Multi-channel advanced conditions

Engage at scale, in a human way, with advanced conditions

With lemlist, you can tailor your outreach process at scale to automatically respond to each prospect's interaction with your campaign in a human way for higher conversions.

Linear sequences like this might slow down your sales process...

No idea whether your lead has accepted your LinkedIn invitation or not.
Countless hours wasted on manual lead checking.
Lack of insight into the most active channels and times when your leads are online.
Difficult to scale your outreach process while maintaining a human-like approach.

Stop manually checking whether your lead has accepted your LinkedIn invitation or not.

Save time by automating all time-consuming manual outreach tasks.
Create multi-channel sequences that automatically engage with your prospects in a human way.
Progress with your sequence with advanced conditions based on the lead's data.
Tailor your campaigns based on your prospect's reactions for more personalized outreach.

Go further in your sequence with advanced conditions and boost conversions

Simulate human-like activities at scale using the power of advanced conditions automatically tailored to each lead's interaction with your campaign.

10x more efficient than classic outreach
Victor Alexandrian
COO @Scalability
Mathias Deloof
The advanced condition feature helps us to optimize and personalize our outreach campaigns on a larger scale. This enables us to increase our efficiency to book more qualified meetings.
Tanya Besedina (Krutko)
Yes, we needed this feature soo bad!
Florian Klaes
The advanced condition feature open up a whole new intelligent level of reacting to various different scenarios and all that on a fully automated basis. Set and forget - the right way.
Leonard Grynfogel
Advanced conditions are a new feature that changes everything on lemlist. It allows more customization, the key to cold messaging. More personalization means more conversions, and therefore higher ROI!
Patrick Kilian
Biggest value for me is to route prospects differently in the sequence if they don't have LinkedIn or did not accept LinkedIn invite!
Jasper Cooper
This is pretty awesome!
Sanjay Sinha
Bravo Team temlist 👏 This is exactly the feature I've been thinking about as till now I've been manually sending different responses based on lead interactions
Dana Figura
I love the new feature advanced condition!
Max Andreev
Advanced conditions capability in the sequences is a massive step for lemlist in the right direction. A combination of conditions with AI, enrichment, and advanced HubSpot integration capabilities will allow us to build the true AI SDR. We are excited to see the dream about to come true.
Sky Jones
It’s great! Very helpful and allows user to get more dynamic with workflows.
Pranshu Jaiswal
I started using the advanced conditions feature and now love seeing this on lemlist!
Ivan Kychatyi
First of all, thanks for the speed with your responses here and the whole team behind this 🔥
The feature is a great one in its nature and an important step forward at lemlist for me to make outreach a more personalised one.
Denis Saphore
The conditions = amazing really fancy, it changes everything for me!
Corentin Chentouf
A new hot update 💎
Carole Clain
Hey, just wanted to let you know that this new feature with advanced condition is awesome!
Wesley Wasielewski
Perfect - enjoyed the possibility to go on a quick call.
Why should I use advanced conditions in my sequences?
Using linear multi-channel workflows such as:

- Sending an email,
- Waiting 2 days,
- Adding the lead on LinkedIn,
- Sending a LinkedIn message,

often involves many time-consuming tasks, such as manually checking each lead to see who opened an email before making a call or which lead accepted the LinkedIn invite before going forward.

With the advanced conditions in your sequences, you can craft more precise and personalized campaigns that align with your leads’ preferred channels and optimal times. This approach helps you to engage with your leads at a larger scale while maintaining a personalized and human touch, resulting in increased conversions.

In short, with advanced conditions, you can customize your prospect's journey using specific workflows triggered by the lead’s interactions with your sequence.

For example, a condition could be: “Create a call task if my lead opens my email. Otherwise, continue sending emails.”
What are the conditions I will be able to use?
There are countless conditions you can add into your sequences to engage with your leads without the need for time-consuming actions.

With lemlist, you have the flexibility to craft workflows that go from the simplest to the most complex. You can also use as many conditions as you desire in your sequences, leveraging information about your leads, their interactions with your emails, LinkedIn messages, and more.
When can I use an advanced condition in my sequence?
Each time you reach out to a prospect.

The advanced conditions in your sequences are the secret weapon of the world’s top growth teams for driving more sales.

Sales automation is evolving continuously, so the need to create more complex sequences with specific conditions triggered by the lead’s specific actions.

Using advanced conditions across all your sequences allows you to target leads with more accuracy and relevance, resulting in higher conversion rates.

In 2023, using advanced conditions is the best way to connect with your prospects through the right channels, at the right times, and close more deals.
What are the most used advanced conditions?
Here are four examples of advanced conditions you can start with:

Use case #1: Pause until my leads accepts my LinkedIn invite

“I want to wait until my lead accepts me on LinkedIn before continuing my campaign”
Use case #2: Go multi-channel

“If my leads have a LinkedIn url, I will go with multichannel. If they don’t, I will only send emails.”
Use case #3: If lead did X within Y time, do that.

“I want to wait until my lead fills a condition (e.g. lead clicked on a link in an email) or until a specific delay. If he does in due time, go on Branch A. If he don’t, Branch B”
Use case #4: Directly call my lead if he opens my email

“I want to call my lead when they open my email to strike while the iron is hot.”
Is it possible to add advanced conditions during a free trial?
Yes, it is indeed possible to add unlimited advanced conditions during the 14-day free trial. Sign up and experience it for yourself.

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