[#OutreachStories] Running an automated campaign to close website visitors

October 11, 2020

Smart email automation is gold.

It's the fastest road to eliminate mind-numbing tasks from your plate and move on to more interesting challenges.

One such example in making is what the Albacross team has been up to these last two months.

Here's their #OutreachStory...

What are #OutreachStories? In short, lemlist users share their experience with ongoing email outreach campaigns. Wins, struggles, challenges, future moves... it's all in there.

Quick summary

Albacross uses lemlist to send personalized emails and automated follow-ups to all the users and companies who visited their website.

lemlist outreach stories

About Albacross

Albacross is a lead generation tool that analyzes the inbound traffic of a website and shows which companies the traffic belongs to.

It provides an extensive set of data about every detected company along with its website, size, revenue, physical address, as well as the contact emails and phone numbers of the key decision-makers.

Their goal

Book a demo with the decision-maker from the company that visited the website. Instead of spending a significant amount of time to do this manually, the Albacross team planned to automate the entire process and run on autopilot.

"Our customers often ask about the best way to use Albacross leads. So we decided to set up this campaign to see if we can make it accurate and profitable from the business perspective"

- Marcus Svensson, Head of Growth

While setting up a campaign such as this one, there were a few things that had to be considered:

Their strategy

Since their product captures contact details from companies who visit a website, Albacross already had their target audience figured out.

To transfer leads to lemlist, they are using Zapier workflows. Another important thing that happens in this step is that existing customers are being filtered out. This way, the campaign will be targeting unregistered leads only.

When it comes to lemlist and the email outreach part, Albacross launched a 3-step email sequence pitching demo calls with one of the company representatives.

The first email is an introductory one which explains why they are reaching out, while also mentioning that the recipient can do the same for their business.

To make the message a bit personalized, their team is using {{firstName}} and {{companyName}} custom fields, both in the body and subject line. The idea behind it is for every recipient to receive an email with familiar names in it.

Here's how step 1 cold email looks like:

Subject: Albacross & {{Company Name|Your Company}}

Hey {{First Name|there}},

Saw a few folks from your company were checking out Albacross recently and wanted to see how I can help.

Albacross can identify all the potential customers that aren’t converting and initiate the first contact. Just like this.

Let me help you capture these potential customers right away.

Do you have 15 min to discuss this further?

Click on
this link to book a meeting with me


The rest of the emails are just generic follow-ups that go out every 3 days if the prospect didn't book a call.

Follow-up 1

Hey {{First Name|there}},

Just wondering if you’ve seen my previous message.

I was hoping on getting on a call to help you setting up your lead generation system.

Feel free to
book a time here


Breakup email

Hey {{First Name|there}},

I unsuccessfully emailed you and it looks like you are super busy to reply.

So if you would like to revisit this conversation later,
sign up for Albacross free trial here or book a demo call if you need help.


Every link in the template contains a special UTM so they can easily track how many demos are getting booked from the campaign.

Their results

Albacross is running this campaign for two months now. In total, they've sent over a thousand emails.

"We set up the automation via Zapier and it works smoothly. Meetings are getting booked left and right, so we keep getting new clients from this campaign every month!"

- Marcus Svensson, Head of Growth

They've managed to book 30 meetings, out of which they've converted 10 into paying customers.

As far as the email performance goes, the team scored a 55% open rate, which means that more than 550 prospects saw the email. You can argue that 30 meetings out of 1,000+ emails won't get you to email outreach Hall of Fame, but adding 10 companies that are highly profitable for the business is always good.

Plus, besides doing a demo, everything you see runs automatically, which is pretty cool.

Next steps for Albacross

When we got this story pitch from Albacross, we were really happy to see them grinding and finding creative ways to do email outreach.

If this was NBA, these first results they're seeing could be considered as if they won a few opening games.

After talking to their team, it was great to see they're already thinking about how to improve and double down on the strategy, while keeping it as automated as possible.

Since this is an #OutreachStory after all, something that all of us can relate to, we've decided to outline some of the potential things that might be interesting to test next:

  1. A/B test personalized images and dynamic landing pages to increase meetings booked and meetings closed
  2. Drive better open rates and click-through-rates by A/B testing subject lines and the copy
  3. Testing different follow up frequency and quantity to boost conversions

In essence, Albacross is on the right track, using creative outreach automation between our two tools in a cool way. Curious to see what they do in round two.

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