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How to land deals with creative agencies [Cold email teardown]

Lilibeth Acuna

Looking to land deals with creative agencies? Trying to sell your video production services?

In this field of creativity and innovation, you need more than just generic compliments and standard sales tactics!

So, how do you craft an email that strategically engages these agencies?

In this article, Bill, CEO of SalesCaptain shows how to boost your conversion rate with well-written cold email, and ultimately land more deals!

Cold email mistakes to avoid if you want to book more meetings

Here's an example of a bad cold email that targets creative agencies and offers collaborative video production 👇

Here are Bill’s insights on what needs to be improved to get more replies:

Mistake #1 → Generic compliments

Giving generic compliments makes your email look like it was sent in bulk. Instead, point out something specific to each lead to prove you did proper research and your email is relevant to them.

Mistake #2 → Bullet points

Even though they can help you communicate your value more clearly, bullet points remind of “old school” cold emails. So, if you want your emails to look less salesy, write paragraphs as you would write them to your colleagues or friends.

Mistake #3 → Moving away from the main topic

Moving away from the main topic of the email into other secondary topics shifts focus. It becomes difficult for prospects to identify the value added by your proposal.

Mistake #4 → Ineffective CTA

There are two aks in one ending line. Instead of asking for too much effort from your leads, try focusing on one action and make it easy for the recipient to take the next step.

Mistake #5 → Information overload

There are too many important points in a single email. Instead, use follow-ups to bring new points, aka value, to each email and let recipients focus on the 1 most important thing that pushes them to take action.

How to write a cold email for a high conversion rate

Here is how Bill would rewrite the previous cold email and his tips for booking more meetings!

Tip #1 → Share a relevant observation about the prospect

Identify different leads’ problems and challenges to determine which triggers them the most. Then, include it in your cold email as a hook to catch their attention.

Tip #2 → Relevant success case

Name-drop social proof with which your leads can resonate. If you can’t name-drop, mention a significant result and desirable outcome.

Tip #3 → Conversational CTA

Instead of pushing for a meeting, ask your leads for a conversation first. Use your first email to confirm your interest and hop on the selling part later.

Tip #4 → Focus on 1 benefit at a time

Make sure to focus each email on one benefit. Otherwise, you might overwhelm the reader by giving too much information and discourage them from acting.

Tip #5 → Short and concise email

Recipients first scan your emails to decide if your email is worth reading. Remove the fluff and ensure each paragraph gives them value and reason to read your message.

Cold email template to replicate for more replies

Hey {{firstName}},

I noticed that creative agencies like {{companyName}} often work and communicate with different tools.

The problem is that it makes them struggle with post-production, and their workflow becomes less effective overall.

{{Famous Production Company}} cut their production and post-production time by half by managing media and collaborating on movie editing with our platform.

Think this could be useful for {{companyName}} as well?


The key takeaways

Here are Bill's essential strategies for successful cold emails to creative agencies:

-> Start with an observation specific to the prospect's challenges
-> Use relevant success stories or outcomes as social proof
-> Opt for a conversational call-to-action, focusing on dialogue first
-> Highlight one key benefit per email to avoid information overload

You can watch Bill's complete cold email teardown here!

PS: Want more tips? Request outbound experts to review your cold emails here!

Lilibeth Acuna
Partnerships Manager @lempire | Connecting type A outbound players 🪄

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