4 mistakes to avoid when selling digital marketing services [Cold Email Teardown]

August 31, 2023

Selling digital marketing services = Fighting for marketing managers' attention in an inbox full of cold emails.

Generic intros and broad value propositions just won't cut it.

So, how do you craft a cold email that not only grabs attention, but also boosts conversions?

Let's dive into how Matey, the CEO of The Marketing Family outbound agency, would rewrite a bad cold email example to improve reply rates!

Cold email mistakes to avoid if you want to book more meetings

Here's a cold email that offers web development & SEO services to marketing managers👇

Here's what stops prospects from replying to this cold email:

#1 Generic intro line

People these days don’t fall anymore on generic phrases such as the one from this email. Instead, use very niche and specific common ground, such as a common event.

#2 The tone might come off as offensive

If you want to point out mistakes or errors to the person in charge, ensure to use a more subtle approach. For example, “Have you considered {{solution}}?”.

#3 Reasons aren’t convincing enough

Your prospects won’t redesign their website for the sake of keeping up with trends. Instead, focus on valuable outcomes such as attracting new visitors, aka earning $$$.

#4 Wrong approach for the contact

Marketing managers are often not decision-makers, so you should focus on benefits for your specific contact. For example, mention looking good in front of their boss thanks to amazing results, instead of directly selling to them.

How to write a cold email for a high conversion rate

Here’s how Matey would rewrite this cold email for higher reply chances:

What brings this email replies?

#1 Shows they researched the prospect

You can mention a company event to show you are familiar with your prospects, know their struggles, and make your email more relevant.

#2 It’s honest & funny

Use light humor that is not too intrusive and doesn’t grab the main spotlight of your message. It needs to be in the background, but still make your prospects smile.

#3 Text is well-spaced

Even though the email is longer, it doesn’t feel like that, thanks to the image that adds a break between paragraphs.

#4 Heavy personalization

Use custom variables to make your email look like it was written especially for your prospects, and not sent in bulk. This will make your prospects feel appreciated and boost your chances of getting a reply.

Cold email template to replicate for more replies

Hi Name,

I was casually browsing through your website for personal reasons and… ok, not true. I saw Company X closed round B funding, so that brought me to your website. 🥸 So I hope me being honest doesn’t offend you, Developer to Marketer.

[funny gif]

I noticed that your website doesn’t <have/show something that it should>. Indicating to me that you, being the Marketing manager, are probably getting a lot of heat about <common business triggers these guys run into>. Have you considered a redesign?

It will improve <X and Y website metrics, dependent on a good website design>, plus improve your SEO performance by at least 10%… or at least that’s how it went down with Company A & B, when we redid their websites. Check them out, if I tickled your interest 😛

If talking to a <my title & area of expertise> isn’t your particular brand of vodka, give me some hate. I can take it. 🍸

Otherwise, let me know if you’re open to discussing how we can make <company X owner name> proud of his website’s performance.


The key takeaways

Here are Matey's most important cold email insights that you can start applying today:

-> Use specific, researched intros to grab prospects' attention

-> Don't be afraid to show a little personality and humor

-> Tailor your message to your specific contact's needs

You can watch Matey's full cold email teardown here!

PS: Want more tips? Request outbound experts to review your cold emails here.

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