Get a 17-30% reply rate with this outreach sequence

Generate more leads with these top 12 LinkedIn automation tools 

LinkedIn, with its network of 1 billion people, is a powerhouse for B2B lead generation. But tapping into this potential is challenging as there are many manual tasks to do before turning your LinkedIn profile into $$$.

That's why LinkedIn lead generation tools are essential to leverage the prospecting power of LinkedIn without spending too much time or money.

They help you automate identifying and connecting with potential leads, boosting the quantity and quality of new business opportunities! 💪

Here are some of the top LinkedIn tools that will help you automate prospecting efforts and increase sales efficiency:

1. lemlist

With lemlist and its Chrome extension, you can add anyone to your outreach campaign while visiting their profile and automate LinkedIn profile visits, connection requests, and messages.

And if you conduct a more extensive search, you can add a list of leads from LinkedIn search results directly into your outreach campaign.

Once you find your new LinkedIn leads, you can use lemlist's AI to generate personalized multichannel sequences in seconds, including 100% automated LinkedIn steps!

2. Taplio

Taplio allows you to leverage AI for LinkedIn automation fully. Aside from creating content, you can use it to find your LinkedIn leads, expand your network, and export data.

Taplio users can create content lists, engage automatically with people in your industry, send DMs, and sync with their CRM and outreach tools.

3. Phantombuster

Phantombuster automates engaging and reaching your LinkedIn prospects. For example, you can use it to scrape people who commented on or liked your posts.

Since they already know you, reaching out to them will make more sense and bring more replies!

Hungry for more? In this article, discover the rest of the top 12 LinkedIn lead gen tools with their key features, pros & cons, and pricing in 2024! 👇


Duplicate cold email sequence that gets a 17-30% reply rate

Most salespeople doing cold outreach struggle with low reply rates...

Their solution? Increasing the volume of emails they send.

But, in reality, this strategy will damage your reputation and deliverability, and you’ll end up booking even fewer meetings. 🥵

The real reason for low reply rates is usually a poor campaign structure that doesn't push leads' engagement.

In this video, you'll get a ready-to-use multichannel sequence that combines the power of email and Linkedin to get a 17-30% reply rate!

You’ll also discover how to craft engaging emails, leverage AI for better personalization, and tips to improve your overall campaign performance.

P.S. You can duplicate this successful sequence into your outreach campaign in just a few clicks! 👇


Discover tips for making compelling offers that attract leads

Looking to attract and convert more leads but don't know how to capture their attention?

Then join the new episode of Simply the best, a virtual series of outreach events led by lemlist's sales leader Tal to help you:

✅ get more replies,

✅ book more meetings,

✅ and make more sales!

In next week's episode, we'll welcome Enzo Carasso - an industry leader in driving business growth through lead generation. He's known for his innovative strategies in expanding the customer base and boosting customer value!

On Tue, Jan 23 at 4 pm CET, Enzo will share:

→ Tips for making compelling offers that attract leads

→ Strategies for creating irresistible lead magnets

→ Morning Lead's mission to capture prospect interest

P.S. The number of available free spots is limited, so secure yours now!

Take care,

G and the team

Guillaume Moubeche
Co-Founder & CEO @lempire | Sharing outreach tips for growing business & leveraging sales AI
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