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Why partner with us?

Competitive commissions & incentives

We have created a competitive commission model based on value. The more revenue you bring us, the more you get.

30 day payment schedule

We are committed to paying our partners on a regular basis. Please read our terms and conditions for all details.

Easily track your progress

Access your stats regularly to see how your traffic is performing

VIP offers

In addition to competitive commission models,
you have the opportunity to be selected
for other opportunities, such as co-branding and having a recommendation on our site.

Regular communication & support

We’re committed to making sure our partners have the best support. We have created a full onboarding and media package, and you’ll have direct communication with us through our partner platform.

How to become a lemlist affiliate

Apply to be a partner

Refer lemlist to your network

Earn Commissions

What kind of partners do we work with?

Content creators
focused on B2B
Implementation &
Training Consultants
Anyone interested
and capable of
promoting our product
If you do not fit in one of the categories above, but feel that
you could be a good fit, please still apply.

Are you and agency handing outbound for 2 or more clients?

If so, and you are already using lemlist for your outbound, you may be eligible for our agency partner program.

You’ll still get a revenue share option, but your partnership will include additional benefits such as being featured on our Marketplace and testing out Beta features.

We’ll also give you expert tips on how to improve your outbound and increase your MRR.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the affiliate partner program the same as the agency partner program?

We decided to have both partnerships benefit from a revenue share model for new customers.

However, as an agency partner you can receive additional benefits like access to Beta features and a listing in our Marketplace. For more information on the agency partner program. Click here

What are the commission rates exactly?

We have different commission groups depending on our partnership agreement and plan type. 

On average, our revenue share commissions can range from 10% to 20%. For our standard affiliate partners, the offer is 18% on monthly plans, 20% on quarterly plans, and 22% on yearly plans. 

If additional benefits are provided, this offer may be different. Please specify any questions you have around commissions when you apply. We are happy to clarify!

How will you know the customer is coming from me?

You will have access to personalized tracking links in Partnerstack, the third party tool we use for our program. We work with a 90 day cookie policy as well as a last-click attribution.

For how long can I receive commissions?

Commissions are paid for the first 12 months of the customer’s lifetime value. If the customer cancels before the 12 months, then the commissions stop.

What happens if a customer downgrades or asks for a refund?

If a customer downgrades (or upgrades for that matter), your commission amount will be impacted. For any partial or full refunds we give to customers coming from you, we reserve the right to ask for compensation for the corresponding commission.

When and how do I get paid?

Commissions are delayed by 31 days to take into account any quick refunds and cancellations. At the beginning of each month, your commissions will be calculated and reviewed by lemlist. Once commissions are paid by lemlist, they will be available for cash-out. With Partnerstack you have the option of cashing out via PayPal, Stripe, or direct deposit.

Who can I refer?

Anyone who can benefit from lemlist... except you and people working at your company ;)

Can lemlist recommend my services?

At lemlist, we have several different types of partnerships. If you are already an affiliate partner looking for additional benefits like co-branding, VIP offers, and recommendations, feel free to reach out to your contact to see how to partner in this way. If you are looking to get a recommendation on our site, you may be more interested in being featured on our marketplace than the affiliation program. If that's the case, you can apply to be an Outbound  Expert here.

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