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Reach out to target companies that visited your website

Lucas Perret
July 7, 2023
8 min.

How to contact companies that visited your website

Driving traffic to your website without conversions is like having a store full of people, but none is actually buying from you.

So, how to turn this frustrating experience into new business opportunities?

In this guide, you’ll get 3 workflow templates that will help you identify your website visitors & add them straight to your lemlist campaign so that you can turn your traffic into $$$!

5-step workflow to target companies that visited your website

1. Spot qualified leads in Albacross

Albacross is your secret weapon for spotting qualified leads that have visited your website.

It's like having a keen-eyed sales associate in your digital store, alerting you to potential customers based on company size, industry, and pages visited.

Before implementing the workflow, you'll have to complete these following steps:

[ ] Install this tracking code

[ ] Go to the Albacross Intent page

[ ] Create a segment to receive alerts only from qualified contacts

You’ll be able to filter:

  • company size
  • industry
  • page visited
  • and more

2. Check company status in CRM

[ ] Do an automatic look-up to research if the new lead is already in your CRM. This will return data such as the last time the account has been contacted or its status.

Here are the possible outcomes:

→ The search finds nothing:

This means that the lead is new, so you can continue your workflow and contact the person

→ The search finds a company:

- If the lead status is “Open Deal”, it means that the sales team got already been in touch with this lead.

In this case, it’s helpful to send a Slack alert to your sales team so they are able to check what pages the prospect is visiting and personalize follow-up for higher conversions.

- If the lead status is “Attempted to contact”, it means that the sales team got already been in touch with this lead, but they aren’t responding.

This is your opportunity to create CRM follow-up tasks for your sales team.

3. Find contacts

Once you’re sure whether to reach out to your target company, you’ll have to find relevant people that have pain points your product/service solves.

[ ] Use Datagma to add the company’s domain and job title you want to target.

The tool will give you a list of employees that match your criteria.

4. Find leads’ emails

[ ] Use Dropcontact to search verified emails.

The tool will get the first name, last name, domain and LinkedIn URL given by Datagma and will return a verified email.

According to our benchmark, Dropcontact is a super efficient and reliable to find email.

5. Add new leads to your lemlist campaign

You can add your contacts with emails to your lemlist multichannel campaign.

[ ] Go to lemlist app

[ ] Create a new campaign (or choose your existing campaign)

[ ] Go to Sequence

[ ] Choose to craft AI-generated campaign targeting people that visited your website

Now, you can connect your new workflow to AI-generated campaign and start reaching out!

3 workflow templates for each automation expertise level

→ For beginners: Zapier template

Use this workflow template when you don’t know much about automation and want to target your website visitors with minimal effort.


→ For intermediate level: Make template

Use this workflow template if you have a bit more knowledge about automation, and understand how code works.


→ For advanced level: n8n template

Use this tutorial if you’re an automation expert and are comfortable writing and editing code.


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