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This campaign has been created for the purpose of onboarding affiliate partners.

Why it Works

The success of the affiliate onboarding campaign stemmed from the meticulously crafted elements within it. By focusing on ultra-targeted lead generation primarily through Instagram and TikTok, the campaigns pinpointed individuals deeply engaged within the niche, boasting 3000+ followers. This strategy ensured the outreach resonated with those most likely to become valuable affiliates.

The 4-sequence campaign, characterized by its simplicity and effectiveness, invited users to join the affiliate program. The concise, relevant, and action-oriented email sequences boasted a clear call to action, streamlining the signup process and fostering quick partnerships. This approach led to an impressive 19% click-through rate, resulting in over 200 new, motivated affiliates who contributed significantly to e-commerce revenue.

Learning from this Campaign

One crucial takeaway from this campaign was the significance of hyper-targeting. By identifying and engaging with individuals active on specific social media platforms within the niche, the impact of the outreach efforts was maximized. Additionally, aligning the communication with upcoming events of interest to affiliates proved instrumental in driving engagement and conversions. Campaign sequences to individual targets were timed according to the content they were publishing, festivals they were attending, and other key determinants.

When to Use It

This campaign strategy proves most effective when aiming to expand an affiliate program within a specific niche. It thrives in scenarios where social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok serve as key engagement channels for potential affiliates. Timing plays a critical role as well, especially when aligning outreach with events or trends that resonate with the target audience.Efficient communication, coupled with a simplified signup process, makes this strategy ideal for businesses seeking swift affiliate onboarding while fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

Who Can Use It

This approach is adaptable for businesses across various industries aiming to amplify their affiliate networks. Companies looking to leverage the power of social media influencers or individuals with a substantial following within a specific niche can benefit significantly from the campaign model.

It caters well to brands seeking to establish a robust affiliate program, especially those eager to tap into the potential of influencers and content creators who actively engage with their audience on major social platforms.

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Mathieu Larocque
Marketing Manager at Cactus Marketing
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