3 steps to find LinkedIn leads 10x faster with the help of AI

June 9, 2023

Reaching out to your leads on the channel where they are most active, such as LinkedIn, increases your chances of getting replies and accelerates your growth.

But, manually searching for LinkedIn prospects

→ takes too much time
→ is an endless back-and-forth
→ doesn't always provide your leads' emails

With the help of AI, Taplio created a database that contains 4+ million LinkedIn profiles.

This database allows you to easily search, filter, and connect with individuals based on your specific criteria or preferences.

In this article, get your step-by-step guide on how to do it to save hours of LinkedIn lead gen 👇

3 steps to find & engage with > 4 million of your ICPs on LinkedIn

Step #1: Go to Taplio's database of LinkedIn leads

[ ] Go to Taplio's database
If you still don't leverage the power of AI for LinkedIn with Taplio, you can start your free trial here.

Step #2: Fetch your qualified LinkedIn leads

[ ] Describe who you're looking for

You can search the database in 2 ways:

a) with regular filters, such as:

  • “country”
  • “job title”
  • “LinkedIn engagement”
  • “Industry”, etc.

b) with “natural language” by typing exactly what you’re looking for

For example, when searching for "US-based founders with more than 5000 followers," the AI will immediately apply the appropriate filters.

Step #3: Start engaging with your new leads

Once you get your search results, you have the option to add them to your Taplio contact list.

From there, you can:

[ ] engage with those individuals directly on LinkedIn

[ ] transfer the contact list to your lemlist outreach campaign

 [ ]  Create a lemlist campaign

 [ ] Select multiple interesting leads in Taplio's database

 [ ] Click on the option to push them to your lemlist account

 [ ] Choose the campaign in which you want to add your new leads

 [ ] Have your new leads added to your lemlist campaign

 [ ] start reaching out to your prospects in seconds thanks to AI-powered hyper-personalized campaigns

P.S. You can also download the contact list as a CSV file or explore other available options!

The key takeaways

With the new Taplio database, you can

✅ search by saying what you want
✅ use advanced filters
✅ retrieve emails
✅ build lists, export in CSV, send to lemlist

It’s basically a treasure of leads in 1 single place, so it becomes 10x easier for you to find your target audience and connect with them!

It’s available exclusively in Taplio Pro, which you can get here and save hours on LinkedIn lead gen!

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