s the next step by linking your Calendly calendar and giving heads-up about what to expect.

P.S. We gathered other 20+ best-performing recruiting, sales, and marketing cold email templates to help you grow your business.

Check each email's structure, see why it worked, and replicate them to boost your conversion rates. For free! 🔥


Find & fix deliverability issues with this audit checklist

If you’re sending cold emails without monitoring your deliverability, your emails could be landing in spam without you knowing.

Your email deliverability tells you if your emails are reaching your audience. Improving your deliverability helps you get your emails opened, increase your reply rates and make your campaign a success!

Here are 3 steps you can take to audit your email deliverability and fix any potential issues:

#1 Check your sender reputation

A good reputation with email providers is essential to land emails in prospects' inboxes. To check your sender reputation, you can use your IP address or your domain name.

Simply go to the SenderScore or MxToolbox to check that:

✅ your MX records are set up

✅ SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are configured

✅ you're not on any blacklists

Here’s what your DNS settings check could look like:

#2 Check your bounce and complaint rates

High bounce and spam complaint rates show you might have issues with your email deliverability. You should always aim for:

✅ bounce rate of < 5-8%

✅ complaint rate of < 0.08%

You can track your email metrics and avoid deliverability issues with your email outreach software, such as lemlist:

3. Check your deliverability score

Use a warm-up and deliverability booster like lemwarm to check your deliverability score. Based on this score, you’ll know if it’s safe or not to start sending campaigns.

Depending on your email health, your deliverability score could be under 3 different stages:


This stage means you might be blacklisted or have a wrong technical setup. You shouldn’t send email campaigns at this stage as you risk landing in spam.


At this stage, your email address is warmed up and fewer emails are landing in the spam folder. But it would be best if you still waited for the green stage to start sending emails.


At this moment, you should start sending emails. Make sure to keep your warm-up and deliverability booster ON before-during-after sending campaigns to keep deliverability high.

Now that you have a better idea of your email deliverability status, it's time to fix any issues that might stop your emails from landing in the primary tab.

What's the best practice to improve your email deliverability? Check out this article and discover tips to always land in your audience’s inbox and get more replies! 👇


Take care,

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