3 steps to generate personalized outreach sequence with AI

July 3, 2023

Cold outreach is a powerful way to reach potential customers and grow your business.

But crafting an effective cold email can be a struggle, as most people don't know what to write in their emails, how to catch a prospect's attention, or personalize their approach..

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), you can create personalized outreach sequences that drive engagement and conversions!

In this article, we'll show you 3 simple steps to create an outreach sequence that generates replies up to 2 times faster than your current approach.

For example, here's how Tal, our Sales leader, used lemlist's AI sequence generator to create a campaign that targeted recruiters 👇

To generate a full sequence using lemlist's AI, you need to provide information on your:
→ target audience
→ unique value proposition.

So let's see the exact steps to use AI and achieve better results with less effort.

3 steps to create a successful outreach sequence with the help of AI

Step #1: Go to the lemlist AI sequence generator

[ ]  Open up the lemlist app (if you don’t already have an account, you can sign up to lemlist for free)

[ ]  Create a new campaign (or choose a campaign you’ve already created)

[ ]  Choose to create your sequence with the help of AI

Step #2: Fill out the requested data

[ ]  Fill in your:

  • target audience
  • value proposition
  • trigger
  • language
  • tone of voice

Here’s what that looks like 👇

[ ]  Click “generate your campaign”

A screenshot from the lemlist AI campaign generator. It's generating a campaign, with the text "Creating your campaign automatically."

Step #3: Watch AI magic happen

[ ] Click the "Generate sequence" button and let AI create your fully personalized outreach sequence

lemlist ai sequence generator

For the best outreach results, you can tweak your AI-generated campaign by following this 10-rules checklist:

[ ] Your CTA is less than 7 words
[ ] You address the prospects' pain points
[ ] You use line breaks after every sentence
[ ] Your cold emails contain 50 to 100 words
[ ] There's an apparent reason why you got in touch
[ ] Your subject lines are all lowercase, and up to 2 words
[ ] You use the simple language that 10 year old understands
[ ] You show what impact an action will have on your prospect's key metric
[ ] There aren't "fluff" sentences such as "Hope you're well" that don't bring value
[ ] There are enough days between each follow-up to give your leads time to answer

P.S. You can take your personalization step further with lemlist custom variables to show your prospects you're willing to go the extra mile & boost your reply chances:

[ ] use text variables to automatically personalize any part of your message to grab leads' attention and build trust (e.g., intro line, pitch, CTA).


[ ] use image variables with leads' names, logos, website screenshots, etc., to stand out from competitors' emails


[ ] use video variables & custom thumbnails to give value to your prospects on a more personal level


[ ] use website variables where you can embed your Calendly to push prospects to take action


The key takeaways

Not taking advantage of AI = missing out on lots of opportunities

With the lemlist AI sequence generator, you can

✔️ define your best multichannel sequence steps
✔️ write hyper-personalized and human-like messages
✔️ save hours of manual work & increase your outreach efficiency

… which helps you double your replies and accelerate your business growth.

Get your access to the lemlist AI here and revolutionize the way you do outreach 🚀

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