10 sales pitch examples to use in cold outreach

March 6, 2023

Your prospects receive hundreds of sales messages every week. To catch their attention and get replies, you need to make your email stand out and provide value in the pitch.

The pitch is part of your cold email that shows your prospect how you can help them solve their pain points. It enables you to build a connection with them to get more replies and close deals.

But, most salespeople write self-centered pitches without meetings booked, putting their business at risk.

In this article, you can discover 10 sales pitch examples for cold emails that will help you boost reply rates and grow your business.

#1 Show them the promised land

pitch focused on the outcome

→ Focus on the desired result, which intrigues the prospect about how to achieve it and gives them a reason to reply.

→ Insert a custom image that helps prospects visualize the outcome and shows that the email was written specifically for them.

→ Add tangible value, such as (e.g., automate the task), even before the prospect's reply. This shows you want to build a relationship rather than sell.

#2 Relate to their pain point

pitch focused on the pain point

→ Show you understand and relate to the prospect's pain point, making your solution more relatable.

→ Mention precisely what you can do to help prospects (e.g., automate the task), which gives them a reason to reply.

→ Tease other outcomes and intrigue them to find out more so they can book a meeting with you.

#3 Build a relationship first

pitch focused on relationship-building

→ Show genuine interest in getting to know the prospect by showing that you want to hear and value their opinion.

→ Mention a common ground to catch prospects' attention and build rapport more quickly.

→ Add numbers as results to build credibility and position yourself as someone they want to learn from.

#4 Show you understand a specific pain point

pitch focused on relating to prospects' pain point

→ Mention your prospects' specific pain points to show you did the proper research and understand their struggles.

→ Give an example of their pain point to show your expertise and stand out from other emails' fake personalization.

→ Include numbers and links to build trust and show that your email isn't generic or sent in bulk.

#5 Give them precise reasons to reply

pitch focused on benefits

→ Help them without asking for anything in return and provide value even before they become your customers.

→ Share helpful resources or tips to tease them into discovering more about your offer.

→ Show your expertise by adding industry stats and research you did explicitly for them.

#6 Start a conversation

pitch as conversation starter

→ Give a genuine compliment that shows you researched your prospect and are following their work.

→ Point out a pain point they might be facing (without realizing it) to trigger them to discover more.

→ Add a question as a conversation starter, making it more natural for them to reply and book a meeting.

#7 Stand out with a video pitch

video pitch

→ Show you're willing to go the extra mile by including a video made specifically for your prospects.

→ Add a thumbnail image to catch your prospect's attention and create a human connection.

→ Give them a reason to click on the video by describing what's in it for them.

#8 Build credibility with social proof

build credibility with your pitch

→ Mention familiar names (such as competitors) to catch your prospects' attention immediately.

→ Talk about their desired outcome to tease them to read the rest of your email and get a solution.

→ Include social proof from your prospects' industry and size so they can relate more easily.

#9 Help without asking for anything in return

value packed pitch

→ Prove that your email wasn't generic by mentioning a result they achieved or a post they shared.

→ Give free value through relatable resources to make your email helpful rather than sales-y.

→ Instead of pushing a meeting, ask for advice or feedback to sound more genuine and start a conversation.

#10 Position yourself as an expert

position yourself as industry leader

→ Give free advice to position yourself as a thought leader and build credibility.

→ Tell them exactly how the shared knowledge will help them grow their business.

→ Give just a fraction of your helpful advice to tease them into learning more from you.

5 key takeaways on how to write a sales pitch

To build relationships with your prospects and get replies, you should stand out and give value in your email sales pitch.

Here are 5 things to remember when writing your sales pitch:

#1 Show you've researched your prospects

→ mention the common ground and include your prospects' specific pain point

#2 Build a relationship instead of selling

→ relate to their pain point and talk to them like you're talking to a friend

#3 Use personalization

→ grab your prospects' attention with personalized text, images, and videos

#4 Aim for a reply instead of a meeting

→ ask a question to start a conversation naturally instead of pushing a sales-y meeting

#5 Help without asking for anything in return

→ share free value to give them a reason to reply so they can get even more of it

P.S. If you enjoyed these tips and want to get even more free outreach advice and grow your business, join 14k+ successful people in the biggest outreach community!

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