4 steps to get 93% valid emails & 15% CTR

How to write a cold email that gets replies from e-commerce leads

 Here's a cold email that targets e-commerce businesses who don’t advertise yet on Pinterest 👇

Let's see what mistakes Victor, Co-Founder of Scalability, recommends you avoid for more replies:

Mistake #1: Salesy subject line

To make your cold email subject line stand out in 2023, you’ll have to make more effort than using the target’s name and company name. Instead,

→ boost curiosity with a short question
→ make it look like an internal email by using the language of leads’ colleagues
→ keep it short so it stands out from other marketing emails

Mistake #2: Use icebreaker only if it’s relevant

Use an icebreaker only if it makes sense, and it fits well with the rest of your cold email. It should reply to why you're reaching out to them specifically.

Mistake #3: CTA is not a question

Having a question in your email closing is important as it pushes an answer from your leads and makes your message more engaging.

Here’s how Victor would rewrite this cold email and his tips for more replies:

Tip #1: Write an intriguing subject line

Catch prospects’ attention with a short yet intriguing subject line. This proves you don’t always have to use custom variables in the subject line to stand out in your target audience's inbox.

Tip #2: Use the website custom variable

By mentioning your prospects' websites and details, you can show you did the proper research about them and make the rest of your message more relevant.

Tip #3: Mention competitors’ success

By mentioning competitors highly similar to your prospect, you will make them curious about how they achieved their success. You can position yourself as an expert who can bring them the same or even better results.

Tip #4: Share relevant industry metrics

By sharing industry trends relevant to your prospects' desired outcomes, you can showcase that you understand their challenges

Tip #5: Add a question that is easy to reply “yes” to

Use interest-based, obvious questions to make it easy to reply “yes”. This removes friction for your prospects and boosts your chances for a reply.

  P.S. Watch the full cold email teardown for even more tips on booking meetings here.

How to pitch marketing services to leads in the medical industry

Here's a cold email that targets medical office owners to pitch marketing services 👇 

Let's see what mistakes Richard, the CEO of Provoke B2B prospecting agency, recommends you avoid for more replies:

Mistake #1: Inappropriate greeting

Since this email targets doctors, starting your email with "Hey there" might be perceived as unprofessional. Always ensure to align your email greeting to your target audience.

Mistake #2: Not specific enough

It’s a good idea to reference your leads’ content, but if you want your email to feel more personal, add links to that specific content.

Mistake #3: Pushy introduction

Before introducing yourself and your business, you should catch prospects’ attention and build rapport with a problem statement.

Mistake #4: Gives away the value without engagement

Instead of just giving away a personalized video, you can push engagement and make your leads ask for it by replying to your cold email.

Mistake #5: CTA starts with “maybe”

Don’t put any level of doubt in your cold email. Your tone should feel confident, and CTA should reassure your leads to take action.

Mistake #6: Poor structure

This email is not visually pleasing - commas are missing, and the information is blocked. Instead, make your cold emails look like short text messages you send to a friend.

Here’s how Richard would rewrite this cold email and his tips for more replies:

Tip #1: Add a problem statement

Clearly state your leads' challenge and offer a valuable solution to it. You can introduce yourself and your company once you showcase what you can do for them.

Tip #2: Ask a question

By asking a simple “yes” or “no” answer, you can easily open the door to further communication.

Tip #3: Make it visually pleasing

Make your email visually pleasing and easy to scan by structuring it into bite-sized chunks of text.

P.S. Watch the full cold email teardown for even more tips on getting replies here.

4-step framework to grow a community with cold outreach

 One of the most effective ways to stand out from competitors and build a circle of brand evangelists is to grow your online community.

While numerous strategies exist to gather relevant people under one virtual roof, one method remains effective yet underrated: cold outreach..

Here are 4 steps Tal, the sales lead at lemlist, followed to:
✅ find 93% of valid leads' emails
✅ get 15+% CTR in his outreach campaign

✅ grow his Outbound Hub community from 0 to 500+ members in just a few days!

Step #1: Find leads in Sales Navigator
Targeting people whose profile you viewed makes your outreach more “warmed up”.

If someone sees that you've viewed their profile and then receives a message from you shortly afterward, it makes you more familiar and fosters engagement.

Step #2: Scrape your leads with the lemlist Chrome extension

Once you have a list of leads whose profile you visited in Sales Navigator, you can use the lemlist Chrome extension to export them to lemlist’s multichannel campaigns.

This is how Tal saved hours of manual work and distributed his resources on more revenue-driven tasks. 

Step #3: Find your leads’ verified data with lemlist’s Smart Enrichment

To ensure you find the right outreach contacts without the technical skills or tons of manual work, you can use lemlist’s Smart Enrichment.

Thanks to the waterfall enrichment, Smart Enrichment combines the best third-party data sources to give you 80%+ valid emails. This is equivalent to asking multiple providers for up-to-date leads' information without navigating and subscribing to multiple apps.

With this method, Tal found 93% of valid emails from his leads' list!

Step #4: Create engaging outreach campaigns for different segments

To reach out to his freshly imported and enriched leads, Tal created 3 different campaigns for 3 segments.

By targeting different segments with distinct campaigns, you can address each group’s unique needs and challenges, resulting in more relevant and impactful messaging.

You can get a full breakdown of Tal’s campaigns and segments to grow a community in the link below!

Take care,

G and the team

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