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Wondering how to generate more leads with Then you have come to the right place as we review Instantly – a modern and feature-rich cold emailing solution.

Sending cold emails is still an effective way to grow your business. However, you’ll need dedicated cold emailing software like to empower your teams to handle high-volume campaigns.

In our review, we’ll learn how good its cold emailing abilities are and how you can use them effectively to grow your business. review in short

Instantly is a new entrant in the cold email solution provider. Despite its age, it offers a competent take on cold email sending with access to Lead Finder, Lead Management, Analytics, and Unibox features.

Warming up emails is one of its finest features, which ensures a high deliverability rate and improves the sending reputation. This feature also makes using multiple emails to run your cold email campaign easy. It also offers AI-driven analytics, A/Z testing, and templates to automate email sending.

Instantly is a good option if you’re a digital agency or a small business looking to grow its business through cold emails. It offers good value-for-money plans and lets you try out their product before purchasing.

It’s not for everyone, though, especially for enterprises that send thousands of emails per day. Its lack of integration also makes it unfavorable for businesses that use third-party services.


  • Warming and Sending features
  • A/B testing
  • AI-driven analytics
  • AI prompts for easy templating
  • Automated email warmup feature


  • Limited lead management features
  • Lacks advanced features as it is new to the market
  • No multichannel acquisition features
  • Lack of native integrations to data sources features put to the test

Instantly is a feature-rich cold emailing tool. It benefits from the right mix of features rather than offering everything to the user. That is partially because of the product's age (released in 2021) and the developer's ability to deliver what the user wants.

Out of the box, you'll notice its five key features that will aid you in your journey of cold emailing. These include:

  • Lead Finder: The lead finder lets you find B2B prospects without leaving the app with access to 160 million database contacts.
  • Campaigns: Email campaigns to manage leads and improve cold email success.
  • Unibox and CRM: A centralized inbox where you can view and reply to all emails. 
  • Tracking and Analytics: Learn how your prospects interact with emails. It captures key metrics, including open rate, click rate, reply rate, and opportunities. 
  • Lead Management: Manage all your leads from a centralized place. It helps you move leads from lists to campaigns and vice versa easily.

Apart from these core Instantly features, you also get the following features.

  • Unlimited Email Accounts: This enables you to connect as many email accounts as you want.
  • Unlimited Warmups: You can warm up emails before you start sending cold emails. This will improve the chances of your email not landing in the spam box.
  • Email Validation: Validate emails for better deliverability.
  • Cold Email Catalyst: A robust collection of email templates and tactics.
  • Private Community Access: Access to a private community where you can learn from experienced persons.  

Let's go through the key ones below to understand Instantly better features.

Lead Finder

Lead Finder is the best Instantly feature. It solves the biggest challenge of cold email, i.e. finding relevant and accurate leads. According to Instantly, they verify each leads themselves rather than relying on 3rd party tools.

To make lead finding easier, the Instantly Lead Finder feature offers filters. These filters include Job Titles, Industry, Employees, Revenue, Domains, News, etc. As you can apply multiple filters, narrowing down your search and finding leads worth pursuing becomes easy.

So, to search for CEOs in the United States in the Computer & Electronics, you’ll need to set three filters, as shown in the image below.

You can keep adding more filters to fine-tune your search. It also offers an Enrichment feature that lets you upload a list of people.

You can also search leads with keywords such as agency, streamers, etc. And, if you’re not sure about the keyword or the filter to apply, all you need to do is use their clone clients feature that shows similar prospects. 

According to Instantly, they have a vast database of 160 million contacts. That’s a significant database. However, their claims of verifying leads themselves are a bit outstretched.

Overall, Lead Finder is the core Instantly feature. It is not available in the free version. Also, there are export limits of 1000/mo and 10K/mo for the Growth Leads and Hyberleads packages (their Leads packages).


Instantly is keen to give you all the necessary features in a single place. One such feature is Campaigns, where you set up leads, sequences, and schedules to reach your target audience and continue growing your leads.

The Campaign UI is straightforward. To get started, create a new campaign and name it accordingly. Once done, you’ll get a clean set of options, including adding leads, adding sequences for emails, or setting a schedule for email sending.

Users can also access Options to tweak the campaign according to their needs.

If you’re an advanced user, you can also check out advanced options to further optimize your campaign, such as setting A/Z testing to auto-optimize, setting a limit to max new leads, or setting up CC and BCC to your emails.

I found the Instantly Campaign feature self-sufficient for most users. It offers decent automation options (such as scheduling) and options to customize the Campaign, making it flexible for most use cases.

The Campaign and Lead Finder feature work together. For instance, you can easily send leads to specific campaigns. Also, an "evergreen campaign" option keeps sending leads to the campaigns based on your Lead Finder parameters.

Instantly's Campaign is a good fit for most users. 

However, you might be disappointed if you're looking for a more advanced campaign manager. As a cold email tool is new, they are adding more features.

Unibox and CRM

Instantly makes it easy with Unibox to reply to all your email accounts and campaigns.

As sending all your cold emails to target people is impossible, you’ll need to use multiple emails. 

It is common for cold email experts to use multiple emails to scale their campaigns. However, this leads to a challenge to handle replies from all the email accounts. This is where Unbox comes in, as it provides a centralized place to handle all the replies from multiple email accounts.

In conjunction with Unibox, you also get Instantly’s Sending Warmup feature. As it is a tool where you send mass emails, you’ll need to warm up your email address so that the chances of it landing in spam are reduced -- increasing sending reputation.

Recently, Instantly also added the CRM feature. It enables you to manage workflows for your campaigns. Once you get a response, you can create a work card on the CRM showing the value of each deal. It offers motivation to work towards changing the leads to customers. The CRM lets you reply to your leads and move them to the next stage of the workflow.

Tracking and Analytics

Instantly’s analytics feature helps you understand how your campaigns perform over time. It gives you insight into various email and campaign metrics, including emails sent, opens, replies, or link tracking.

All their reports are in UTC, which might be convenient or inconvenient depending on how you like to work. 

Overall, I found Instantly’s analytics and tracking sufficient. It gives insight into your overall cold email effort and analytics on the campaign level.

Lead Management

Lead management Instantly gives you the ability to manage your lead. You can create lists solely or based on campaigns. 

Its AI prompt feature gives you access to the Template Hub, which contains useful automated actions to ease your lead management effort. For example, you can use the “Company Name Cleanup” template to clean up the company name before sending emails. Similarly, you can use the “General unique opening sentence” to write unique opening one-liners for cold emails. 

All in all, Instantly’s lead management is good but can be better. Even with AI prompts and the ability to manage lists, it lacks some key features that would be nice to have -- such as calendar and email queue additions.

Is Instantly missing anything?

Instantly is a promising and useful cold email solution. However, it could be better. Some of its drawbacks include:

  • Limited lead management features
  • Lacks advanced features as it is new to the market
  • Lack of multichannel acquisition features
  • Lack of native integrations to data sources
  • Documentation can be improved to help users
  • No proper mobile support
  • Lack of visual builder

Before jumping to any conclusion, you need to consider the software age and value for money. As a relatively new solution, it offers decent features at good value. pricing and value for money

Instantly uses a freemium model for its customers. It divides its plans into two main categories:

  • Sending & Warmup
  • Leads

Sending & Warmup

These plans are great for customers who want cold email solutions for sending and warming features. You get to choose between three plans:

  • Growth: Starts at $30 per month. It provides access to unlimited email accounts, unlimited email warmups, 1000 active leads, and 5000 emails monthly.
  • Hypergrowth: Starts at $77.6 per month. It offers everything Growth plans offer plus 25000 active leads and 100K emails monthly.
  • LightSpeed: This plan offers everything in HyperGrowth plus 100K uploaded contacts and 500K emails monthly.

If you go for the yearly plan, you can save up to 20% per year. Before you choose any of the plans, try the free plan.


If you want to utilize the lead features Instantly, then you choose between:

  • Growth Leads: It starts at $37.9 per month with 1000 verified leads monthly, advanced filters, enrichment, and keywords.
  • HyperLeads: It is a more expensive plan, starting at $169.3 per month with 100K verified leads monthly and everything Growth Leads offers.

So, is Instantly worth it? 

Yes, it is. However, the removal of its lifetime deal surely will be missed.

To get a better perspective of its value, you need to take a look at competitors' pricing. Its growth and hyper growth plans offer value for money. 

The value for money also comes from its lack of advanced features. review: final verdict is a robust cold email software. Despite its age, it offers valuable features for agencies, marketers, and businesses who want a compact tool to search and manage leads, manage campaigns, and transform them into real customers. 

Instantly, with its good warmup features, provides a high email deliverability rate. Its AI-driven analytics and template modules also make automation accessible throughout the whole cold emailing process.

Their pricing model is good. However, it can become confusing as they offer different plans for Warming & Sending and Leads. Despite its value for money, enterprises looking for large-scale cold emailing might find Instantly limiting.

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