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Why it Works

This LinkedIn campaign is effective due to its strategic, multi-step approach that gradually builds a connection with the recipient. The campaign starts with a profile visit and a connection request, which are non-intrusive yet noticeable ways to initiate contact. The follow-up messages are personalized, respectful, and express genuine interest in the recipient's work, particularly highlighting common ground in the gaming industry. The mention of a successful project with a well-known brand (LEGO) adds credibility. The sequence of messages over three months demonstrates persistence without being overly aggressive, allowing time for the recipient to respond at their convenience.

Learning from this Campaign

This campaign highlights the importance of patience and persistence in building professional relationships on LinkedIn. It shows that a well-planned series of interactions can be more effective than a single touchpoint. The campaign also teaches the value of personalization and relevance; each message is crafted to resonate with individuals in the gaming industry, making the proposition more appealing. Additionally, it underscores the importance of acknowledging and respecting the busy schedules of professionals, offering flexibility in scheduling discussions.

When to Use It

This approach is best used in B2B scenarios where building a long-term relationship is more valuable than immediate sales. It's particularly effective in industries where collaborations and partnerships can lead to significant mutual benefits, such as in tech, gaming, creative industries, and innovative startups. This strategy is also suitable for situations where the sales cycle is typically longer, and decisions are made after careful consideration.

Who Can Use It

This campaign is ideal for entrepreneurs, business development professionals, and salespeople in industries where collaboration and partnership are key to business growth. It's particularly beneficial for those looking to establish strategic partnerships, joint ventures, or collaborative projects. This approach can also be effective for professionals in creative and innovative fields looking to expand their network and explore new business opportunities.

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Melvin Hedlund
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