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it’s that simple: IF YOU GROW, WE GROW

Our partnership isn’t
just a tagline. It’s the tool-kit
your agency needs to increase your MRR

We ask you to:

Actively participate in the content creation
We’ll be here to guide you through the creation of our videos, articles, webinars, etc., but we expect you to bring the same level of enthusiasm as we do.
Share every co-branded piece in your socials
You’ll get all the resources ready to go. We ask at least 1 personal LinkedIn account and 1 company LinkedIn account to act to distribute the content.
Co-brand your website and social media
You’ll have our brand-kit to help you add the lemlist and outbound-experts brand to your website and social media.
Give feedback for each beta feature
You’ll enjoy our feature first than everybody else, but we expect you to help us by providing 1 piece of constructive feedback per beta feature you test.
Maintain at least 2 active clients on lemlist
To keep access to your benefits as a partner, we request you to have at least 2 active teams on lemlist throughout your partnership.
One-year commitment
One-month cancellation notice

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