How to personalize your outreach at scale with advanced conditions [2023 guide]

September 13, 2023

The key to the world’s best growth teams’ success?

Approaching each lead based on their interactions with their campaigns.

But creating specific campaigns for specific leads often requires

→ wasting time on manual checks of your leads’ actions
→ subscribing & navigating through multiple 3rd party tools

So how do you auto-adjust your personalized campaigns based on each lead’s activities, without technical expertise or spending tons of time & $$$?

In this article, you’ll get

→ what are advanced conditions, and why use them
→ how to add advanced conditions to your campaigns
→ 15 top campaigns with advanced conditions to replicate

What are advanced conditions, and why should you use them to reach your target audience

If you want to grow your business with cold outreach, then you should switch from sequences like this 👇

… to personalized campaigns with advanced conditions triggered by the leads’ specific actions.

Advanced conditions in your outreach sequence are steps that will automatically change the flow of your campaign based on specific criteria you provide.

By adding triggers such as “lead clicked on a link”, you can automate the next step based on whether the criteria were met or not.

For example, if your lead clicks on a link, you’ll automatically send them an email related to the linked content. If not - you can send an email that pushes clicking on the link, or whatever content you provide.

With lemlist’s advanced conditions, you can tailor hyper-personalized campaigns at scale, in a human way👇

Advanced conditions that are automatically adjusted to each lead’s activities stimulate human-like steps to:

✅ Avoid repetitive & nonvaluable tasks like manually checking whether your lead has accepted your LinkedIn invitation

✅ Unlock complex outbound scenarios used by the world's best growth teams without switching between 3rd party apps

✅ Send multi-channel campaigns on autopilot and connect with your prospects faster than ever before!

While basic campaigns rely on a single outreach method, multichannel use a combination of channels such as email, LinkedIn, phone calls, etc.

Because you’re connecting on the channels your leads prefer and based on their availability, going multi-cannel increases the chances of them engaging with you!

You can find out more about the benefits of multichannel campaigns and how to send them to get 17-30% reply rates in this 4-step framework.

How to create multi-channel campaigns with advanced conditions

[ ] Log into your lemlist account (or start a 2-week free trial)

[ ]  Find & extract leads on LinkedIn with lemlist chrome extension

[ ]  Push your leads to lemlist & find 80%+ verified emails with lemlist's Smart Enrichment

[ ]  Click on the “+” and choose Conditions to add advanced conditions to your sequence

After adding some of the unlimited branches and conditions, your campaign will look something like this:

[ ]  Review & launch your hyper-personalized outreach campaign and get your first sales! 🎉

15 multi-channel campaign templates for higher conversions

So which conditions to choose to craft personalized campaigns that align with your leads’ preferred channels? How to set up your conditioned workflow to connect with your leads at their optimal times and boost conversions?

Get the top 15 multi-channel campaigns with advanced conditions that you can replicate in just one click 👇

The key takeaways

In 2023, using advanced conditions is the best way to

→ Engage with leads at scale based on their data without a need for technical expertise or 3rd party tools
→ Connect with your prospects on their preferred channels, at their optimal times, for better conversions
→ Save hours of manual outreach tasks and monitoring leads’ activities, without sounding like a robot

If you want to connect meaningfully with your prospects at scale & turn your outreach campaigns into $$$ - try lemlist's advanced now!

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