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2 Graphic Design cold email templates for selling design services

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So, as the owner of a graphic design agency or a freelancer, you're trying to grow your sales and find new clients every month by sending cold email campaigns.

But - no matter what you do - your open and reply rates are still low.

To keep the entire story short - there are many reasons for that - such as bad subject line, lack of personalization, not engaging offer, and so on.

But the number one reason most graphic design cold email templates fail is due to a lack of engagement.

Engagement and building a relationship with your prospect at the beginning of your cold email is crucial.


Naturally, people have a defensive attitude when someone tries to sell them something. It's the same with the cold emailing as well.

So you shouldn’t be pitching your services right off the bat.

Instead, start by making your email funny and engaging.

Resonate with your target audience (prospects) and improve your relationship with them.

Over my long career with cold outreach where I certainly sent and created over 100 cold email templates - the best two things that make your graphic design cold email template engaging are:

  • the funny or relevant first sentence of your email
  • personalized images

And that's it. That's everything you need to craft an amazing graphic design cold email template that will get you replies and improve your overall sales.

Anyway - let's get back to the point.

So, your goal is to land more graphic design clients - and this article is gonna help you with that.

Let's take a look at the 2 best graphic design cold email templates that will help you with selling your graphic design services - whether you're a freelancer or an agency.

1. Land more clients for logo design

This particular graphic design cold email template is suitable for landing new clients for logo design.

Let's see it:

Subject line: Need a logo for {{CompanyName}}?

Hey {{FirstName}},

Sorry for bothering you - you probably don't like cold emails. To make this less awkward, I created a meme for you (I hope you like memes :))
All jokes aside- I'm Ugi, huge lover of your brand and your {{hisProduct}} - so I couldn't help but notice that your logo is missing something.

Did you know {{firstName}} Did you know {{firstName}} that the first aspect that will make people decide who they’ll work with is based on the company's visual presentation?

What they see first on your website is your logo.

We've been
creating logos for {{hisIndustry}} businesses for 4 years now. On the link below you can see our previous work for other businesses in your industry. We also worked with [businesses that he's probably familiar with], and you can find their logos here:


Are you available next Tuesday for a quick 10 minute chat?


Why do I like this graphic design cold email template?

  • It's engaging - the first sentence and the personalized image (meme) are super powerful
  • It's mostly about them - not you.

A couple of tips for this graphic design cold email template to work:

  • In the personalized image, make sure to put logos (in the first field) that are similar to others in his industry - so they can be relevant.
  • Make sure that other logos on your URL are relevant to his industry
  • In the first sentence below the image, make sure to really explain why you like his product. It helps with creating the relationship.

2. "Can you resist this?" template

This graphic design cold email template is suitable for any type of graphic design work - business cards, brochures, roll-ups, UX, and so on.

Everything you need to do to adjust it to other types of graphic design is to change the image by using the same pattern we used below.

I got the inspiration for this email from this amazing template for selling T-shirts.

Here's this graphic design cold email template:

Subject line: Can you resist this {{companyName}}'s business card?

Hey {{FirstName}},

Nobody likes cold emails, do they? So to make this email less awkward - here's an image of me with your business card - even though you never gave it to me :)
To make it even less awkward - Let me tell you now that all you need to do in order to unsubscribe (you'll get one more email from me), is to answer with "No".

Anyway, this is what we do. We create stunning and high-quality business cards for {{hisIndustry}} businesses for a very fair pricing in a ridiculously simple way. All you need to do is to email me your contact information, and you will receive your business cards in 2 days.

Here's the social proof:

[IMAGE of your social proof]


Why do I like this graphic design cold email template?

First of all - it's highly personalized. It includes all of your customer's data. Of course, since you are a designer, you will make this personalized image look way better.

But, you get the point.

The bottom line

As we all noticed - doing cold email outreach campaigns is one of the best ways to get new clients and grow your business.

But, don't despair if you don't get a reply - you haven't missed the opportunity.

On the other hand, you will miss the opportunity if you don't send follow-up emails as well.

If you’re not sure how to write follow-up emails, you can use some of our follow-up email templates.

Anyway - in order to get the best results out of your graphic design cold email templates, you should definitely use personalized images in your cold emails.

They improve engagement and help you build stronger relationships with your prospects.

So, don't waste any more time, and start your 14-day free trial with lemlist and its personalized images.

lemlist team
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