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AI email assistants to boost your sales efficiency

Mihaela Cicvaric
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Jan 23, 2024
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Imagine having someone dedicated to sorting your emails, writing them, and even reminding you when to send them..

Thanks to the power of AI, it's possible to save hours of manual work with AI email assistants!

But which AI email assistant is the best for your business? What tool can help you boost efficiency and let you focus on more revenue-driven tasks?

In this article, get a breakdown of the 7 best AI email assistants on the market that will help you simplify your sales process.

7 best AI email assistants to boost sales efficiency

1. Organize inbox with SaneBox

→ Automatically move any inbox distractions to your SaneLater folder

→ Send newsletter-type emails to the SaneNews folder to read when you'll have time

→ Focus on actionable items and review emails where you're CC-ed in bulk

Free Trial: Yes

Paid Plans: Starting at $7/month

2. Boost teams’ collaboration with Missive

→ Let AI understand the context of your team chat and give you relevant replies

→ AI can access your canned responses and use the related ones as a source of knowledge to reply to any messages

→ You can use the "Prompt" option to customize your request for more accurate and relevant replies

Free Trial: Yes

Paid Plans: Starting at $14/user/month

3. Supercharge daily communication with Flowrite

→ Write daily emails and messages across your browser with the help of AI

→ Give short instructions to the artificial intelligence on what you want to say and get custom-made copies

→ The AI template gallery of the AI email writer covers the most common emails across roles and teams

Free Trial: Yes

Paid Plans: Starting at 4€/month

4. Predict responsiveness with Boomerang for Gmail

→ Get actionable advice on how to improve your emails as you write them

→ Find the perfect balance of politeness, positivity, and subjectivity

→ Algorithms predict the likelihood that the message will receive a response and explain that analysis in an easy-to-understand way

Free Trial Yes

Paid Plans: Starting at $4.98/month

5. Improve your emails with Compose AI

→ Cut your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocompletion & text generation

→ Simply type, and will display suggestions. If you wish to take the suggestion, just press the Tab key.

→ Make sentences longer or shorter, friendly or formal tone with one click

Free Trial: Yes

Paid Plans: Starting at $9.99/month

6. Cut your emailing time with Mailbutler's Smart Assistant

→ Let the Smart Assistant write emails for you on mobile as well as desktop

→ Enter a few keywords, and the AI email assistant will generate any response for you

→ Get an email summary in one click so you know exactly what's happening in your inbox at all times

Free Trial: Yes

Paid Plans: Starting from € 12,95 for plans with AI features

7. Generate multichannel outreach sequences in <1 min with lemlist

Here's how you can create complete and custom multichannel sequences - 100% on auto-pilot!

Step #1: Go to the lemlist AI sequence generator

[ ]  Open up the lemlist app (if you don't already have an account, you can sign up to lemlist for free.)

[ ]  Create a new campaign (or choose a campaign you've already created)

[ ]  Choose to create your sequence with the help of AI

Step #2: Fill out the requested data

[ ]  Fill in your:

  • target audience
  • value proposition
  • trigger
  • language
  • tone of voice

Here's what that looks like 👇 2023-07-25 at 10.29.36 (1)-min.webp

[ ]  Click “Generate your campaign”

Step #3: Watch the AI magic happen

[ ]  Watch your sequence auto-populate with every step of your cold outreach campaign, including content and personalized variables!

[ ]  Add your prospects, choose a sender, and launch your campaign!

Free Trial: Yes

Paid Plans: Starting at $59/month/seat

The key takeaways

Why spend hours on emails when an AI can do it for you?

With AI email assistants, you can cut the busy work and focus on tasks that drive sales!

While there are many AI email assistants on the market, lemlist will give you the complete solution that every outbound salesperson needs:

✔️ define your best multichannel sequence steps

✔️ write hyper-personalized and human-like messages

✔️ save hours of manual work & increase your outreach efficiency

… which helps you double your replies and accelerate your business growth!

Get your access to the lemlist AI here and revolutionize the way you do outreach 🚀

Mihaela Cicvaric
Content Marketing Manager @ lempire | Sharing everything you need to get replies to your cold emails

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