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Cold email sequence for digital marketing [+ dynamic landing page template]

lemlist team

In today's article, I'm thrilled to introduce lemlist twist on cold email template for digital marketing services.

Regardless of the audience you're targeting (startups, brick and mortar stores, on-premise service businesses), this email outreach template can easily be adapted to many different use cases and email automation strategies.

Here's a quick overview of what you're about to receive:

  • Cold email template with a personalized image for drawing attention
  • Personalized follow-up email to build relationships
  • Dynamic landing page to decrease friction and boost conversions
  • Ideas for different uses of these templates (roofing companies, piano teachers and pest control services)
  • I'll also share my thought process before everything else

Let's crack on!

Getting the idea for email template for digital marketing services

My content inspiration is always drawn from my own experience or my target audience's needs. For this reason, I always like to get into a conversation and pick their brain.

Down the road, I've learned how important it is to listen and observe.

The biggest satisfaction you get as a content creator comes in two forms:

  • From the business side -> content impact on numbers
  • From the human side -> when people enjoy consuming it

You need both to be happy... obviously. But #1 won't come without the #2. So, when you think about it, your first objective is pretty clear.

Back to the template... sorry for switching the subject for a bit.

I posted the following question in lemlist family community to see what templates we should primarily focus on. Precisely the reason why and how I've decided to deliver this particular template.

Email Outreach lemlist community

I wanted to do all of them.

But you gotta start from somewhere. So for this week, I'm aiming to do one for digital marketing services for local companies. The rest will follow soon.

Cold email template for digital marketing services

Vojkan's desire was to have a template with a specific focus on local businesses that go on-premises.

Now, with cold email templates I'm about to share, I took a broader approach so that anyone can apply them to their needs. Nevertheless, I'll leave some ideas on how to use these templates for the examples Vojkan mentioned later.

But first, lemme walk you through the strategy.

email outreach digital marketing

Let's break down the audience first. When it comes to digital marketing pitch, there are literally two pillar goals under which you can group your services in... at least if you ask me:

  • Marketing a.k.a. brand  -> Social Media, PR, content, website, reviews etc.
  • Sales a.k.a. revenue -> Email, SEO, Ads, links, affiliates, partnerships etc.

I never targeted local businesses myself, but I'd imagine most of them are not exactly super familiar with digital marketing to begin with. Most probable scenario, they know the basics.

Also, they probably don't believe that having a brand identity matters as much as driving revenue.

In other words, you'd have to focus on results as they most likely won't have the patience nor money to wait for months.

My estimate is that you'd have to offer a discounted package for a lot of work you'll be putting in. Until you get first meaningful results for your client of course. Then, it all becomes worth it.

To sum it up, the target buyer persona in this case expects quicker sort of results and will judge you based on your capability to bring them.

Again, these are all my opinions without any research. Desired outcomes, expectations and the budget will depend on the type of business you're aiming to close, location they're operating in and how profitable are they.

How does this help us craft our emails?

Glad you asked...

Email template for selling digital marketing services  

For the first digital marketing email pitch, my game plan looks something like:

1) Make sure the copy triggers their most wanted desire (e.g. Ice Cream shop ranking high on Google). Connect it with revenue directly or indirectly.

2) Illustrate that desire with a personalized image.

3) Create a quick loom video introducing yourself and outlining the plan. A generic video, without 1-on-1 personalization, made for local businesses needing SEO.

In short, I'm battling to get a positive reply right then and there, but by getting their attention first.

What the hell does that mean?

If I'm certain that they desire SEO (I've done my research and have segmented leads properly), I'm going to make an email pitch about that.

Once I have their attention, I'll give them a link where I walk them through the process and show them I know what has to be done. Make them realize it will be difficult to generate more revenue without ranking well or without good reviews.

After that, I'm expecting a reply.

In case I come out empty-handed, the follow-up is next.

In the follow-up email, all I'm gonna do is remind them I'm the man for the job by leveraging:

1) Clickable video thumbnail with their name on it (get them to see another video).

2) New loom video (go more into depth than width. E.g. compare them with their competitors or talk about specific SEO aspects important to them)

3) Play the dynamic landing page (embed video + my Calendly URL)

Again, I won't personalize videos individually because it's not that easy to scale that yet. I'll create a few generic videos for every segment within the audience or type of service instead (ice-cream shops vs. coffee shops or SEO vs Instagram).

The important thing to remember is that some of them won't be interested in what I'm selling, while others will... but either forgot to reply on my first digital marketing email pitch or need a little more persuasion.

Precisely why I'm sending a more contextual video that puts more pressure on why they need me. Plus, I'm establishing a connection which is super important and building my credibility as an SEO expert.

Before I show you the idea with the dynamic landing page, let's take a look at how these outreach templates roll.

Local SEO email template

SEO email template
Hi {{firstName}},

With local services, it's super important to rank high in {{City}} and to leverage sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor to drive more attention to your business.

To be able to achieve that, you need a person who knows how to convince Google to put you up there and to have enough reviews as social proof.

I'd be thrilled if you'd let me deliver both for {{companyName}}...


To show you I'm not all talk, I've detailed a plan how you and I can do this. Here's the link.

Take care,

I was feeling creative and I jotted down another variation, if your business is more about Social Media management.

Cold email template for Social Media services

Social Media email template
Hi {{firstName}},

In the coffee business, developing your brand identity online is key. If done right, it won't drive just the engagement, but more business as well.

I really want to help you define it {{firstName}}. Something like this...


If this sounds like something you're interested in, let me explain how the plan for {{companyName}} would look like.

Take care,

Follow-up template for digital marketing services

digital marketing cold email follow-up
Hi {{firstName}},

I get it - paying someone to rank your site higher may sound like a lot. But what if I told you {{Competitor1}} and {{Competitor2}} are seriously benefiting from SEO.

You see, I've done my research about {{companyName}} and your industry. In fact, I made you a special video. Here's how you win.


Let's jump on a quick call to discuss this {{firstName}}. I promise I'll make it worth your while.

Take care,

You can easily change "rank your site higher" with something like "drive more engagement" or "reach more customers on Instagram" etc.

Dynamic landing page as a funnel extension

You can extend your sales funnel by adding dynamic landing pages to the process.

Why is this needed again?


  • One more layer of deep outreach personalization
  • You decrease friction because everything you want your prospects to do is on that page
  • Drive more conversions with your Calendly (or form, live chat etc)

For this outreach strategy to work and for you to eventually close a deal, you need to get on a call with prospects. Handling someone's brand or online infrastructure requires a mutually-agreed plan, right expectations and a process.

The easiest way to book that meeting or a call is to make it super simple for your prospects to book it at their convenience. Least friction possible!

That's were dynamic landing pages come in.

dynamic landing pages

You basically create one template page, which is then customized for each prospect individually.

It's all done in lemlist of course, without having to write a single line of code. ;)

And in case you're wondering how the landing page for this particular funnel looks like, I'll show you in the video that's linked below.

How to set up digital marketing services email template?

Super easy! Here's what you need to do:

  1. Log in to your lemlist account  If you don't have one, you can sign up for the free trial (no credit card required), and get FULL access to the platform so you can see this email template in action
  2. Watch the video tutorial!

How to tweak this cold email template to for other businesses

In his comment, Vojkan mentioned a few interesting business types:

  • Roofing companies
  • Piano lessons
  • Pest control

Promised earlier I'm gonna talk about it.

If I was an agency owner who's potential clients are these three company types, today's template might come handy as I can tweak it in a few ways.

Let's take roofing companies and piano teachers first.

A lot will depend on the location in which they operate in and the customer mindset there.

But, for both I can take the SEO variation and keep it as is. Both businesses need reviews and high rankings. If an industry has a specific site where they wanna rank (e.g. Yelp, TripAdvisor etc), I'd definitely switch the image and go with this.

Videos will probably be different as roofing companies would need more tech SEO (e.g. schema markup or breadcrumbs) to set up their website properly. The key here would be to make a video on why this is all important and give context.

For piano teachers, I think the map image is perfect. They need to rank higher so more people could see them first. You can also go with Social Media reviews.

Video content would focus on why they need reviews, strong Social Media profiles and probably some videos as those will most definitely be in SERPs. An interesting SEO project when I think about it.

Finally, let's imagine that you wanna offer branding services to pest control businesses.

One of the things that would be super interesting is to show them how "a boring business for content" can really crush it on Instagram.

I'd literally change the image of a coffee shop in my template with one of FedEx. The message would be how FedEx has "boring" content topics per se, but if presented in a fun way, it will crush it. Use FedEx' post with higher engagement because those guys are killing it.

Then the game comes down to connecting engagement with the metrics that matter to them most. Adapt your language to follow the rhythm.

  • More followers = owned channel to communicate with target audiences
  • More engagement = more exposure and word-of-mouth
  • Fun content = stronger relationship with the brand

That's where my head is at. I hope this rant brings you value and some fresh ideas for your email outreach campaigns.

I think I deserve to throw in a little sales hook now. :D

In case you haven't tried lemlist yet, I'd like to invite you to take it for a ride. Some things you don't regret. This is one of them. ;)

lemlist team
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