25+ best email sign offs that get replies

February 8, 2023

If your emails end with "Yours faithfully and truly”, don't be surprised if your prospects think "another generic sales pitch" and don't respond.

You may have spent hours thinking of a successful cold email structure, but if the sign off isn't aligned with the rest of your message and your prospects' tone, you won't book any meetings.

A sign off is the closing line of your email in the form of a word, phrase, or question. Written well, it leaves a memorable final impression and pushes your prospects to take action.

But, salespeople often use fluffy words and phrases that don't catch prospects' attention or appear inappropriate.

So, how to sign off an email and make your prospects hit reply?

Let's look at 28 ways to sign off an email that will boost your reply rates.

6 friendly email sign offs

Use these casual email sign-offs to come off as a friend trying to help rather than a salesperson:

#1 Use "Cheers" to set a relaxed tone, especially when you already know the prospect.

P.S. The British and Australians often use it, but other cultures might find it unprofessional.

#2 Use "Hope it brings tons of value to you" when sharing valuable resources to prove you're here to help rather than sell.

#3 Use "Have a great week/weekend" to send positive vibes at the beginning of the work week or before the weekend.

#4 Use “Good luck with the [event, conference, webinar, etc.]” to show you're following their work.

#5 Use "Enjoy the [business trip, holidays, etc.]" to show you researched your prospects and that your email wasn't sent in bulk.

#6 Use "Thanks"/"Thank you" to express gratitude after the prospect has taken action (to avoid making assumptions about their next step).

6 action-oriented sign offs

Use these actionable email sign offs to motivate your prospects to take the desired action.

#1 Use “Looking forward to hearing from you” to show excitement about your conversation without appearing too pushy.

#2 Use “Don't hesitate to contact me” to show you want to help and address any additional pain points or concerns.

#3 Use "Talk/Chat soon" if you're likely to talk with the prospect soon and keep the conversation going.

#4 Use “Drop me a line if you've got any questions” to ensure no unanswered doubts or concerns.

#5 Use “Let me know what you think” to confirm interest before asking for a meeting.

#6 Use “I'd love to hear your feedback” as a conversation starter and show prospects' opinions matter to you.

6 professional email sign offs

Use these formal sign-offs if you're unsure about your prospect's tone and don't want to appear inappropriate or too formal.

#1 Use “Best”/"All the best” to end your message positively, leaving room for more conversation.

#2 Use “Regards"/"Best regards" to keep your email professional without putting pressure on your prospects to take action.

#3 Use “Sincerely" to show respect without sounding too formal.

#4 Use “I appreciate your [help, input, feedback, etc.]” to express you value prospects' time and that their opinions matter.

#5 Use “Wishing you a productive [day of the week]” when sending early-morning emails.

#6 Use “Will soon follow up with more info” to create curiosity for the value in the following email.

10 sign off questions

Questions as sign offs can be great conversation starters and encourage your prospects to reply.

Here are 10 questions sign off examples you can use in your next campaign:

  1. “Interested in learning more?”
  2. "Worth exploring for you?”
  3. "Open to hearing more?”
  4. "Would this work for you?”
  5. "Would you like to see more?”
  6. "What are your thoughts?”
  7. "Does this align with your 2023 goals?”
  8. "Is this something that could help you?”
  9. "Do you want to hear what [outcome] could look like?”
  10. "Would it help your team if they could solve [pain point]?”

6 email sign offs to avoid

If you use the following sign-offs in your cold emails, you should redo them, as they won't generate replies.

Here are the top 6 cold email sign offs you want to avoid if you wish to get more replies.

#1 Using short forms such as “Thx/Rgrds” comes off as immature

#2 Avoid “Yours/Yours truly/Yours faithfully” as you don't truly belong to your prospects

#3 “Love” sounds too personal, as your prospects aren't usually part of your inner circle

#4 Signing off your email with "Cordially” can make you sound too serious

#5 “Xoxo” it's too informal and can make the prospect take you less seriously

#6 No sign off can make the email appear incomplete or impersonal

5 key tips for writing effective email sign offs

Sign-offs help you end your emails on a positive note, build a rapport with your prospects and increase your chances of getting replies!

Here are 5 things to keep in mind next time you're writing your email sing offs:

1. Align them with the purpose of your email

→ Your sign off should depend on the type of email you send and the desired prospects' action.

2. Understand your relationship with your prospect

→ Your familiarity with the prospect will decide how formal or casual you want your sign offs.

3. Ensure there aren't grammatical mistakes

→ Double check your email sign off for any typos or caps lock to end your message professionally.

4. Use an appropriate tone

→ Your email ending should match the tone of voice of your prospect.

5. Use only one sign off

→ Avoid using multiple sign offs, as you don't want to overwhelm the reader before taking action.

P.S. If you enjoyed these tips and want to grow your business with more free feedback, join 11k+ successful people in the biggest outreach community!

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