Bouncer email verification review: is Bouncer mail validation worth it?

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November 3, 2023

As an email outreach expert, you surely know that it is paramount to verify email addresses before sending cold emails, in order to check if the email is valid and preserve your email reputation. Your email list hygiene should never be neglected!

However, do you know which are the best tools to use? We will review the Bouncer email verification tool in order to tell you whether UseBouncer mail validation is worth using.

Btw, make sure to visit our in-depth guide on how to check if email is valid.

What is Bouncer email verification?

Bouncer is an easy-to-use email verification tool that provides you with accurate and trustworthy data you can use in your email outreach campaigns.

Having tested it ourselves, we can vouch for the following things:

  • They are GDPR compliant;
  • Great email validation accuracy - results 99,5%+
  • They natively integrate with lemlist so it's effortless to do this at scale

Essentially, with the Bouncer email verification process you can check the bounce rates of the email addresses used in your cold email campaigns and not end up in spam because of an invalid email.

If your deliverability had a voice, it would say thank you with a big smile. 😁

How does the Bouncer email verification process check if email bounces?

To see if an email address is valid, Bouncer email check process consists of verifying the syntax of an email, DNS and MX record check, and establishing a connection with recipient’s server SMTP.

bouncer email verification software

On top of that, Bouncer email verification software also utilizes its proprietary algorithms that are powered by artificial intelligence to provide you with most accurate results possible.

UseBouncer review 2021: Is it any good?

In this section we will review the most important features of the tool. Is Bouncer the best email verifier tool we have used? Let's find out.

Bouncer bulk email verification pricing plans

In Bouncer's own words, they have a "fair email verification pricing that lets you grow in Pay-As-You-Go model". Indeed, the pricing is fair as Bouncer does not charge for duplicate or unknown email results.

It is surely of interest to you to know that the first 100 credits are offered for free and a free trial is available. 😉 What's more the credits you will have purchased will not expire and will be available over an extensive period of time!

Additionally, the cost of their bulk email verification depends on the number of emails you wish to send, which is split in the 9 following volume-tiered discounts:

  1. Email Volume 1k to 4k
    Price per verified email $0.0025
  2. Email Volume 5k to 9k
    Price per verified email $0.0025
  3. Email Volume 10k to 49k
    Price per verified email $0.0020
  4. Email Volume 50k to 99k
    Price per verified email $0.0020
  5. Email Volume 100k to 249k
    Price per verified email $0.0015
  6. Email Volume 250k to 499k
    Price per verified email $0.0010
  7. Email Volume 500k to 999k
    Price per verified email $0.0010
  8. Email Volume 1M to 2,499M
    Price per verified email $0.00075
  9. Email Volume +2,5M
    Price per verified email custom plan

GDPR compliance

As we explained above, Bouncer is inherently GDPR-compliant, meaning that "uploaded emails are anonymized in all parts of the system" and with all data stored solely in European Union AWS data centres.

Security and reliability

Bouncer has "top-grade data security" and is GDPR compliant by design. It is not for nothing that Bouncer is hosted by the European Union European Regional Development Fund.

But GDPR is not everything! Protecting customer data is equally important and is the reason why they have declared that they would never sell or rent this data to other companies. Bouncer has built its system by relying on EU AWS data centres.

Bulk email verification

One of the key Bouncer features for sure: thanks to their email checker you can clean email lists in real time as well as carry out very accurate bulk email verification. Additionally, email verification API gives your company limitless possibilities to validate emails.

Easy of use

Bouncer may be one of many email verification tools out there, but there is definitely a special focus put on flexibility and excellent user experience. Thanks to the technologies used, Bouncer's app and API are really easy to integrate.

Customer support

Throughout the different website pages for Bouncer's different features, the possibility of reaching out to Customer Support in order to clarify user's questions is very present. There is a real emphasis on the human nature of the support.

You can set up a video call via a Calendly appointment, contact the team directly via email and chat as well as on different social media. We love a reactive support team.

Email verification API

Bouncer's email verification API is quite neat actually as it was "designed by developers for developers" according to their website. It helps you achieve your verification objectives fast, and with high performance, security and ease of use, all the while keeping customer data safe.

We personally loved how they put forward different use cases for their API and their benefits.


Bouncer will easily integrate with your favourite sales and marketing tools, thanks to their smooth marketing automation. Most of the big SaaS are covered. Here are the steps to integrate lemlist with Bouncer:

  1. Sign up for Bouncer (the email verifier tool)
  2. Choose lemlist integration

3. Bouncer will ask you for lemlist API key, take it from settings -> integrations

Connect email verification tool

4. Choose a campaign you want to verify and click on "Start". After the verification process you can clean your list of leads in lemlist automatically.

How to check if an email is valid

How to use the Bouncer email verifier

Our illustrious Ilya recorded a YouTube video to explain exactly "How to verify email address without sending an email" thanks to the Bouncer email verifier tool.

If you're not a fan of watching videos, here is a quick step-by-step guide to Bouncer's reliable email verification and list cleaning tool.

You have two options, to verify one email at a time or your entire email list.

bouncer email verification

[Step 1] Verify one email only

If you're not into bulk email verification and need to check the validity of an individual name, Bouncer makes this easy.

bouncer email verification

A few seconds later...

[Step 2] Verify email lists

When scaling your business, you want to do things, well, at scale. Hence, Bouncer's bulk email verifier is also simple to use. You just upload your csv file and it will give you an estimate before you push the button.

bouncer email verification

[Step 3] Email verification results

Finally, Bouncer will do an email ping, ensuring the quality of the email addresses by determining whether it is active or not.

After this feature test, which closes the email verification process, the email addresses tested will be arranged under Deliverable, Undeliverable, Risky and Unknown, as seen in the last screenshot of the lemlist x Bouncer integration.

bouncer email verification

What do these terms indicate?

  • Deliverable - these emails are safe to send
  • Undeliverable - these emails don’t exist and you should never send emails to any address with this status
  • Risky - behind this status you will find emails which are disposable, set up as Catch_all, or with a full mailbox. They may result in a bounce or low engagement
  • Unknown - Bouncer was unable to receive a response from the email provider, however, you will not be charged for this verification

🔔 Important: send cold email outreach campaigns only to "deliverable" email addresses, don't even try to use "catch all" and other types of emails.

Our Bouncer email validation test results

Ilya carried out an email validation test, involving a few campaigns with around 500 people in each campaign, and the results have come in! Let's look at the numbers.

We took emails from trustworthy sources which already high quality email addresses. The bounce rate with no email validation was... 8%:

Email validation results

Although it is not the highest bounce rate we ever received, it isn't negligible. If more cold email campaigns were to be sent out with an 8 to 12% bounce rate, the email reputation would definitely suffer some damage.

After email verification the bounce rate was... 1%.

Email verification results

UseBouncer reviews from real customers

You can easily find multiple (and glowing) reviews on Bouncer from real customers on the website's "Our Customers" page. Their product page on G2 Crowd and Capterra has very high ratings and a diverse range of happy customer testimonials and reviews on the different features available.

bouncer email verification

Is UseBouncer worth it? Our final rating

You might have noticed a trend in the ratings we gave out for Bouncer's most important features. As such, the average rating we will give this email verification tool is a solid 5 out 5 ⭐️!

Real-time email verification, bulk email verification service...  What's not to like? You take good care of your sender's reputation in no time.

As we said before, there is a reason why we at lemlist personally use this solution and why we suggest you do too! In addition to our team, Bouncer has built an impressive range of clients, with a portfolio comprising of users from more than a 100 countries and other 6 continents, as well as companies of all sizes such as BigMailer, Job Circuits and Woodpecker to name a few.

We hope you enjoyed this in-depth analysis of Bouncer and managed to convince you of its utility 😉 What other email verification tools do you think are indispensable for your email outreach reputation?

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