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Contacting leads on only 1 channel is no longer efficient.

Combine email, LinkedIn, and phone calls in multi-channel outreach sequences to increase replies.

Cold email steps

Send automated cold emails and follow-ups
Personalize your emails at scale with custom text variables, images, dynamic landing pages
Use pre-made cold email templates to get higher reply rates
Use lemlist’s AI campaign generator to generate custom emails that convert


Send automatic connection requests that won’t get you banned
Automatically contact people who accepted your connection request using multi-channel advanced conditions
Add automatic steps as visiting LinkedIn profiles, or manual steps, like commenting on posts
Add LinkedIn voice messages to your sequences for more replies

Cold calling steps

Use proven templates and scripts to power your calls
Call verified phone numbers directly from your browser
Keep track of who needs a call back with tailored dashboards and reports or integrate with CRM

Manual tasks steps

Add reminders to perform specific actions to grab leads’ attention. You can comment on their social media posts, mention them in your posts, etc.

API steps

Add custom automated steps to your lemlist campaigns. You can trigger physical mailing, send LinkedIn vocals, etc.

Start from proven multi-channel workflows that actually work!

Cold outreach templates

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